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  1. I went on Saturday after noon for fright fest. I couldn't believe the waits for the rides and the haunted houses where over a hr. or two hours or even more. This was the worst time I have every been to SFMM. Any way the consturtion is coming along very well.
  2. SFMM because its the best. Its large full of coasters and other rides. Also its just better.
  3. Its going to be a woody. why else would they cut all those trees, for wood. Also the track peices are for batman or scream.
  4. There was a rumor that they where getting a new coaster last year but it never happened
  5. I put in really big ridesand shops and food andd roller coasters and other things and make the price to get in would be 250$. :mrgreen:
  6. Thats really cool discovery channel hasnt done a new show on roller coasters for a long time
  7. get pics. Cant wait for the footers to go in and start to see a lay out of the track. Also is X open and running again.
  8. knowing Santa Clarita Yeah its going to be homes. This is going to be so dum because frist the people will bitch about the noise then the traffic and so on and so on. Also if SFMM does own the land they havent done any thing but cut the weeds down like in the picture. The land in the picture as been like that for about 2 or 3 years now.
  9. They would use both stations the first week then they would never again use them. Any one doing an update today or tomorrow.
  10. Good thing im not short or I guess I would look like a pancake after I got back
  11. My family and I are going to Disneyland for Christmas. We are going on a tuesday (27) after Christmas. Is this a bad time to go because it mit be crowded or backed. So does any one have any suggetions
  12. I think the ride really looks cool and I really want to ride it. The name has got to be the cheesest name on earth but what can you do.
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