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  1. My parents and friends cant take it any more. I talking about roller coasters every other min. but I dont care because im me and not them.
  2. Stay on the 5 north. Its easy to take the 5. Thats what my family does every time.
  3. I can blow bubbles with gum. I also can piss people off.
  4. 1 min. from SFMM 40 min. from UH 80 min. from Disneyland.
  5. The coaster looks cool and the construction seems to be going faster than SFMM new coaster.
  6. Nice update. the way the hill is going to look like when the ride opens will probley be ornge and green and then some more ornge. Also where is the station going to go?
  7. Its No where even close to crowded. I even went on X three Times in one hour.
  8. I can't help you there but why not. If I where you I would go.
  9. ^ I think your right. I dont think its going to be that long. So has any one seen any work on the metro.
  10. The Nightmare on Elm Street movies and The Nightmare Before Christmas 8)
  11. I had no problem with the names of X or SCREAM and the new name sounds cool and with a name like that they have to theme it well dont u think, and what they should do with flash back is to rip it out and put in a new water slide for hurricane habor or a free fall ride there. 8)
  12. It would be cool If U entered through a cave and then entered into the station which would be a the dragons den and then flow out on to the hill side like a dragon. 8)
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