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SFMM rocks my socks

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  1. i love the new look and the way they posted events its easyer now i love!!
  2. Although there differen't i think there cool. they look really neat and futurelistic.
  3. I play every day I love the game. Ny user name is googlemickey. I am just waiting for the christmas speicals. I am building a haunted mansion holiday right now almost done you should come over some time to my room you would like it.
  4. Tatsu Baby!! I cant wait for it to open it looks so cool.
  5. The boomarangs get stuck because the chain lets go early i think.
  6. I think Thats kind of cool But its not Revolation so its not perfect.
  7. Hmm, Is it just me or does it seem that all lot of theme parks are opening water parks inside a themepark
  8. ^^ You have got to be out of your mind X is one of the best things that has happen to SFMM
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