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  1. Im sorry that I have not had an update this weekend because I have been gone i'll have one up as soon as possible
  2. Your so great at this you have made me start my own park. Although I think yours is still better
  3. ^Its a great honor coming from you. Also here is what the hotel looks like with the changes I made. SCR.bmp second view SCR.bmp first view
  4. I have not really start on the park yet just the area around it. Plz leave comments of how well im doing SCR.bmp Here is my almost complete down town disney SCR.bmp more ticket boths SCR.bmp The Ticket Boths and a little of main street SCR.bmp the path to the hotel
  5. A billboard is in the corner and the hotel is not finish I will show you tommorrow the finishe product.
  6. I will have more pics tommorrow plz tell me how you fill about the pic up now plz be honest.
  7. This is my third try in building a disney theme park and I hope its a good one. I hope you injoy my pics of how far I am right now. My park will never be done for as long as there is magic. SCR.bmp A new Hotel being built SCR.bmp Part of down town disney
  8. Finally someone start one of these. I had been wait a long time for this day
  9. I do not like it for one reason and only one Its to Much Castle Stuff it just isn't the best no hard feelings
  10. thank you some much these updates are so good and make me want to build my own disney park.
  11. I can't really say untill i ride it and that may be a long time from now but it does look like a great ride
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