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  1. That it a very neat design. I like it a lot keep up the great work
  2. WOW!! This work is awesome. I haven't seen something this good before on roller coaster tycoon 3 before. Can't wait to see the mummy
  3. Never been to a really great theme park fright night/haunt.halloween event before except SFMM Fright Fest many times. I would say the old Carnage E. Hall if that is right. The one were you went with a tour guide through the whole thing and would stop and talk and all that. Now my personal favorite is located in Santa Clartia and is not in a theme park. Its Molar Manor and is rated in the top five haunted house in the USA. I love it it is huge and a load of fun. If ever in Santa Clarita this is a must
  4. Ok habbo hotel is so weird and dum. I hate that game its so much money o play any way, and vmk is trying to be safe thats why you can't say poop.
  5. I've been playing vmk for a year now!! Also I see RCT a lot on vmk New POTC game rocks and the water slides rock. do any of you ppl have the jack costume? VMK name googlemouse.
  6. oh plz don't stop it would break my love for rct2 and disney.
  7. What happened to opening day?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!! Don't tell me your pushing it forward like Tatsu.
  8. I got 17 SECONDS YEAH!!!!!!!!! Edit:18 seconds Edit: make that 20 seconds Edit I know im getting repetitive but i got 24 seconds!!
  9. todays the day its almost here the opening of your park. I can't wait how much longer.
  10. ^that is my dream life right there to find someone that is a hard core disney fan like I am. Oh yeah your so called crazy idea is a great idea if any of use are loaded with cash have that much vacation time and don't have a family at home wanting you home. So far im looking good.
  11. ^ As soon as possible. I am just having promblems opening the park but i'll figure it out soon.
  12. Oh I was hoping it be like the one in florida thank you telling me.
  13. Could some one plz tell me if the TOT at DCA is like the one at the MGM. what i mean is does it move forward before you freefall, like the one in florida does.
  14. ^they also did monster trucks in the dry lake bed or empty lake bed.
  15. plz post comments I really want to know what people think about my park and what i should change
  16. Here it is SCR.bmp What could this be? you can guess SCR.bmp The main hub SCR.bmp here is the entrance hub in main street SCR.bmp an over all of what I have done
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