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  1. Cool pics. I wish I could to HP but I cant. any i think the pics are great.
  2. KBF is really crowded that time of year SFMM is some what crowded.
  3. My favorite donkeys are donkey from sherk and Eeyore. 8)
  4. im going with my friends on friday to see corpse bride and i saw the ring two two nights ago.
  5. aswome I love the comic strips I wish i had more then one book
  6. I cant wait for the update tomorrow . I wounder if any of the station Has started to be constructed.
  7. THAT IS SO SAD . I dont thimk it will open again ethier because it would cost to much. I just can't stand the fact that it was a great park.
  8. Me to it would be easyer to get to the ride faster than going to the back of the park to climb the great huge hill.
  9. I have almost finshed the book and it is great i love it but i Hate the fact that they killed off :? because i liked the person a lot. I also now hate draco even more now.
  10. I think it would be cool to have a Willy Wonka factory theme or harry potter.
  11. I hope they dont get rid of the orient. I think though there just fixing it up for the new ride. but there going to have to bit in a new walk way if anything.
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