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  1. Anything built by Summers and Dinn. Plus Grizzly, SOB, Twisted Sisters (Twins) and Psyclone (SFMM)
  2. In the words of Comic Book Guy: "Worst. Movie Idea. Ever." Then again, this is Comic Book Guy we're talking about, he could be on board for this one...(Not literally, as RCT seats are not his size) This just makes me pitching my ideas to production companies that much easier...especially if crap like this is getting through.
  3. How is that different from now? ; ) Hypers were made to be long...stand ups were usually short sweet and to the point. Plus, I STOOD in line for an hour just to STAND some more? I'll pass.
  4. Top Gun...err "Flight Deck" (ugh) at CGA. Best paced B&M with awesome forces and a terrain finish like no other!
  5. The only time I felt unsafe was at the San Mateo County Fair - run by Shamrock Shows. The irst was a Zipper - already notorious in the 70's (but all issues since fixed) we were loaded like normal, only to be cycled around the horn once before coming right off. No Zipper forces, no nothing. "Why are we being let off?" "Well see, this here thing fell off..." as the carnie showed us the cable that had just snapped. We ran. We ran far away! Second time was that same night, on a "Roulette Wheel. I could feel the wheels below pushing the structure up, thudding really loudly. Even the decorative plating was flapping off. At the risk of being a run on, a third time was the "Double Wheel" at the Solano County Fair (see a pattern here?) The seats weren't at all even with one another!
  6. So with the new re-theme clearly in place, does this mean we finally have to say goodbye to the "Powdered Toast Man" and " Log" ads that miraculously survived two complete Nickelodeon area re-themes? For those of you who didn't grow up with the original Nicktoons: #1 - I'm sorry. #2 - Powdered Toast Man was an infrequent guest on the Ren and Stimpy Show, voiced by the great Gary Owens. #3 - Log was better than bad, it was good!
  7. Thank you Norman! I appreciate someone with your industry experience actually weeding through the crap that sometimes can get posted and still taking the time to respond! To be fair though, I am contacted by media all the time. And when you see links to Theme Park Review appear on CNN, Los Angeles Times, etc, I want to ensure that in the off chance someone clicks those links, the discussion they will find is mature banter within the group not a bunch of adults acting like children. Yep. I hear you loud and clear! 1 vote for the most intelligent statement in this thread so far! And this is one of my daily challenges. Most people in the amusement business look at web communities as a total joke due mainly in part by the type of discussion that has carried on for the past few pages. I will say though that the one common thread I hear from industry professionals is how well moderated we keep the forum "free from crap" and that for the most part, you can actually read our forum without getting frustrated or annoyed. I take that as a personal compliment. And if means I have to delete crap posts or ban crap posters to keep the quality to a level where professionals in this business will go the extra mile for us, and then in turn I can deliver that extra mile back to our non-crap posters, it's what I'm going to continue to do! Theme Park Review has more amusement industry members reading *and* actually posting to this site than ANY OTHER web forum out there. And those members mean a lot more to me than someone who will continue arguing over nonesense. ^ +1 It's amazing - "enthusiasts" learn one thing about a coaster and that seems to automatically make them knowledgeable with the entire operations and maintenance manuals for such attractions. (Re: Cable Inspection Discussion) Robb makes several good points - as great as the internet is for sourcing information...there are MANY news media outlets who will find these types of boards and use them "as fact" to report on. Just like the social networking sites, coaster message boards have their levels of relevancy and TPR is one of the most relevant to it's industry...which is why they (TPR) have such great relationships with parks. Something tells me the "ROTF LOL OMG B&M 600 ft. Coaster" sites don't have that same type of relationship. They're the type that gets printed and posted on the pegboard for the office to laugh at. (Actually happenned) I applaud your efforts, Robb - it's no easy task, that's for sure! Accidents and incidents will occur - it's inevitable. What really matters is, "Did you learn anything from it?" Aviation was built on the backs of accidents - the industry learned from each one, and is much better off for it. Kris "I HAVE amusement industry experience - but not in maintenance, hence me not saying anything specific about this event!" Rowberry
  8. I don't need to imagine it - I rode it! Way back in late 1999...It truly was, "the Best in the West" by a long shot! You know a coaster is good when your family (who wasn't really into rides) said it was one of the best they've ever been on. Good lord, that was over a decade ago...I'm getting old! So the term "Super Hybrid" is being attached to this new style of track - will this new genre of coaster name stick? If it works and is well received, this could be considered a "revolutionary" step forward in coaster design. On a quick side note / tangent, how do I make my Ford Escape Hybrid into a "Super Hybrid?"
  9. California's Great America. It's the one type of coaster they're sorely lacking - a long one! Come to think of it - ANY new coaster for that park would be good news. BTW, anyone remember the "Rebel Rocket" rumor that kept flying around in 2002-2003? I'm still waiting for that to materialize, NOT!
  10. ^ That and UFO sightings / abductions... Thanks for the feedback everyone. Interesting ideas here!
  11. What's the craziest non-theme park "ride" or attraction you've ever done? (White water rafting, bungee, Sky Jump, etc?) Usually it might involve some kind of waiver of liability signing, lol. Can also open the topic to anything outside of a theme / amusement park (I.E. Vegas) I'm going to ahve to go with the Park City Bobsled run, in winter. It was certainly not what I expected - I was looking forward to a fast, smooth ride (you know, what you see on the Olympics) Well, turns out as much fun as it looks (and it still is) it is also very rough, and very...VERY fast transitions on the g-force. In literally a 1/100th of a second you can go from 0-5g. The ride "operators" tried to warn us about it, but of course we didn't believe them. Enjoy the ride!
  12. With Summer just around the corner, its not just full time park operation to look forward to...but also the annual coaster shows on cable TV. So, that being said...what do you most like about these shows - and what do you most detest? Personally, I can't stand the "stereotypical" enthusiast giving stats throughout the ride...or the worst as I recall from last year...a featured passenger rattling off stats while wearing goggles on Kingda Ka.
  13. Is KD's any better? I know there were some mods for our version her in No. Cal. It may not truly be the worst...but damn it's still pretty bad! (Especially when you have two good ones to the North and South of it!)
  14. Having a real bobsled credit under my belt...I can safely say that the Matterhorn with old school Arrow track actually does a good job of recreating a true bobsled run in terms of rough and jerky-ness...sans the abominable snowman. He might have been on the real bobsled track, shaking a bell or something, but we were going too fast to see him! I can't wait to try out the new sleds in Anaheim.
  15. There's no doubt there's a ton of buzz about this project - if it suceeds (and I'm thinking we're all for that) this could be one of those watershed moments in the industry, similar to Millennium Flyer trains allowing for tighter radii turns or Intamin's "Plug and Play" construction efficiency. You know the haters are just waiting to bash it come opening day though..."IT'S NOT A REAL WOODIE!" Who cares if it is anymore - it's a fun ride with a unique layout.
  16. Intamin seems to have a penchant for making tighter and tighter transitions on their attractions (See: Maverick, El Toro) Robb, did you find the transitions "violent" or were they actually quite tolerable? Seems from the video that they're "snappy." Without OTSR's - that might be frightening. Then again, I don't want to sound like one of the haters who still haven't rode it... Too late.
  17. So is it safe to say that this IS a family coaster? I seem to remember Alton attempting to marketing this thing with, "waivers to sign before riding" promo campaigns. Sounds more like a bungy jump off a crane, not very "family." But, if the ride experience is "meh", maybe the publicity and ad campaign was a bit over the top? Then again, since Nemesis - how many of Alton's rides have been duds (using the definition of heavy, overexcited advertising, but delivering dissapointing ride experiences?) Oblivion - short, one trick pony, but a prototype. Air - Mundane, but the prototype for things to come. Rita - again, short with no substance. This of course, coming from someone who's never been to Alton Towers, let alone on a flight over 6.5 hours...so take my observations with a grain of salt. Seriously...I can already hear the UK hate mail flooding in.
  18. One of Google's private jets (N42GX, the G-500) that I scored a flight on during testing of the satellite phone. Sure, they *could* have just backed it out of the hangar to test the phone, but what fun would THAT be?
  19. San Jose now only one point ahead of the 'Yotes for the Pacific Division lead. S.J. still has a game in hand. Panic button officially pressed.
  20. 1.) Don't hold your breath for any new woodie at CGA for a very long time. The Planning Commission already denied permits for height variance for SEVERAL alternate attractions proposed by the park of much smaller height. (Inside iggy) 2.) Economy, economy, ECONOMY! 3.) CF will not invest in the park significantly until the stadium situation is over. They can plan contingencies, but until that June vote, don't expect any movement or announcements from the park. On that topic, how is Mineta International going to operate with a stadium just to the north of it? That'll be one sharp turn of a takeoff to avoid going right over it. Not to mention a major security risk come game days.
  21. Random topic, I know, but I'm bored as heck at work and my Droid found a 3g signal in the basement! Motorola's Droid Verizon ADMIN EDIT: Merged this new topic with a previous topic we already had. -- CTU Agent
  22. Ah, gotcha! That makes sense now, thanks! Why not just fill it with sand like all the quiet Beemers? : p
  23. During better times and a better economy...and it was freezing that night, hence the "Rudolph" nose!
  24. We all win, especially when CNBC shows marathon coverage of the Danish Women's Curling Team Gig-a-dee!
  25. Can we include whole parks in this discussion? I was only 12, but I knew something was up at the World (In)Famous Action Park in Vernon, NJ. Home to the world's only 360 looping water slide, natural spring slides that fall 12 + feet into ice cold water, ...other slides with boulders (YES, BOULDERS) in the middle of them and of course the alpine slides that advertised grotesque injury to the knees in order to stop you from speeding! No carnival horror could ever come close to that. Come to think of it, on a Zipper in No. California we were loaded normally, then immediately taken off. When we asked why, the Carnie said, "Well we found this here them cable that fell off." Just as he held said cable for us to see.
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