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  1. At least they aren't opening up a real bobsled run. That crap costs $200 per run in Park City! (And scary as hell, too!) So is it just me, or is this an alpine slide similar to the ones in Park City, UT (Summer) and Action Park (Mountain Creek) in Vernon, NJ? Cause if it is, noise concerns sound a little sketchy to be litigating over. Then again, if you live up there, you usually have the cash to litigate to your hearts content.
  2. Finally a place to vent! People on their cell phones...can't stand them, want to run them off the road! (Before they do it to me!) Especially when i'm on the motorcycle...at least in a car I have some protection around me... Yesterday I saw a guy on his cell at a gas station, drive away with the pump still in the car! I was ready to bolt for ze hills. Grrrr.
  3. If you can put a bowling alley (Not USBC Sanctioned, FYI) an ice skating rink and a water coaster on a ship...Robb's dream of a coaster at sea can't be more than 5 years away IMHO. Only the economy will tell us when we're going to see it. Good lord, a "Hyper at Sea" now that's a photoshop project just waiting to happen.
  4. Going Old School here - Coney Island Cyclone. At one time, it probably was a decent twister, but like so many other rides on this thread, time just has taken it's toll on it. I really didn't see why this kept making it in the Top Tens year after year. (I suppose it was the "World's Most Famous" which grand-fathered it in.) All i ended up with after the ride was a lighter wallet and some heavy bruising! "reride ony $5.00 - yeah, I'll drown my sorrows in another Nathan's meal instead, thanks.
  5. Thanks for the compliment. Lurked for awhile on the boards, so I had a ton of posting to get out there! That, and I'm really bored at work! By the way, not that I really care but did ACE ever throw a plaque in front of the Texas Giant? I'm thinking if they did, there may be a few tears shed at ACE World Headquarters over this.
  6. I'm Kris, from beautiful San Jose, CA - a stone's throw from the World's Worst Wooden Coaster 15 years running (Grizzly) and a quick jump over the hills to the most beautful wooden coaster on Earth! (Giant Dipper) So something not nerdy or geeky about me? Seriously Robb, you must be joking! I fly in my spare time, both in aircraft and the indoor skydiving mcgillicutty. When aviation, coasters and satellite radio aren't enough, I ride on my Piaggio. Oh, and I'm a prolific* writer too. (*Self described)
  7. So from reading all the other posts so far, here's what I gather... 1.) There does need to be a new classification, but the definition of which is fuzzy. (I.E. El Toro IS a wooden coaster...but with modern technology and precision as opposed to Texas Giant, which is becoming a steel coaster *similar* to Gemini.) 2.) If a park starts messing with a "classic" be prepared for vitriolic debate, damn! (And yes, it's a word - go look it up) Hey if this new concept works, awesome. We end up being the winners here. I still believe that Intamin got it right with the Plug and Play to keep the tradition of wood on wood (huh huh he said, "Wood") but still provided a new experience and lower operating costs. You think people back in the day had these same arguments on ye olde Message Boards of the late 1800's when coasters first debuted upstops and lapbars? "I say, Reginald, this newfangled upstop wheel is the bees knees!" "Quite, but these pecular lap 'restraint' bars - they simply ruin my experience of cheating death."
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