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  1. Ironically, the worse the 49ers do, the better the chances for the park. No one wants to build a nice stadium for a team that perennially sucks. Consider the immense amount of money these lawsuits and legal briefs are costing Cedar Fair. THAT'S a fairly good bet where your capital expenditures are going for CGA right now. Plus, why invest in a park that may not be there in 5 years AND is looking to be sold by Cedar Fair as soon as possible?
  2. If you're up for it, the Olympic Park bobsled run is quite the experience. It's expensive, but great to say you've been on the same ice run as the athletes. (Plus, it's quite the thrill to boot) Now as for the 120M Olympic ski jump...that "tourist attraction" doesn't have all the kinks worked out yet...
  3. Oh great and powerful Title Fairy, As I have reached the milestone post, I am seeking a custom title of your choosing, despite my better judgment. I look forward to seeing what you come up with. KMR
  4. Titan was filmed today, and yes Mr. Freeze is being filmed tomorrow. Am I the only one who just cannot stand this show? My biggest beef with it is that it's called "Bert the Conqueror", but he's not "conquering" anything that's impressive. Like, when he did the Stratosphere tower rides, or the SCAD Jump, ok. That's fine. But Mr. Freeze? Canobie's Space Shot??? I'm sorry, but millions of people every year "conquer" Millennium Force. It's one thing if you're going to make a "roller coaster show", that's fine, but you're not a "conqueror" when 8 year old kids ride the same things as you are. The show is garbage. Just my opinion... +1^ I believe it was Elissa who said when it debuted: "I think this show is EVERYTHING that's wrong with coaster shows!" (And I agree!)
  5. 1.) No major attractions for California 2.) Cedar Fair's "beyond" cloning of "Windseekers" 3.) Eurofighters in general - much more rough than I expected.
  6. Oh, and don't go looking for the "tunnels" under CGA - they're not there!
  7. Possibly some small light at the end of the tunnel for CGA. Just ran on local channel KTVU: 49ers Tentative Deal to Stay at Candlestick Highlights: 49ers agree to tentative agreement to stay at Candlestick Park through 2014. Newer revenue sharing agreements with City of San Francisco. New stadium still "on schedule" for 2015.
  8. Grizzly at CGA clearly beats them all in terms of TIME taken to turn right... It's certainly a departure form the norm, yes...but when has Busch ever built something that was just "normal" or "standard?"
  9. Well then you wouldn't need to win the contest..lol Thanks for the comments. So what do you think of what is happening to the park nowadays? I used to love that park and for several years was the creative director for it. I think it is on it's last leg and the plug is almost ready to be pulled. Such a shame, there was so much potential. It's really sad to see the park go from such a high in the 90's to really an Astro World like feeling (Nothing new, maybe closing, maybe not...) Funny, the park seemed to be hitting it's stride when YOU were working there...coincidence?!? Love seeing the archival stuff from my hometown parks, keep it up Shane! Oh, and I still want to see the proof you signed your name at the top of Drop Zone...
  10. Realistic: 1.) Be nice, rather than let it sit there. 2.) It's been a rare day I've seen all 6 operating, but could potentially happen at the start of the season 3.) I thought Invertigo's were reliable?!? 4.) Always thought Knott's was out of space for new mazes, yet they keep finding space every year, so if this year went well up here, it's certainly a possibility. Not Likely: 1.) A bit late to be making an announcement - you may have to start thinking about which ride(s) you're ready to retire for a new (to them) flat. Not in the Universe: 1.) "Stampede Project" CANCELED! End of story! 2.) Pictorium's projectors - taken out YEARS AGO! 3.) Vortex getting a makeover...ever rode Iron Wolf at SFGAm? Get used to it!
  11. The real reasoning for the "big attractions" up front at the park is the neighbors across from Lake Chabot. They've already quite vigorously complained when the rides went in originally, hence the rides that were added were small, partially enclosed or sedate in nature. Interesting move to take out Cobra, but one heck of a change to the skyline come 2011. The addition of Sky Scream will also break up a tri-fecta of coasters in that plaza and give it more variety in attractions, like the rest of the park. For those of you who have never been on one of these before - while it may look sedate, that's your opinion ON THE GROUND. These are fun, exciting and well, JUST FUN! (Which is what a park should be...not just THRILL-THRILL-THRILL. Go to SFMM if you want that. If you want one of the most well-rounded parks out there, come out to SFDK this spring.
  12. Thank God we never made it to the pool in Munich. They would never let us back in the country!
  13. 1.) The airport has nothing to do with denying the park of a new coaster. FAA regulations require the current glide slope (aka where buildings lie along the flight path and into the flight path in terms of elevation and altitude) to stay where it's at, so height limits need to be strictly followed - but that does not restrict any attraction being built (just keep it below the limit of that area, that's all) Remember the maximum height variance is 224 feet, total height. A good way to look at it - think of the the runway from the side...draw the buildings lying directly under it and you'll see them taper as they get closer to the runways' ends. Ideally, it should look like a very broad "U" or smile. 2.) If the 49ers continue their DISMAL season(s), don't expect to see a stadium built by 2014, or at all for that matter. The NFL continues to suggest that the 49ers and Raiders share a new stadium, akin to the Jets and Giants in NJ. This is starting a uproar of sorts to those who originally supported the stadium. No one, and I mean NO ONE wants Raider fans in their neighborhood. (Emphasis on 'hood.) This is the true reason for the park getting the "shaft" from the corporate office. Would you invest several million dollars in a new attraction for a property that may not be there in 5-7 years? Face it folks, CGA has become the Astroworld of the Cedar Fair parks - and at least Astroworld got rides (albeit used).
  14. Has the investigation been completed? (I find that hard to believe considering the pace of ANYTHING government related in California). Look how long Xcelerator was closed! Oh, and on a personal irk note, for future reference it's: "Whether" (Not, "The weather is nice.") "Brake" or "Brakes" NOT "breaks" (Unless you're referring to State Employment Law) I feel better.
  15. It's amazing how tightening transitions and elements can really save on track length! Couple that with all adult sized riders and you've got a recipe for insanity. So, is it still the, "greatest kiddie coaster" on the planet? I seem to remember us looking at them waxing the slide before the park opened and thinking - "Meh, no big whoop." Boy were we wrong! Bayern Park was an interesting one, too - VERY spread out (The one alpine slide behind the shrubs and the lake). I agree we were spoiled with the first one at the castle. (Piers could have NEVER fallen out of alpine slides at Bayern)
  16. I forget, did any of us actually end up doing the funky semi-themed rapids ride at the bottom of the hill at Bayern? You could tell the owner with the PAX was there to drum up some good PR for the park - and it certainly worked. It was a great jewel of a park with tons of un-PC themes, a slide o' death and quite possibly the most insane "kiddie" coaster on Earth...not to mention the INSANE walk through attraction. (Dracula) I was betting maybe an hour and half at the park max - turns out we stayed longer, and it was worth it!
  17. After hearing all the good reviews from years past - this should be an interesting experience come tomorrow!
  18. How Joey is even functioning at this point is beyond me - he drank 1 1/2 GALLONS of beer and was awake and coherent the next morning for the Castle tour... As for me, sorry I'm a cheap drunk - two and a half did me in REAL FAST.
  19. 15-30 minutes in direct sunlight does not cause bad sunburns (I would know, I'm Irish) especially if you have sunscreen on. You are implying that the delay on Boomerang caused this? In reality, spending the whole day at the park can get one sunburned quite nicely as well. (And is my assumption for the "very bad sunburns" as you mentioned they had burns on their faces, necks AND arms.
  20. The aforementioned (to death) wooden coaster project proposed in that area has been CANCELED. Since it was never actually announced by the park, I consider it only a "serious design study." (As no construction or prep work ever happened.) Here's to crushing your spirits a bit earlier than any announcement from another park could. I'll drink a glass of Jet-A if I am incorrect in reporting this.
  21. This park is just surrounded by enemies - no other way to describe it.
  22. But...that's THREE WHOLE MONTHS! Unfortunately, the park does not own the land it sits on. It's all property of the City of Santa Clara - including those office buildings. (You'll recall that used to be additional parking spots). The park pays a significant "rent" to the City, which reaps not only that, but also the additional tax revenue generated by the park. In terms of the bad neighbors and game days - nearly all of them opposed the Stadium deal. However, the majority of Santa Clara's population lies on the other side (South) of US 101. Oh, and they b*tch about the aircraft departures and arrivals too - hence SJC's self imposed curfew (2330-0630). Basically, if they could complain about it - they probably already have.
  23. You don't know CGA's neighbors very well, do you?!? These are the same people who complain about parties held on the other side of the park! (And the fireworks, and the crowds and the coasters...) Oh, and the neighborhood was built AFTER the park was built. Just another example of California "NIMBY-ism." In terms of new additions - especially in that narrow sliver of land where Tidal Wave still partially stands, I always thought under the Paramount-era that a major opportunity was missed not installing a launched coaster themed to Star Trek and incorporating "warp speed." You can almost hear Picard's theme and imagine yourself launching on an Intamin cable...ahh!
  24. The stadium is a double-edged sword. It *could* bring in a ton more people on game days OR it could keep people away who don't want to deal with the crush of traffic that isn't able to be accommodated on city streets. In terms of the "Proposed" coaster behind Pictorium - don't hold your breath. Any MAJOR attraction would have already shown it's hand in terms of markings etc. so don't get your hopes up. I'm thinking new show in Action FX Theatre and that's it. (IF THAT) Anything more will be a bonus.
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