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  1. Just like any coaster - it "changes" throughout the day. Still not as much as wood, but the ride "changes" nonetheless. Compare it to a bowling alley with synthetic lanes: the hook line still moves, but not as much as on the old wood lanes!
  2. If the reliability of carbon fiber hockey sticks are any indication - I hope that never comes to fruition! (You know someone's cooking it up, though...)
  3. Exactly. But that's fine. This is just concept art, and sometimes when you are conceptualizing out something you need to pull source images from somewhere. I do not think they would have released this image unless they felt it was a fairly accurate representation of what they think the ride will look like. Just pointing that out there there because there have already been a few posts I've had to delete regarding the use of a Baco image incorporated with this artwork. I've had to remind people - THE RIDE ISN'T BUILT YET!!! OBVIOUSLY THEY NEED TO CREATE THEIR CONCEPT IMAGE FROM OTHER SOURCES!!! --Robb But Robb...how are we theme park "fans" to criticize the ride and manufacturer before a single footer is poured?!? B&M as of late has not been at the forefront in terms of innovation (Dive coaster exception) - they've followed an interesting business plan...let others develop the concept at high R&D cost, then they swoop in to refine the product into the reliability and capacity of a B&M: (Flying Coaster, Hyper Coaster, this thing) Forgive me if I"m wrong, but didn't B&M have a hand in re-engineering X2's trains to be lighter and stronger? If B&M is serious about a true 4d concept, you can bet it won't be announced and/or built until Walter and Claude have perfected it.
  4. I'm fairly certain we've actually gone over this before on the thread - there will eventually need to be a consensus as to what this design will be called. Although, since there isn't a "governing body" for this type of thing (I.E. Cedar Point coining it's own phrases for hyper/giga etc.) I believe the term being thrown around was "Super-Hybrid Wooden Coaster" for this installation. It seemed to group all the so called controversial, "is it a woodie / is it not?" into their own separate, yet all-inclusive category.
  5. ^ +1 - That's the best way to do it - speculation almost always leads to misinformation running rampant.
  6. Yeah, thanks everyone for also catching the definition of "an hour." Through the magic of television, he "just" made it under the limit...yet if you notice the sun seemed to change direction and the lighting was all off for it being only an hour. More inspiration to work on my concept...at least the POV is somewhat decent.
  7. Flight deck & vortex aren't sand filled & yet they were permitted to be installed....I just don't get why there are complaints now when the park has been in business for well over 30 years without any problems concerning noise. Vortex installed 1991 - located along the central core of the park Top Gun installed 1993 - located along the side of the park - neighbors didn't complain due to distance from housing and berms already built that shielded the noise. Plus, at the time these were built / installed, there were no developments along the western side of the park, (the office buildings were built early 2000's) except for the building with the large fountain at the corner of Great America Parkway and Mission College Boulevard - hence no complaints. The company that supposedly held up the new woodie is actually not even located closest to the noise area of the proposed attraction - go figure. Don't hold your breath for a large capital project - that stadium will hold up ANY new large capital investment from CF, which is actually a business decision (and unfortunately a good one) I wouldn't dump millions into something that may not be there in 7-10 years. Not to mention, politics are in full play too. (Something to the effect of, if you sue the City to stop this stadium, some may not approve plans for new attractions as, "retaliation").
  8. I can assure you that GASM is FAR cheaper to run than any 4D coaster ever would be. If that *DOES* go down (and I highly doubt it or Chang will) can you see that in the rear view mirror? It's bankruptcy! I will agree with others on the board here - flats wouldn't be a bad idea to replace it. (Can you hear me SFMM?!?)
  9. Traditionally, Invertigo does not open for the start of the season. According to the mechs I spoke with when I worked there, it begins it's annual tear down/rehab right as the season ends and takes that long to get back up as it's quite a complicated attraction. It's usually up after two weeks into the season, so take it with what you will. Gotta get it, "smooth as glass" you know.* *Re: Robb Alvey's Coaster Season 2003
  10. The only thing that's been up in the air is if the Oakland Raiders will ALSO be sharing this stadium - which would double the football events and quadruple the number of problems for the neighborhood (Then again, I'm a niners fan.) According to public filings, the SF 49ers spent approximately $500 per registered voter to make this thing pass. The opposition spent approximately $1/ea. I still find it absolutely ironic that NO ONE has brought up the fact that this stadium lies directly under the flight path of 30R 12L at San Jose International. The park had a hard enough time building Drop Zone and it's about 1/4 mile West off the flight path. If the jets are on final approach from the North, they'll be throttling up and down right above 70k people during games. During good weather, they'll be at full throttle on takeoff to the North. Check it out on Google Earth - just trace the runways to the Bicentennial Lot (Overflow parking) Is this bad for the park? Probably. The value of the land just dropped significantly. CF could see this as a major loss - hell they nearly had a fire sale earlier this year - $50 mil. for everything. (That's a bargain!) Anyone want to start pooling a few bucks?
  11. So it's been a few years since I rode her*, but is Colossus really THAT bad? True, she's been neutered some over the years but at least she's smooth - compared to other woodies in CA. *Her as in Colossus the ride.
  12. Really? I could write a whole dissertation on this (and plan to soon) but... Take both of these mega parks, (CP & SFMM) vying for an arbitrary number (essentially) with nothing but coasters - are they better in overall quality that say a Busch Gardens with less than half the coasters? IMHO, no. At a certain point, you have to sacrifice when it comes to that many coasters - and personally I think it's too much when other things, like mid level attractions, shows etc. have to suffer or get removed. Locally, both (then) PGA and SFMW had a similar coaster war - you know who won? No one. Both had to sacrifice shows, classic attractions (Scenic Railway) and overall quality (7 Plazas vs. themed areas) to claim they had 1 more coaster than the other. Coasters are not everything*, you must have your A-B-C-D ticket attractions (balance) too. Re: How long did Flashback just sit around? Metro? Rode Mean Streak recently? Consider it a Panamax**...of theme park rides. There's simply not enough logical room in some parks for more! It's not about the size of your coaster count - it's about how you use the coasters you have to deliver a good experience on each one. (Get your minds out of the gutter!) Okay then, off my soapbox. *Absolutely Reliable had a great shirt: "I make up fully 0.0001% of your total park attendance - where's my new coaster?" **Panamax - a ship specifically designed to be the largest possible while still fitting (barely) in the Panama Canal.
  13. You know you love that "death spiral" drop and the double helix finale. Nor Cal Flashback...hardly. At least this thing was exciting! What I really miss was the entrance to the walk from the San Lorenzo River, under the train tressel. It made parking in the "official" Boardwalk lot very convenient! That Wild Mouse looked like something wicked. The Boardwalk still sells their coffee table book which is great for us histori-nuts. Well worth the investment.
  14. It IS a real photo - originally from a local Kentucky business magazine. That's one really expensive suit to be putting on a grease laden coaster track! It must have been one major effort to keep the grease off that thing. And anyone interested in photoshopping my head on a photo like this or has the hookup to GET a photo shoot like this - hit me up!
  15. That be nice - but I'd settle for having the whole park actually open when I go, rather than cutting it off before Mile High Falls and a few others. Maybe some redesign work on the pathways would be nice too - that park was impossible to navigate. So did SF purchase Chang or was that bought before the SF "takeover"? Seems to me if they (SF) bought it - they should be able to do what they will with it, just like any other rides. But I have a feeling it's not that simple...rebuttals in 3...2...1...
  16. Something tells me Ed Hart always wanted to be in charge of KK... Now I want a photo like that!
  17. Based on my ACTUAL PARK experience - those who NEED to know about such things know. Those who don't need to know about such things for their jobs (I.E. seasonals and the prying eyes of "enthusiasts") simply don't. (Not to mention it's against most companies' policies to discuss such items as part of their employment agreement.) Now, an employee who's not sure about relevant items to his or her job, such as where a show is playing...that's a problem. But new products that are still "in progress" or asking, "What's the new product next year?" That's not relevant to them. If every employee of every company knew everything about their company - we'd never have any intellectual property or trade secrets!
  18. ^ Sounds reasonable to me - the permit process in this state is absolutely insane...yet you can almost walk up and get a drivers license... Are we all that disappointed in a relatively small family coaster being delayed a whole season? Especially if Magic Mountain could use more mid-thrill flats first? Then again, I am a Sharks fan, so I'm callous to feeling disappointed.
  19. I also want to make sure it's not overlooked that this has happened a *LOT* with different manufacturers over the years...not just Intamin... For example, all of the Arrow "big three" multiloopers (Viper, Shockwave, GASM) had to have their vertical loops completely re-designed and replaced. All of the early Premier LIM launchers (Mr. Freezes, Outer Limits, Chiller, Jinx, etc) all needed to have their trains re-modified, Zonga's inversions had to be completely re-designed, Rattler's drop had to be re-profiled, all the Deja Vu's...delayed about 6 months, Hypersonic was so bad that it didn't even last 10 years...do we even want to get into what happened to Son of Beast??? So in the grand scheme of roller coaster design f**k ups, all of a sudden Maverick's heartline and i305's trim don't look so bad now, does it? --Robb "Just trying to put things back into perspective here..." Alvey Touche, Senor Alvey! Nah - I'm still recovering from the headache I got riding it in 2008! And don't get me started with Zonga - ugh. Two rides were enough for a lifetime.
  20. I had a very similar experience in 2008. I flew in from beautiful San Jose, CA to Columbus, and drove down to KI. Weather was just great until a bout a mile out of the park, then I hit the micro-bust and all weather hell broke loose. Lightning everywhere, gale force winds and torrential downpour. When I got to the hotel, they casually told me that they were under a Tornado Warning (one has been sighted) and said the best thing to do was get the mattress in my room and cover myself in the tub with it. "Welcome to the Midwest." Had the same experience a few days later up in Gurnee, IL. It was the year that the worst weather trough EVER never left the Midwest and flooded a great deal of it. I'll take earthquakes on the Calaveras and Hayward fault's behind the house ANYDAY!
  21. You would think that could help...but after a bit of experimenting and math work, turns out it really doesn't matter. It's all about potential and kinetic energy. Regardless of how fast the ride is going on the lift, it still has the exact same potential energy, (because of the height of the drop) and will be converted at *almost* the same rate during that plummet. If you want to try for yourself - just make a simple coaster in RCT, with a long straightaway at the bottom of the first hill. Modify the lift speed and see what the top speed is - it's nearly identical at a 20mph lift, 10mph and 5. (Mine had a variance of approximately 1.5mph. The eddy current brakes do not allow potential energy to be as easily converted into kinetic, thereby "holding" and "slowing" the train. Still looks freaking awesome, though. Why couldn't they have taught us physics stuff all via coasters? I'd pass with flying colors. (BTW, full disclosure...I got a C in HS Physics, take it with what you will.) Not to rub it in anyone's face...but...I seem to remember commenting on how those transitions looked way too fast on media day and that they seemed a bit too much *cough* Robb *cough* What shouldn't be overlooked is that this is Intamin's second coaster in the States that required major* modifications after installation. (#1 was Maverick and it's missing heartline) The difference being that Maverick never had actual GP on it before the mod. (I believe) Don't get me wrong, I'm all for pushing the limits...just maybe with nudges and pokes first. *Significant track work or mods
  22. V2 at Discovery Kingdom has some real kick on it's second launch forward, experienced best in the front seat.
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