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  1. RCS out here on the Left Coast is about as close to this as America can get. It's no German Fair, but it is clean, modern and has many "Spectaculars" on the midway. What gets me is that all of these attractions are PORTABLE...from the Laser to that GIANT Ferris Wheel. Not enough train lines in the USA to transport that stuff everywhere!
  2. And Superman was built over a decade before all this "Prop 8" stuff! Back onto actual business... The talk seems to be that two S&S towers so close to one another would be bad juju - but KBF and DLR are much closer together than KBF and SFMM! Honestly, with the small footprint of vertical attractions - the location possibilities are boundless. (Would look good where Freefall once resided, though...) A tower attraction would be a good start - but it's going to take several season's additions to build up the "medium thrill" flats the park is so sorely lacking at the moment.
  3. 1.) Paragraphs make trip reports more organized, coherent as well as read by more people. 2.) What are these "fluffy, fluffy bunnies filled with medicine and goo?" I think I can speak for everyone reading this that you've collectively lost us already. 3.) Your focus on just coasters in your "review" tells me you're not a, "theme park" fan. Now, I'm not here to defend CGA to the death, Lord knows I've done it in the past - but I think you need to visit the park again (or at least attempt to review it) by expanding your horizons beyond just the "E" ticket attractions. As I've said before...it's a good park, not a great one. It has many redeeming qualities...but to blatantly say you refuse to go back because there were only three rides worth it is ignorant. (My opinion) Most parks are lucky to have just ONE decent coaster or attraction (I.E. Santa Cruz) Be thankful you have (according to you) three "redeeming" reasons to visit this park. 4.) A coaster behind the "purple gate" cannot be built, despite your extensive "studying" of the area. That's the area used for maintenance and facilities buildings, (You know, the places that make the park work?) as well as the back access road, water reservoir for Rip Roarin' Rapids AND an unfriendly neighborhood. (They already hate fireworks, imagine a Mega Lite back there everyday for 12 hours) And no - there was NO SUCH THING as the "Rebel Rocket" concept. While I understand your opinion, I think it's based on something that's unobtainable. It's been proven that a "coaster only" park FAILS (SFMM) You should take the entire park experience into consideration before, "...refusing to ever go back until major changes occur." The site, after all is "Theme Park Review." Then again, if you don't visit the park again until there are, "major changes" there will be shorter lines and less crowds for the rest of us. Can the park use some love? Sure - but so could a bunch of other parks. Even Disneyland has it's serious flaws. Look at it this way, at least CGA has all of it's attractions open. (Re: Peoplemover) 5.) It's "Delirium," "Psycho Mouse" and "Friggin'"
  4. 1.) Of all the other ex-Paramount Parks, this one is by far the most neglected in terms of new capital. 2.) Only Grizzly has a cover over it's station. All others have some (limited) shading in the queue - but that's about it. Don't ask me why. 3.) They only have 1 Bayern curve. (Bezerker). However, they do have three classic Schwarkopf flats (Orbit/Berzerker/Centrifuge) 4.) There are no dark rides, no tunnels under the park and no more Triple Ferris Wheel - now all part of the movie alone! It's a good park, not a great park - but a good park. Make sure to take a spin on the carousel (upper deck) at the end of the day...it's a great way to finish off a long day in the park.
  5. Interesting concept - and deceptively simple too. If the "Bizarro" rumor is true, this could be a viable option for a single side of Superman. Now, if only it ran at 100mph...
  6. Two things: 1. This is very, very sad and I feel very bad for the family. I look forward to hearing about the girl's recovery, and personally, I hope some prosecution is brought to the ride op for negligence. 2. Robb and Elissa were right. --Robb "Why do so many people doubt us?" Alvey 1.) The "prosecution" is being performed via capitalism - the park is folding into foreclosure. (But I know what you mean - especially when the word "negligence" is used) 2.) Your other question, however, I do not have an answer to...
  7. So I need to vent - I'm doing some footwork for a personal project of my own and I wanted to contact Paul Reuben to see if I could understand why people keep using him as a source on all things park related. The email I got back was beyond rude, and real...for lack of a better term "douch-y." Good news though, he's now inspired me that much more to push on with the project. His loss.
  8. I do believe those were intended to run phone lines over. Whether or not they were used is something I don't know. With the exception of the Boomerang Bay area, and the crossings over Hometown Square, the entire train circuit is still intact. (Intact as in, you could put something there, but why when it's only 3/4 of a circle!
  9. Tidal Wave at Great America (Santa Clara). The perfect ride that never had a line...
  10. The whole thing comes down to this - there is inherent risk in every activity we do. Driving, jumping out of bed...breathing. That being said...let's face it - at the core of this attraction is an uncontrolled free fall into a set of nets. That's about as wild as you can get. One error on anyone's part (park or patron) and it's bad news all day. (Aircraft crashes typically take at least three consecutive failures before something serious arises).
  11. After watching the Bert clip (for research purposes only) and watching the video provided earlier on this thread, it's certainly not out of the realm of possibility that an unsafe operational procedure was present on the day of this horrific accident. Unfortunately with all the reports and (mis)information swirling - we're not going to have a true, clear picture of what may have happened until the State finalizes it's report. (Re: Knott's & Xcelerator) That being said, I've caught countless ride ops on cell phones while dispatching rides (I think we nailed one on Grizzly in Coaster Season 03 or 04 with Robb THERE!) Great invention or curse on society - can they be both? Has there been any update on the child's condition?
  12. THANK YOU!!! Back onto topic - SCAD just keeps making it's way into the news with these - you WOULD think that this genre of attraction would have a fail safe - but I did a bit o' research... Bungee jump: Failsafe - Guy in crane with you determines when he's at the top or correct distance. (All faith on operator) Skycoaster: Failsafe - Platform is lowered before riders are hoisted up - only after other operator acknowledges "All Clear." Cable is constant length to ensure correct trajectory. Slingshot: Failsafe - Some models are electronic panel controlled. Older models are controlled by simple lever pulled to launch. SCAD Tower: Failsafe - similar to bungee operator...all faith in operator at the top. Now, these are my own observations - feel free to add on or correct where your knowledge adds to mine. So in reality - though statistically safe - many of these let's call them "Upcharge Style" attractions HAVE NO TRUE "FAIL SAFE." In a twisted way it adds to the thrills, I suppose. (Not that I condone any attraction injuring a patron) EDIT: I just realized that most of the things in our lives don't have fail safes either... Kris "A in-sink drain disposer can't tell if it's food or fingers!" Rowberry
  13. While I partially agree with that statement, in terms of fixing EXTREMELY rough woodies, (Son of Beast, Mean Streak, Grizzly, Rolling Thunder...) Adding steel track could potentially neuter a wooden coaster's out-of-control feeling, and actual sense of danger during the circuit. This type of transformation should only be done on coasters that REALLY need it, not as a way to eliminate some roughness, and after reading reviews of Texas Giant before this happened, it sounded like it needed this to happen. I don't know...El Toro is insanity / out of control from the lift to brakes! Though I think you're referring to the feeling that the ride is about to fall apart at any moment? I'm speculating that even with a dual steel spine...that structure is going to give under the dynamic load of a train. Maybe this shouldn't be seen as "the fix" for Mean Streak, SoB etc. but more as another viable option to Parks in order to keep costs down and guests happy. (Other three options being spot fixes, demolition/replacement and complete wood retracking)
  14. I dunno, the red is growing on me, especially from a distance. Double Up right after that drop? I'm thinking a trip to Texas could be in order next season...
  15. Why not? B&M phoned up Vekoma and asked for their help when they were designing their version of the flying coaster. Vekoma phoned up Arrow and asked them for help back in the day. This kind of thing actually happens more often than you'd think. --Robb Not to mention - most of these companies were born from one another. Schwarzkopf incubated Intamin who in turn spawned B&M and Giovinola. It's like 6 degrees of separation of Kevin Bacon, only with coaster engineers. Most of these engineers have worked for or with one another at least once in their working careers.
  16. So this is essentially a "racing" Halfpipe with an extended front end. Should be interesting to see if it takes off.
  17. Visit the Mandalay Bay's website. Sign up for the email list and get 30% off your visit. We used it to get the 1500x3 Media suite for two nights UNDER $1000!
  18. I beg to differ - White Water Falls, California's Great America, back row. You don't wet (usually) and you *FLOAT* on that second dip. One of the better kept secrets of that park - REVEALED! (No restraints period - until some litigious attorney reads this post, whoops!)
  19. Taking concept art as just that - concept... With such high speeds - will Intamin need to consider adding a larger fairing to the front or even a windscreen to help deflect some of the 150MPH airflow over people's faces? I can't keep my eyes open on TTD or KK - what is 30 mph more going to do? (Tell me we don't have to wear goggles like that guy does on, "Extreme Terror Rides" (Travel Channel) Are bugs a big problem in Dubai? That would be painful at any speed.
  20. Of course something like this should never happen, but things like this DO happen. Not just with amusement rides, but with ANYTHING - Airplanes, automobiles, construction cranes, elevators, shopping malls, etc, etc... As theme park and roller coaster enthusiasts I think we should be trying to SUPPORT the industry instead of saying things like "Makes it harder for me to get on this kind of ride again in the future." That's the kind of statement I'd expect the "general public" to say, not a more educated person who is part of a community who should KNOW BETTER about these kinds of things. And something that everyone needs to keep in mind - as horrible as an accident like this is, every time something like this unfortunately DOES happen, it actually makes the world of amusement rides SAFER because there will be investigations and findings from this accident that will be applied to future rides of this kind. This accident would not stop me from getting on another ride exactly like this one again. Because I know the chances of this happening a 2nd time is very unlikely, and even if it DID the odds are still WELL in my favor. That's like saying "I'm never going to get on another airplane again" after hearing about a crash. Well, here's the reality of the situation - Never getting on an airplane again might guarantee you'll never die in an airplane crash, but all you've done is rule out the one of millions of possible freak accidents that *could* happen to you. My advice to someone like this - don't ever leave your house...and hope that an airplane doesn't crash into it! Exactly! If you look at the graph curve of aviation accidents (with the exception of 9/11) you'll see the number of deaths and injuries drop even though you see actual passengers increase. Every accident we learn something new or take away something from it (Hence why we've had only one hull loss of a Boeing 777 - yet NO FATALITIES.) Same goes for the theme parks... Let's not forget that this industry (amusements and theme parks) are really only one generation removed from advertising that their coasters killed and injured people...which was a SELLING POINT! (Re: Crystal Beach Cyclone's Nurse Station) With each incident we get that much better at design, engineering and safety. While there's inherent risk in riding thrill rides - there's a much greater risk DRIVING to the park on the freeway. Your odds of being injured at theme park are so low, you'd hit all 12 numbers on a Keno card *TWICE* before you ever came close to being injured on a ride. Just keepin' it all in perspective....
  21. Moral of the discussion - It's always a good idea (and cheaper) to install safer and more redundant (but restrictive) restraints than to risk making a few people more comfortable when they're wailing their hands up in the air...while increasing the chances of a catastrophic incident.
  22. I nominate Robb to be the new governing body of theme park classifications and euphemisms! Looking forward to the shoehorning of the word "donkey" somewhere in a coaster element. One can only think (and hope) that Son of Beast's fate may lie a thousand miles away in the heart of Texas. If this install is successful - could we see even more radical "steel on wood" coasters? (I.E. return of "Looping" wooden coasters?)
  23. That's for sure - the road wasn't really designed for what they're using it for, but for the most part (99.99% of the time) it seemed to do. Entering or exiting the park during peak hours it's an absolute bottleneck if you decide to walk the .5 mi. Ideally, the park would be better off with a monorail opening up the area to transport guests more efficiently, but "ideal" is sometimes one of those "Pie in the sky" propositions.
  24. ^ Thank you! I was too lazy to go back and find it... They're expecting it to be up and ready for 2011 season, right? It would be quite interesting to see test runs - not just for the "look" of the ride, but what it may *sound* like. El Toro has a distinctive sound, regular woodies have one, so I imagine TG-II will as well.
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