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  1. Skycabin probably won't be too terribly missed (But by those who have younger kids it will - aka KidTums) - it was really neutered after the Parachute Skyjump was removed. The ride might still be there - but the soul is long gone! In terms of height - Eric is right on. 224 feet tall is the absolute max anything can go into CGA being that close to the glide path of SJC. I know it's *just* concept video - but throw my hat in with Elissa...this really doesn't stand out to me as a "barn burner" attraction. Especially with a 48" height requirement! Although, at just $5 million apiece, it's a great bargain to put a landmark, "skyline changer" into most of your parks. Maybe KBF can donate all those old dilapidated Parachute Skyjump parts to CGA and have them convert their Star Tower...
  2. Good point, although those attractions are over with fairly quickly. If I'm not mistaken, didn't they also fill Xcelerator with sand (supports or something to that effect) to lessen its sound? I only bring it up because this attraction will be closer to the "neighborhood" then say an Xcelerator or Supreme Scream (but not by much.)
  3. ^ Until the stadium debacle settles down...I wouldn't count on it. Who wants to get in on the pool..."How long until the neighborhood complains and the park modifies the ride with scream shields or pods?" Over / under 8 months.
  4. I agree...Great Adventure was already good... SFDK had turned a corner recently and was getting better. SFMM still needs work but everything I've read says they were back on the right path as well. Should be interesting to see the reasoning for this come out.
  5. Be thankful you're even getting anything new. You could be a fan of California's Great America...and get jipped on a new major attraction yet again!
  6. I'll have to agree with some of the posters above - it would seem EVERY place needs a new theme park. In reality, I think the spirit of the thread is more of "where are the dead zones" in terms of large parks? (I.E. What areas are AT LEAST a reasonable drive (3 hours?) away by driving and still not accessible to any major theme parks?) from my previous Six Flags experience (actual working) I seem to recall the original idea of Six Flags was to dot the country to make any Six Flags within a few hours drive from most of the population. (Was it 6 hours?) Anyways, onto some analysis: Sacramento - SFDK is about an hour from Sacramento, but with that population still exploding - you would think a park would begin construction. (According to latest grapevine rumors, Sunsplash just may become that park...) Phoenix - There's a good argument here, but I'm posturing that the heat has a big factor in the on-construction here. (it is, after all a desert!) Las Vegas - This is a tough one. Yes, it's Vegas, but Vegas has had a fundamental shift to who they're marketing towards. It's not families anymore. You ave Adventure Dome and Stratosphere - and that's probably all the "thrills" you really can support. Let's face it, Vegas is all about gambling and partying. Plus, it's hot as HELL all the time out there.
  7. No doubt - Pacific Northwest. Closest parks are Six Flags Discovery Kingdom (Vallejo, CA) and Silverwood (ID). Pyallup and it's single wooden coaster doesn't count. (It's only open for the State Fair, anyways.
  8. Answer to the thread: Sure I'd ride it. Interesting Points Brought Up: 1.) What is the definition of "intense in the 1920's-1945? 2.) Really looking at the pictures, it was probably a combination of rough track and poor transitions that people could interpret under "intensity" 3.) If you don't think GCI would jump at the chance to build this - you're nuts. Just take a look at the drops on Roar (West) and Lightning Racer. We've actually come fairly close to getting the Cyclone's first drop - now it's up to a park willing to plunk down the change to finish the rest of the layout. (And it would have to be metal structure) I'm not sure why people are looking down at the possibility of Intamin doing this - It's the layout of the CBC - c'mon! Did you consider the triple turn on El Toro? Looks awfully similar to the turns after the block section on CBC...maybe even faster. (Are you still hating on Intamin prefab track?!?) Even if ANY manufacturer did built it - it simply couldn't be an *exact* replica. With modern technology, we can (and should) smooth out transitions and even out the G-loads. So in reality - the Cyclone lives on (though not in it's entirety) but through individual elements. But damn, even a modern "interpretation" of either Lighting or Cyclone would have the industry abuzz for some time.
  9. Interesting - the track doesn't look all that thicker than the normal B&M track - not even as thick as the Dive Machines. Methinks B&M studied their old friends at Intamin as soon as the wing walker design was debuted. (And less to a degree, Arrow Dynamics way back in 1999) While we're all a bit excited (okay, REALLY EXCITED) over where this *could* potentially lead (X, but longer, smoother and better elements! ) We should remember that the "Dynamic Duo" had their failures too, most notably trying to design the trains for Psyclone at Magic Mountain. While it wasn't just the trains that made the ride miserable, it was a major factor. That being said, I can't think of a major problem for any new Beemer since. (And several new train designs later) Just trying to keep perspective people!
  10. If you truly feel that way - you can text the park (literally). Especially in the case that ops on cell phones *could* result in injury or litigation. From my experience they've been very responsive to significant concerns up here at SFDK. As for rewards, that might be reaching. Sometimes the best reward is the letter you get saying, "Thank you for bringing this to our attention." At least you know they've acknowledged the situation...
  11. Actually - Vekoma DID make a shuttle coaster with a much higher lift (in fact, a single lift) - and it pulled an insane 6.2G! Vekoma's Infamous Moonsault Scramble: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2wS-JQvl-4M There's a fine line you have to walk when designing shuttle loops - uncomfortable forces v. completing the circuit. The whole issue with getting stuck in the Cobra Roll is simple - you're taking all the momentum of a train (kinetic energy) that wants to go in a straight line and switching it 4 different ways in a matter of moments. While RCT is a good base for physics - it's not quite precise enough to model in reality.
  12. You would think that with the modern advances in terms of catch cars with the Inverted boomerang models - the dropping chain would become obsolete and replaced...
  13. Exactly! Because no matter what, when humans are involved, there will always be a chance of that happening. A failsafe would at least eliminate that possibility. A "fail safe" device would significantly reduce the likelihood of an incident. It cannot completely prevent it. In essence, there is no true, "Fail safe."
  14. You may want to blame the "evil" chain lift, to be more precise.
  15. News Update (From KTVU): Ride cycled normally to the second lift - then it just stopped. The ride stalled on the lift for some time, before slowly being lowered. Employees and mechanics were dispatched up the hill to speak with passengers. At a certain point, the ride chain dropped (like it normally does) and the ride sped down into the brakes below the loop. There were no injuries, but parents and children were "startled" and "would not ride it again." Hence why the brakes are there - as a backup system just in case - to be sure the train doesn't go any further past the loop in the event of a "short" shot. One parent was angry that the park did not immediately bring water to the passengers (The temperature was under 75F at the time of the accident.) Oh, the news used the parks "Fun Runs Wild" logo during the intro to the piece...fact checking is awesome!
  16. Ahh, the Chairswings from HELL!!! And they malfunctioned twice that day - in two different ways!
  17. From local news, KTVU: Boomerang Coaster Stalls Mid-Course (No Injuries) Quick Synopsis: - NO injuries. (+) - Evacuation completed in less than 1 hour. (+) - No passengers stalled while inverted. (+) - This is the second time the coaster has stalled mid-course with passengers aboard. (-) This is why they built the, "valley floor" on Boomerang-like coasters. Although - at this time I cannot confirm exactly where the coaster stalled. Stay tuned...
  18. ^Who's to say it's not an Intamin Triple Ferris Wheel? Now THAT'S a rumor to start! Didn't the park put their Big Wheel into storage when Wicked Twister was built? Could be a Ferris Wheel...
  19. I apologize for my naivete on the subject - but what seems to be the reasoning for leaving a row empty? Does it somehow improve reliability, or was it linked to the "boats being too long" issue? Shoot the Rapids seems awfully complicated and having far more problems than an average "boat" ride with two drops should. Preparing for Intamin and CP Fanboys flak to fly in 3...2...1... On the Star Flyer *rumor* discussion - while they might stay up in the air for long periods of time, couldn't the park simply change the program to be shorter to accommodate higher capacities?
  20. Everyone seems to be settled that this is a coaster, for sure. I should caution you all - besides the fact that this is pure speculation...(NO official announcement from the park yet) Then Paramount's Great America had very similar markings appear in late 2003's season. There were also zoning variances requested (Which in this industry is fairly standard) The rumor mill was so rampant, the name for the non-existent coaster and even THEME MUSIC was "leaked." In reality - it was all rumor and speculation, never to materialize in reality. Again, just cautioning people that when they see markers, it's not always for an attraction.
  21. I'll play Skeeball at the Boardwalk - and more often "Fascination" but that's about it. "Skill" games are there to make the bucks, that's about it. I'll have more fun playing "Invaders from the Planet Moolah" slot machines than anything at an amusement park. (At least I can MAKE money on a slot machine!)
  22. "the Zillerator" at the California State Fair. My back is still upset at me.
  23. Best Endings: Top Gun (AKA Flight Deck) - California's Great America. A very tight flat spin followed by a tight helix just "inches" off the water. Gemini - Cedar Point Also a really intense helix finale. The Beast - Kings Island Who would have thought a very large double helix would be some damn intense! Worst Endings: Mean Streak - Cedar Point It just sorta ended - no drama - with a big waste of real estate ending with a brake heavy "drop" into the station. Since I don't like to go negatives - that's all I can think of!
  24. For the encore? Make a basket from the Kissimmee Skycoaster. Now that's a shot!
  25. Poor Lou! If we're at an event together - I promise to ride with her - that way she's not "Ride Lonely"!
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