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  1. ^ Thanks for dispelling the rumors! I'll be sure to take some pictures when I see the markings tomorrow. By the way, I don't take much time in the gift shops, so does anyone know any good souveniers for $5? I wanna take something home this time.
  2. Woah! That really is a nice video. Better than a bland old TR for sure! You had good vantage points on all the rides and the video quality was great. I would've liked some more shots of iSpeed though. Was it up and running the day you went?
  3. This is really sad news to hear. Will was a one-of-a-kind person with a very original park that you don't see too often nowadays. He really knew how to put the guests first and at the same time build a great theme park. I'll certainly be praying for the family.
  4. I agree, wildcat is one of the most overlooked coasters at CP and i think its actually one of the better rides at the park. I just wish it didnt always have a huge line. The line is why I said it's skippable. It was one of my favorite roller coasters at CP when I rode it last, but I haven't gotten to it again because of the wait. It just needs better capacity.
  5. ^ A couple raindrops will usually scare people away, so don't take that the wrong way. Also, some tips for getting the credits: - If you're staying on site, take advantage of ERT! Millennium Force (FS) and Maverick will usually have long lines the whole day, so hit those up during early ERT. - When the park opens, go to TTD or Disaster Transport. TTD might be your longest line of the day otherwise, and Disaster Transport really picks up as the day goes on. From Disaster Transport: Wicked Twister to Corkscrew (FS). From TTD: Corkscrew. -After that, go from Magnum (BS) to Mean Streak (FS). Most of the coasters in the back will usually be walk-on. So far, you probably have Millie, Maverick, TTD, Corkscrew, Magnum, Gemini (FS), Jr. Gemini*, Woodstock's Express*, CCMR*, and Mean Streak. That's 10 of 17 already! Go hit some flats (or eat) to celebrate. -Now go back towards Millennium Force. Is STR open? Probably not. Ride Mantits (FS) instead, then Iron Dragon, then Wildcat*. Now you most likely have some more free time (around 3-4 PM). -Lines really die down at dinnertime, and Raptor is usually 15 minutes around then. After that, go to Blue Streak (BS), which is a walk-on. Now it's time to wrap it up, and you may have a couple credits left. Try to get in line for them at least 30 minutes before closing. Hope this helps! More info here: http://www.thepointol.com/ (look under travel, then strategy guides). KEY: (BS) means sit near the back, (FS) = near the front, * means skippable credit.
  6. ^ Seriously. Intamin's made 100+ roller coasters, six of which currently stand in the top 10 according to Mitch Hawker's poll. They've also had 30+ plus years of experience designing roller coasters, and they've reached many milestones with their coasters. They obviously have no idea what they're doing! *facepalm* Granted, there were some errors with I305, but it was most likely designed to be a very extreme ride, which the park may or may not have expected. And it still is extreme! I'd happily oblige to give Millennium Force away to get I305, trims and all!
  7. I think the trim situation would work out for the better if they moved the trims to the bottom of the second hill. That way, you still get the intensity of the first drop, the graying out of the turn, and the airtime of the second hill with a less intense ride after that. Of course, I'm not a mechanical engineer (yet), but that's just my opinion. Also, with all the bashing of I305, is it still a top 5 coaster and worth scheduling a trip for? In other words, is it still better than Millenium Force?
  8. No announcement on the S&S page yet, but there's a spot where "Happy Valley" would go. The layout looks pretty good to me, nothing too special though. I mean, it'll be great, but it's not Top 10 Mitch Hawker Quality. I think the only reason I love S&S is because they bought ARROW! (And the only reason I love Arrow is because there's a ton at Cedar Point)
  9. ^ However true it is, I definitely want more variety. A B&M would be great because I'm a fanboy, and so would a GCI. Don't get me wrong; another Intamin would be great, but kind of redundant.
  10. Nice TR. A little short, but still good. I was at the Point on Friday, lines were great! 15 mins for Mil-F! I tried to get into the Convention Center to see Mr. Bolliger talk, but no dice. Speaking of which, any photos of Walter?
  11. I have a credit count of 32, sadly. I'll post what I have: #25: Big Dipper - Geauga Lake
  12. ^ Ehh, making it steel would be pretty good, but it wouldn't have that woodie charm. You could regain a double down though, and maybe a KFC wrap to the train? A Colossus refurb would be a good follow up the TG's steel track replacement, and it might finally convince CF to make Mean Streak and SoB steel. Scratch that, they should make Mean Streak steel and demolish SoB.
  13. ^ Not likely. It says "No other park has more (coasters)" it the park pamphlet. Anyways, any buzz on Walter Bolliger's appearence at CoasterMania? It'd really be awesome if they got a new B&M; they're my favorite manufacturer.
  14. ^ As will I, hopefully. Is this the first time when all the track's been removed? It seems to be coming along slowly, which might end up being a major con when thinking about trying this on other coaster (SoB, perhaps?). Anyways, very excited to see the finished product and hear reviews about this somewhat "prototype" method of preserving a coaster.
  15. IMO, the major problem here is that the officers used mace. I'm about the same age group as the victims, and I'd say a whack with a nightstick is better. That might be because bruises are second nature to me, but I never, ever, ever want to experience mace. Ever! Also, it was a dumb idea to invite the crowd on stage. Start a circle pit or something; at least those can be controlled!
  16. I just wet myself. And not with urine... Congratulations, man! I feel so deprived now, because I only have three. Anyways, which of those credits would you say was the hardest to get?
  17. I only have two suspended credits, but Flight Deck wins by a long shot. Seriously though, it NEEDS to be painted. Otherwise, it was full of twisty goodness!
  18. ^ Please, leave the trim talk to the official thread. Anyways, that coaster looks great! It looks fast enough to give a real thrill too. And at 72 feet! Wow, props to Zierer.
  19. ^^ I already know I have a TPR member in my school. He's the one who told me about it! Anyways, nice TR. Way worse crowds than CP's M&S week. I'm also loving the homemade shirt.
  20. I had to laugh at the "SoB doesn't exist" comment. It seems like the park is just as eager as us to get it taken out! Also, I heard a tornado siren a couple miles from CP one time. It was just a storm though. Oddly enough, I saw a commercial for the Maverick when I was inside during the storm.
  21. ^ Agreed. Trims are necessary, but they need to be placed correctly. I never mind MCBR trims because they're designed to be there, but over-trimming to the point where the GP complains about it is terrible. Just because some enthuiasts hate trims doesn't mean they aren't necessary.
  22. ^ Will that settle down PointBuzz at all? Anyways, Gemini was still running one train as of Wednesday. Does anyone think this has anything to do with the trims and did anyone see it racing opening day?
  23. Instince of airtime: Maverick's airtime hil Whole ride: Diamondback at KI (Pre-trims) I have to give some honorable mentions to Blue Streak and Magnum though. Both have a decent amount of airtime. Magnum's even given me bruises!
  24. I would try to improve interactivity. Maybe throw in a quiz game or two? Plus, some downloadable content like "wallpaper of the week" would be cool. Also, videos would be nice, along with Golden Ticket and Mitch Hawker rankings (I believe these were mentioned before).
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