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  1. Cedar Point Cyclone. Really though, I am expecting and hoping for a good wooden coaster. Blue Streak is classic and fun, but it's nothing spectacular, and Mean Streak almost killed me (part good and part bad). Grav Group would be thumbs up with me!
  2. I can't say firsthand, but I've heard the lines are pretty short. I was down when I went yesterday though, and it looks down today. Good thing I still have SRF (and its unacceptable wetness) though. Anyway, as for the other rides, the lines weren't that bad yesterday; I've seen worse. Worst for me was an hour for Millennium. Here's how it went down: Magnum 2x - Walk-on Gemini 2x - Walk-on Maverick 1x - 30 mins(!) Mean Streak <3 2x - Walk-on Millennium Force 1x - 1 hour Raptor 1x - 50 mins Snake River Falls 1x - 30 mins Mantis 1x- 10 mins
  3. Exactly. Really, clogging is just a dumb idea. Especially on a ride of that magnitude. I'll admit it; I've done trains and stuff on my local pool slide, but that's only 20 feet high with the stress of 10-12 kids. Not 70 kids on a 4-story water slide. I really have some questions due to the way this was reported though: 1. Was there anyone with the sense to realize that was a bad idea? 2. Why didn't the lifeguards step in (my only case against the park)?
  4. ^ I'd love to see some pictures then. Also, make Oak Land two words to prevent confusion.
  5. Don't really have anything to say yet. I guess it looks promising, but I don't think Oakland would be a great place for a theme park. The surrounding area isn't so nice.
  6. ^ Actually, I wouldn't mind as long as it doesn't have trim brakes. Also, a little late, but here's the event calendar: http://www.cedarpoint.com/public/visit/schedule/events.cfm
  7. ^^ It's probably nothing regarding construction. ^ I don't care if Mantis kills your legs without trims, it still kicks ass!
  8. ^ Thanks! I'll keep that in mind for future parks, but not for this park. Let's just say, ride placement will tie in with the future of the park (I think I've said too much!). Also, I'm trying to veer from the path of family parks this time. That's usually how my parks end up though... Also, here's a new news article to give you some more background info about the park. SCR9.BMP The new thrilling rides promised for July 4th have finished construction and are now testing! SCR10.BMP Guests can already experience the splash bridge, although they seem to be shying away from it during the rain. SCR11.BMP Construction is already starting on rides for next year! Six Flags is really on top of things. SCR12.BMP This will be the stage for a Jungle based live show next year. SCR13.BMP What could fit in that huge gaping space?
  9. ^ Are you sure? I think it's just a trim because I'm not sure a train could make it past the MCBR with no velocity and not valley. Also, Mantis is my new favorite ride for wait time. It dropped behind Magnum after I walked on Mantis 5 times in a row.
  10. SCR1.BMP An overview of the park SCR2.BMP The park's flagship PTC coaster, Lightning Bolt. SCR3.BMP A close look at the drop and extreme airtime hills. SCR4.BMP The turnaround followed by a quick double-down. SCR5.BMP A quick look at some of the flats. They're quite dated, as the old park stopped expanding in 1982. SCR6.BMP This Zamperla Mad Mouse, however, was just recently put in by the new owners as an incentive to return to the park. SCR7.BMP The right side of the park has some of the newer rides, and is much more popular... SCR8.BMP ...and this should continue as newer rides are being put in.
  11. How'd you know? Actually, Blue Streak isn't that bad. I ride back seat everytime and I rarely feel roughness. Maybe that's because it has more airtime than Millennium Force and that's all I'm focused on...
  12. Did anyone kill themselves when the refs made the crappy goal call? I almost did. Anyways, looks like everyone and the back of the bus had a great time! The photos are pretty nice and show how AWESOME TPR events are. I'd really love to come to one sometime.
  13. ^ I'd assume so. It's been down for two months! There are limits between acceptable downtime for a new ride and the ride not being rideable for a while. I don't want to overeact like the people from Point Buzz, but this is getting out of hand.
  14. ^ Skyhawk is definitely more reliable than MaxAir, but I still like MaxAir better. HUSS FTW! So are the rumors about STR opening this weekend true, or am I just getting messed with? I really want it to be open by July so I can ride it with my brother (he'll most likely never ride it if it's not open; he's a Marine). BTW, who's going to ERT tonight?
  15. ^ Wait, so it's still gonna be all-white? Ugh, makes me want to gouge my eyes out with a spork. Oh, since I already rode Raptor, could I count this as a credit too?
  16. ^ 4th of July? You're screwed. If you really want to ride it, have fun waiting in a 1 to 1.5 hour line. Well this brings an end to all my STR jokes. "Huh, this store isn't open. It must be made by Intamin."
  17. My friend told me about the quake, so it must have been felt somewhere near Cleveland, which is around where I live. I doubt anything happened to WWK or CP, though.
  18. ^ isn't as important as ^^. If only they take the trims off... but lapbars are good anyways. It'll still make the ride better. And I was afraid I'd start a huge arguement with MF vs. I-305. Sorry guys!
  19. Yes! The B&M takeover is coming into fruition! Anyways, what's your guys' opinions on Intimidator 305 vs. Millennium Force? I'm thinking of making a trip to KD, but I want to know if it'll be worth it.
  20. ^ If you're getting in early, go from Raptor to Millennium to Maverick. Then *BAM* you're at the back of the park. I don't think early entry crowds are that bad that you need to park near Magnum. Although if you go around Perimeter Road, you can great coaster shots (Blue Streak at night is crazy).
  21. I would really love to go, but I live six hours away and I don't think any of my parents would be willing to jump on that. However, my brother might be willing to take me if I pay for him (I currently have $27). I won't vote in the poll, but I'm a maybe.
  22. I wouldn't be so sure. There are markings all the time on our street just for maitenence. But now I have an urge to go to Cedar Point and ride Mantis all day. I must break 45!
  23. I've heard some hopes of putting floorless trains on Mantis at CP. Do you think maybe they'll do that with Chang?
  24. Big Dipper - Geauga Lake (1925). Great ride; gone now. (Well, it's SBNO, but who knows where it'll end up). CCMR at Cedar Point is my oldest steelie (1969). It's a shame that it's really bad.
  25. ^ Thanks, but I already went. Got myself a Raptor mug and a Mantits buttom for $6. Speaking of today, I saw some interesting things. First of all, I saw the markings near Ocean Motion, and they were red, orange, green, and blue. Also, I saw the Mean Streak trains on the transfer track. Maybe they were testing the green train? I also did five consecutive rides on the Mantits. Oh, and Hot Summer Lights isn't very good, although the intro with Boston is amazing!
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