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  1. Personally, I don't think Mega Piranha can live up to this: I'll be there though. SyFy + Mega Animals = KICKASS!!!
  2. Nice TR! A lot of B&M's though... I'm happy. Also of note: One time I called Rip Ride Rocket "Rip RED Rocket". It was SO funny, like, 2 people laughed.
  3. ^^ We did rollercoasters in math class, although it wasn't physics related. My friend and I were the only ones that knew what "airtime" was. This is pretty cool! I knew how to find acceleration, but not g's. The graphs make total sense. You can even see the top-hat on Stealth's graph. I'd love to do something like this.
  4. If only we could get Mean Streak off the map... Anyways, what do you guys think will replace it? There'll probably be a LOT of space, considering SoB was a hyper.
  5. We have had an occasion on our street where someone had to take down a treehouse because it was "dangerous" (more like bitchy neighbors). I don't think my 16 inch "roller coaster" will get taken down though. By the way, I'm looking into a full circuit log flume. Stay tuned...
  6. Nice TR! It actually gives pictures of rides that AREN'T Intimidator! I was planning on going this week, but that fell through. Also, those were some pretty nice shots of Anaconda.
  7. I like what Cedar Fair is doind to add to the coaster count of non-Cedar Point parks. Last year was Diamondback, and we get the Intimidators this year. The Point won't be top-dog anymore, but the other parks will start to thrive. Anyways, is 305 really that good? It's been getting amazing reviews, so I just wanna know how it stacks up against Millennium.
  8. Boob flume on the moon could happen! I mean, they've found water, haven't they? Also, being on the moon wouldn't make a Vekoma any better. On the other hand, you'd have an INSANE amount of airtime if you rode a B&M Hyper.
  9. It's finished! The coaster itself is relatively small and more like a ramp than anything else, but it's fun to have in my backyard. Pics! The whole thing. First drop closeup. NOTICE the unsturdy supports. This doesn't show both hills, but it's still cool! Nerd shot! Looks kind of weird though... That's it! I'll update it if I start a new one.
  10. I don't really have one. I have a TINY coaster count at 32, and most stuff I've been on is pretty good. I'm not gonna count TTD because it gets bashed so much it's not even worth it. Also, MF was a little rough for me the past year. I'm not seeing where people think it's smooth...
  11. I gotta give this one to Raptor, mostly because I've only ridden 3 other ineverts, one of which was a Vekoma. B&M is definately creaming the competition, and rightfully so! After all, they did invent the inverted coaster (I am a B&M fanboy though...).
  12. I'd try to keep myself busy and entertained. If you have an iTouch and they let you bring it on, stock up the night before on games and such. Those are my tips
  13. ^ It's the only place I've seen them, but you never know. Anyways, this looks pretty cool. I think someone already said this, but this will be major publicity just for Cyclone alone. It should get the attention it deserves, considering it was the basis of a lot of wooden coasters.
  14. Yeah, I got that idea too. I changed up the design a bit though. It's smaller, but it's also smooth and rideable even without supports (which will be added for extra stability). Pics by the end of the weekend probably.
  15. Whenever my mom asks me a question. That's when I geek out. If she asks me who made a ride, I answer and precede to name all similar coasters, new coasters, and other coasters in the park made by them. I also stole a washer that I found on Cedar Creek Mine Ride. GEEK OUT!
  16. The coaster is called The Fatality; people should know what to expect. But at least TH13TEEN has the "insurance" for when you ride it. Anyways, I'm running into a bit of trouble. I'm going to finish the first drop tomorrow, then put the project on hold for a week (I need to save my money for a Club TPR membership). I'll post some pics in a bit
  17. Grades in school. I hate when dumbasses brag about how they got an "A+" just because they filled in wrong answers on their homework to get it done, and then flunked the test. They just get so much homework that the homework becomes the grade. Test grades aren't worth enough. I'm known by everyone as one of the smarter kids in school (honors, ace like 95% of my tests), yet I still have C's just because I forgot to do a couple of homework assignments. Grades in NO WAY reflect any measure of intelligence. At ALL.
  18. 1 more day until Club TPR launches! (inb4 Ledgy, except my animation sucks)
  19. ^ Hay is for Donkeys < Hay is for mazes v Hey!
  20. Oh, another question. Do you think there will be regional versions in years to come? Say, the East Coast and Midwest for $30? I know the value would probably suffer, but it's a good idea or those who usually don't go out of state and stuff.
  21. Hey guys! I recently decided to make a mini-coaster in my backyard (to show my parents I can do so). I've started a bit of it, and I decided to post a topic about it to see what you guys think and to keep me on this project (innuendo). I'm running into a bit of problems at the moment, but I'm half done with the first hill (45 degrees!). Here are some pictures: Not very impressive right now, but some stuff is yet to come. If you have any questions or want nerd shots of any certain parts, feel free to ask!
  22. That's what I was getting to. The only Intamins I've ever ridden are are Cedar Point, and Cedar Point NEEDS to be the best. Really pumped to ride Volcano: TBC, though. Might change my opinion. Also, I completely forgot about Arrow! They probably come in third. All their coasters are just classics now, and they usually have a really small wait time (Vortex was kind of in between). And Mine Ride somehow never disappoints.
  23. B&M. It's got the loops and twists that I love, with a little bit of airtime too on some coasters. I still don't know why I like the Mantis so much though... Intamin is also good too, and Maverick is awesome, but most of their coasters I've ridden just go for biggest and fastest, which doesn't mean best. Besides the Maverick, they have one other awesome coaster. JR. GEMINI!
  24. Wow, this off-season put me so much out of things! STR looks great, and it will definitely stop all the "Dick Kinzel SUXX!!1" comments on the YouTube videos. Flume are kind of like the coaster's cousin too, and this will probably be good filler between the coasters that Cedar Point can't get fast enough. And I'll finally be able to ride a wet ride at CP without getting totally soaked.
  25. At this hotel that's really close to me, they have an NBA pinball machine. It's really cool except it's a Bally which means you can't control the plunger. This also this other game that's like a pinball machine, but it's more like table baseball. You're supposed to win baseball cards, but I never got that to work.
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