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  1. ^ To answer your question, trims! ^^ I wish I rode Grizzly at night, but I left early. People say the Beast is faster at night, is Grizzly's tunraround faster? Also, people are saying they would prefer a B&M because of reliability. Trust me, I'm with them. I lost my Volcano credit because it broke down.
  2. ^^ Based on how the ride looks, either wind speed or extreme stress. It also looks like it needs a counterweight.
  3. SCR1.BMP The grand entrance. Lightning Bolt towers over the guests. SCR2.BMP The disappointing back-country. The gimmick was an untamed and rugged section of the park. A couple benches and less pavement would've been nice though. The best part was saving the classic rides for younger generations. SCR3.BMP More scenery on the main midway. It looks really nice. I could expect new rides coming here in the future... SCR4.BMP Shipwreck Falls finally got a much needed service catwalk for mechanics to get to the exit. It also has the best queue in the park. Complete with waterfalls! SCR5.BMP Random flats. Some scenery. SCR6.BMP The all-new Roadrunner's Desert race. The queue coverings look kind of awkward, but at least it has them! SCR7.BMP The also new Gotham city. Complete with Batman: The Ride, a B&M flyer... SCR8.BMP Gotham Cargo, an Intamin Looping Starship... SCR9.BMP and Sno-Cone, a Chance Snow Cups themed to Mr. Freeze. It even has its own popsicle stand, Mr. Freeze's Chillers.
  4. ^ I wouldn't know. Maybe they're just taking out the gum trees (wouldn't surprise me, it's borderline disgusting). Got any pics?
  5. ^ Oops. I should stop taking risks like that just for 3 pictures.
  6. ^ That's also how they stay competitive. B&M can observe mistakes made by the pioneer company and perfect it to present and idea with great reliability that makes a great long term investment. I'm a B&M fanboy until the end of time.
  7. I'll cut the talking and go straight to the pictures. If you want it read it though, there's a small written TR on this page: http://themeparkreview.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=2&t=54210&start=4770 Obligatory sideways picture that veered off to the side! The reason I came. Intimidator! It was great and definitely in my top 3. I just hated when people said "I've been Intimidated" while coming off the ride. I have a love/hate relationship with Huss. I love their rides because they're intense, but I hate them because they hurt my nuts. Anaconda beat me up a bit, but it also gave me a SOLO RIDE! NOTED! I love you giant Coke bottle. Let me give you a lick... An acceptable amount of wetness. It's approved by Dan! (FYI- That's my name) Mmm... nice curves baby! Coincidentally, the cobra is one of my favorite type of snakes. I also like vipers and pythons. BIG loop with original paint THROUGH THE TREES! Sideways again! It was hot out and I was really tired. I got about 4 hours of sleep. These are what elevators look like. Don't worry, the cable will snap! It's an Intamin! I finally got my last credit from Geauga Lake. It's probably the best one there too. Obligatory photo #2. I'm just going to say it: I didn't think Hurler was that bad. That's my honest opinion. I did it for the credit. It was the worst roller coaster I've ever ridden. It did have an intense loop and standing airtime though. Sadly, there was no airtime here. But I did regain vision on that hill. There was some floater airtime here. Intense twisties! Me on the Flyers. It was intense, but it didn't snap. That's it! Thanks for reading.
  8. No, it's that Volcano's boats were too big for the track. (How come Xcelerator only gets mentioned as an Intamin screwup? What about STR?)
  9. Yeah, that was a big bummer. I was anticipating those two so much. It's kind of weird that three people went on the same day though. Onto my experience. I started off with I305 and the first thing I thought was #1. It was great and more intense than MF even WITH trims. I also got a solo front seat ride on Anaconda. It was so weird being the only ones on the ride. I then went to Volcano, got in line, and neared the front only to hear it CLOSE DOWN. :C All in all though, I had a great day. Rebel Yell was disappointingly bumpy in the back seat, and I don't wanna talk about Shockwave, but otherwise it was great and I look forward to revisiting. It's kind of weird three people went on the same random day though...
  10. ^ That's why I get the kids cup. Same design at EVERY CF park! But anyways, I will be visiting KD tomorrow and I want to know how I can get the good coasters in with some flats too. We'll be there from open until 7. Thanks!
  11. Snacks with cheese dust. Yep, that means Cheetos, Doritos, Cheese Puffs, and other snacks of the sort. I got dared to eat one and I almost threw up. I can stand Goldfish though.
  12. I, and the rest of my state, hate Lebron James. Hilariously, though, his Fatheads now cost 17.41, the year Benedict Arnold was born.
  13. Atlanta Zoo by Gucci! Just kidding. All-o-Gistics by the Descendents.
  14. Yes I will. There is not a cup fetish. That's gross! Why would I be turned on by a ding-a-ling protector? Do you have a B&M fetish?
  15. I love cliff jumping! I just went with my friends to Nelson's Ledges (near GL's Wildwater Kingdom) the other day. Did my first dive! I'm going again this summer; I'll get pictures. About Nelson's though; it used to be a quarry. Now they filled it with water from a spring and it's a HUGE lake. There are some really cool caves next to it too. I HIGHLY reccomend going if you're in the area.
  16. At Cedar Point, 9 out of 10 times this happens because of groups wanting to ride on the same train. The "waiting" group will usually ask another group to cut them though. I have heard some ride ops saying, "Hey there are (x) seats open if you want to ride right now." They should really enforce this better, because I and many others have taken advantage of this.
  17. ^ How about "Cedar Point's new woodie" contest. I'd love to see that go down! I'm really excited to see the judging for these coasters go down. They're all so different!
  18. ^ I doubt it. Although Cedar Point has been known to take risks in the past, retracking Mean Streak before TG is even done would seem unlikely. Plus, judging by the walk-on wait everytime I go, NO ONE (except me) wants anything to do with Mean Streak. And there's nothing more beautiful than a twisty new beachside woodie!
  19. And now presenting, the world's biggest helix! No, I'm just joking. If I may make a recommendation though, DON'T bank the turn exactly 90 degrees. Make it a little less so you can take some of the vertical G's away and add some laterals. You can probably safely hit 3.5 vert and 1.1 lat. I don't really know though.
  20. ^ Plus, that area is usually overlooked. WT has been walk-on for me all year! Being so close to the front I thought it'd be more popular. Now with that question answered, will it be TGG, GCI, or Intamin? Or will they invest the money to put Josh Cribbs' face on the "WITNESS" sign? I say GCI though. As MUCH as I'd love a Grav Group.
  21. ^ Plus, Mean Streak is freaking huge. You could probably fit a coaster AND some flats in the space its footprint takes up. Still, I <3 MS. Anyone else here have any good Mean Streak rides lately?
  22. This makes my inner TGG fanboy cry. For such a small coaster, it looked like it was booking the whole time, even through the triple up. Speaking of which, holy crap! A triple up!
  23. Ok, so I may be going on a trip to Wilmington, NC sometime next week and I need some info: 1. Will it be packed, say, on July 14th? How are the lines this time of year. 2. I'm from Cleveland, so will it be worth an extra three hours in addition to the 10 hour drive? Especially in the case of my mom? 3. I know it's near Charlotte, so how could I plan a day with Carowinds and sightseeing?
  24. This. It's kind of weird; I predicted something like this when my friend and I were talking about this coaster. Still though, this looks sick! From my experience on Gemini, I could tell this would be a very exciting element on a coaster in the U.S.
  25. ^ And, starting now, pine trees too. I've changed some of the positions of the rides from last time, and added some theming (including a Wild West area). In the "off season", the park will be getting a huge overhaul as it transforms to Six Flags Over Lake Erie. Rides will be put in, buildings will be put up, and some rides may be branded. Onto pictures! SCR14.BMP The "classic" part of the park. Some rides have gone into storage. SCR15.BMP Bumpers and Shipwreck Falls have opened without a hitch, but the real surprise is... SCR16.BMP The Wild West town! Here's Pony Express and The Dust Bowl, a Huss Top Spin. SCR17.BMP The Showdown is a classic western show involving Sheriffs and Outlaws. SCR18.BMP We part you with this shot of Hangman's Escape.
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