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  1. ^ But that's based on opinions, not facts. If you say you have the "best everything" people may agree or disagree. You can't argue who has more coasters though. That's a fact, and if Cedar Point disagreed then they'd be sued for false advertising. Seriously though, I don't even listen to the insane claims parks make anymore.
  2. Voted today like always. It's pretty cool to see how many people are behind this considering how many other causes are up for $50,000. I'll continue to vote until it wins.
  3. GG is like two minutes away! Seriously, I could see a nice Gravity Group coaster going there. One that'd maybe take a third or fourth spot in MH's coaster poll.
  4. It's a great coaster. I was actually expecting a wing rider, but that is good too. My only problem is that a 60 mph hill with that banking couldn't be taken a 90 mph without EXTREME negative g's. I'd suggest something around 75. Still, your coasters and your parks are parks are awesome.
  5. CP has more international workers than most of the other parks I've been to. And it's kind of weird because I heard a restraint checker speaking perfect English on Troika while the person giving the safety spiel had a noticeable accent.
  6. ^ They already have a ride named Cheetah Chase, sorry. I'd guess it'd be themed to gazelles if anything.
  7. Nice TR and POVs! I liked the Wild Thing POV a lot. Now I really want some milk though. That Raineer picture was quite pretty, especially with the random truck in front.
  8. You got fooled by the question mark part! I didn't intend to phrase it like that. SCR13.BMP "Thrill Central" SCR14.BMPIt houses Boomerang, Ring o Fire, and Utter Chaos. SCR15.BMPAnother look at the rides. SCR16.BMPThere's also a coffee shop, hot dog stand, and Skee-Ball machines inside. I might take the Skee-Ball machines out. And do you think the Ring of Fire is too similar to a swinging inverter ship?
  9. I voted! And while doing so, the page warmly greeted me by saying, "Hi Thugnificent"
  10. In defense, Super Himalaya has a relativly short program. I don't know about Dodgems program, but I've had somewhat violent crashes on similar bumper cars (I can't wait to ride the Knoebels bumper cars!) Also, Woodstock is a four because of its awesome roller skater powers. Seriously, it's not a bad ride.
  11. Oh graceful and majestic Title Fairy, I have but on request and a story to go along with it. As I laid awake in bed last night pondering my love for B&M, I realised something. My title mentioned the name of the almighty donkey. Although many would be honored to have the word donkey in their title, I was unsettled by this. Why? Because I am not worthy of the almighty donkey. Donkeys have brought nothing but prosperity and joy to people all over the world, and I am but a lowly servent. As devout Jews refuse to say the name of Yahweh, I will not allow myself to say donkey anymore unless I prove my self and make it to the promised donkey land and am perfect in the eyes of the donkeys. So right then and there I knew I had to get my title changed. BTW, because I'm 4' 10", I'd like my new title to be "Smaller than Joey". Thank you, oh powerful and might title fairy.
  12. I always think that is is going to happen to me when I stay at a hotel, but (thankfully) it never does. As funny as this is, it's somewhat good to see Alton doing this. If I were 9, that would scar me for life!
  13. There are a lot of video file transfer programs out there that I'd reccomend for you to get your videos on CoasterTube, just search m2ts to (file type) on Google. Also, threads like these tend to get deleted or locked, so think before you make a new thread in the future.
  14. Magnum @ Cedar Point. You have NO idea when you're about to crest the hill, then WHAM! Ejector air! Beast at KI comes in second, while Anaconda at KD barely has the third spot.
  15. ^^ That must have been the same guy that left the pipe Cavs Fan saw AND the guy that was smoking at Lakeside yesterday (it's near Cedar Point)!
  16. Why would they mess with the .1% of us that think there may be a possibility of a cell phone tower going up next year.
  17. I believe someone was mentioning a new cell phone tower a couple pages back... http://www.cedarpoint.com/public/fun/poll/index.cfm Uh-oh
  18. A wave pool for a water park. Or, at least it looks like that. Too... much... ANTICIPATION!
  19. Just over the 2 days I was there the lines were so strange...I waited longer for Mean Streak than Top Trill Dragster and Maverick and the same amount of time for Millennium Force. My sister said lines were weird like that when she went on Wednesday. It was just due to general package though. And Cavs Fan, it was obvious they were doing the fearsome 17 challenge: ride all the coasters WHILE HIGH. Someone did it for a TV show but it was edited.
  20. Will the "Road to Cedar Point" be a mini trip like the Behomoth trip? I might be able to make this, or at least meet some people at CP if nothing else.
  21. Really, it wouldn't be hard to get a 9 or so, but I prefer realism over ratings. Plus, I'd get bored making billion-foot coasters. Nevertheless, an 11.92 is crazy! SCR15.BMP sneaky peeky
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