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  1. ^ Those have always been there. Try the left hand side of the screen.
  2. Wow! It's like an S&S had a baby with a GCI! It looks like it has tons of airtime, and it has nice pacing.
  3. Top Spins, S&S Towers, and Giant Frisbees. In the less thrilling department, Yo-yos and Flyers are my favorites.
  4. '95 is here! SCR9.BMP An overview of the new ride. SCR10.BMP Drop is more popular, but both sides are great. SCR11.BMP Tower of Power isn't the only ride with a long line today! SCR12.BMP Lightning Bolt was a great ride as usual. SCR13.BMP Batman was awesome too! SCR14.BMP Another nice shot of LB. And, well, something else...
  5. They should make a SyFy 2 where they just play these movies. I wouldn't need any other TV channels. Do you know how much I could save on my TV bill?
  6. Play piano with Pokemon. We would recorda piano version of the theme song, get a Grammy, go to the Grammys, and say "It takes all kinds of fruit to make fruit cup" thus solving a world crisis. Would you rather go to Cedar Point or SFMM?
  7. I think he means the old StR. It looks double tracked according to this map: http://www.themeparkbrochures.net/maps/1980/cp1980.html
  8. ^ Exactly. The one he has is more of a Schwarzkopf. I don't care either way since it's RCT, but something like Sidewinder or Lightning Loops would be more realistic.
  9. As you saw, I started with a grass park. But, as Cavs Fan said, you'd think Arizona would be hot and dry and deserty (for lack of a better word). I will add some grass area near the main midway and near The Dipper. And @ triggelnel, I redesigned the hyper, Thunder Run. It's longer and more exciting (8.20, one of my highest ever!). I knew it looked a little wierd. Pictures in a couple days.
  10. This is a great coaster! The layout is amazing! Seriously, this is amazingly themed and would be a top rollercoaster in real life.
  11. Fixed again. Why did you skip the bouncy-bouncy? WHY?
  12. ^ I presume Cedar Point is under contract. They can't just release information like that. Anyways, I saw the Florida episode the other day. He goes to BGT and they show him riding SheiKra and Montu. It's good, I guess.
  13. Other parts. It seems like it's missing something, I just don't know what. Please comment and critique. SCR1.BMP Overview of new area. SCR2.BMP The Kitchen and The Porch. You order food in the kitchen and eat it on the porch. You can also see The Whip in this picture. SCR3.BMP Sweet Stop and DISorient. SCR4.BMP The interlocking corkscrews of Mojave Viper. High Flyer and Round-Up are in the picture two. SCR5.BMP The rest of the park's floorless, Mojave Viper. SCR6.BMP The midway food shop. I like the fountains and foliage a lot. Also, it's hard to see, but I made Vertigo longer. SCR7.BMP The park's not so grand entrance. SCR8.BMP The park's Arrow double looper modeled after Geauga Lake's "Double Loop".
  14. I'm thinking "world's tallest drop tower" because of the emphisis on BIG. They might also put a bigger Superman or a big american flag on top.
  15. Fixed. That's the third word that I've found filtered! ^Shockwave is still running. I got the credit a couple weeks ago. Also, I think a kid jumped out of the Shockwave restraints of the lift hill. He thought the restraints weren't safe so he jumped onto the walkway.
  16. "Oh my god! The pain!" Rings through my head still today Screw freaking TOGO!
  17. I really hope they close down ERT. I will be within 15 mins of the park for 3 days next week! Plus my mom (as in my ride there) loves Maverick. I can only hope...
  18. About the Fearsome Foursome... It seems Bert got a front of the line pass in the show though. You can tell it's during Halloweekends (pumpkins on MF's sign) and Halloweekends is usually packed. Either way I'd LOVE to try it.
  19. Wow. Not only do you make great coasters but you also hype like Alton Towers (no offence; I'm sure you'll live up to it)! I'm so excited to see this thing take off- figuratively, of course.
  20. Hello again. I've just started on a park called Arizona Thrills. It's in Arizona, and it's thrilling. It's a side project that I'll work on if I'm not doing anything. I've started with the rides and stuff, but I'm nowhere near done with the park, let alone theming. Here are some pictures: SCR2.BMP Tarantula, Good Eats! and Skyscraper. SCR3.BMP Vertigo, Bloons, and Park Services. SCR4.BMP Entrance and station to "The Big One" SCR5.BMP TBO's track. It's a GCI woodie. SCR6.BMP Overview of the park.
  21. Woah, he has his own mountain now? Nice work. It does resemble CP in a way. Especially "Avalanche Rescue" (BTW you spelled "Run" wrong. )
  22. ^^^ It's not an Intamin. It won't sever any feet off! ^^ I won't change it now, but I do feel like this one would've been better: SCR16.BMP Mad Mouse Part Deux ^ Thanks! To you and everyone else!
  23. It'll be fine as long as there aren't any Intamin rocket coasters with trims and OTSRs. This would cause extreme rioting and along with injuries to the face every time the cable snaps.
  24. Guys, he's just saying that because he lives near GADV and probably goes there a lot. It just makes all the other parks seem that much better. Trust me, I could probably talk down about CP and all you guys could probably talk down about your home parks. Let's just let him have his opinion and get it over with.
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