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  1. Wow, this thread exploded! Anyways, I'll put my list up: - First Coaster: Probably Dominator - First new Coaster: Probably Dominator - First Park: Kings Dominion (also first new) - First trip: Maybe Coney Island (OH) and King's Island. - First food: IDK, a burger?
  2. Nice idea for a park! Sometimes I see it hard to stick to a theme, but you're obviously better at RCT than me. I think you should make a B&M flying coaster called the Mothman. That'd be killer! (yes, people still use that word).
  3. While some of us still wait for our home parks open, we can discuss it here! What's gonna be your first park of 2010? First coaster? First jacked-up-price burger? Just post what you're planning for 2010 in here, along with related discussion. ADMIN EDIT: I have gone ahead and updated the thread's title and subtitle to be more descriptive.
  4. Dude, fifty parks? Forty dollars divided by fifty parks... that's 80 cents per promotion! That's a sick deal! Granted I won't make it most places, but that's still a nice price. Just one question: could you still get the membership after March 15th? (That's the day Julius Caeser was assassinated; take that to the bank!)
  5. The title basically says it all. Who's your guys' favorite coaster company, and why? Are there any particular coasters you like by that company? Personally, I like B&M. I think my love for loops kind of gives it to B&M, considering only 2 other coasters at Cedar Point have inversions. From what I've ridden, they're really smooth (lol innuendo) and the non-hypers/divers usually have really detailed turns and stuff. Intamin is good too, but too many of the Intamin coasters at CP are just trying to be record breakers, although Maverick was killer. So... discuss! Also, PLEASE no fan-boyism. That always ruins a good discussion topic.
  6. Hey y'all! The above statement really doesn't make sense because I live in Ohio, but same diff. Anyways, I'm Pingu1651, but you can also call me Pingu1651. I live near Cedar Point (it's ok ;D) and I used to almost be afraid of roller coasters until 3 years ago. Now I can basically do anything no hands. My favorite experience on a coaster was riding Diamondback in the rain/HAIL. Also, as an added bonus, I have Macromedia Flash 8, and I use it to animate and program vidya gaems. See ya gaiz later!
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