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  1. Wow, I almost forgot about Margaritaville. It has been really quiet 'round these parts. This looks like a really nice addition.
  2. Taylor, any time we have visited on Sunday in the early season, we have had no trouble with multiple re-rides on all the coasters including, RIP Volcano.
  3. Huh, kind of odd IMO. Most traditional parks saw games as an extension of marketing and a money maker. IE, Cedar Points "game row", flashy and enticing. However, I do see this for SEAS parks as games seem to be mostly a side thought. IE, BGT where in Pantopia, all the game kiosks just seem to be in the way of passing through to the next ride/attraction. Never really see anyone playing those games. I was never into the games though, with the exception of Fascination ( RIP Fascination at CP) and then for a short time only as rides were awaitin' and times awastin ! Might be a good cash flow gene
  4. This is going to be a year for us "where the wind blows" No specific plans as to where, but where has the best flight prices and deals. We did this this past year and had a blast discovering new places. A lot of that was due to Frontier Airlines and their silly cheap $16 flights. Got to do Six Flags Fiesta Texas, Carowinds, Six Flags Georgia to name a few, all on the cheap and unplanned. In the past, we have had destinations planned. This year, the surprise of Wherever, Whenever, sounds really good. A year of adventure.
  5. That article had to be the worst I have ever seen on the rides at BGT. Who or what ever wrote that needs to never write another review again.
  6. ^^ The pricing seems fair, however, are there a lot of vertically challenged seniors in the area ? I ask , because I see there is a "seniors under 48 inches" rate.
  7. ^ Thanx for the info. I think we will take our chances on this coming weekend as the forecast for both weekends are similar.
  8. Just curious, We are planning on going to the park either next weekend or the following, coming up from Fla. I see both Saturdays are calling for cloudy skies and off/on 40% rain chances. I would prefer to go next weekend but am wondering how their rain policies are? Do they close most rides due to rain or even the whole park ? Never been there and am excited to ride some of the coasters mostly. ( and Monster Mansion of course)
  9. Oh Nooo's. Panic ! Oh Noo's Tonight, while watching the local news here in Fla, the headlines were that "Riders had to be evacuated from new ride failure at Disney" OFFS, it was a stupid video where the riders were walked off their car and down some steps to exit. The ride was back up after the reset.
  10. Around here, that bingo ball rolling game is called " Bingball" and every catholick church festival has a giant tent with Bingball.
  11. Wow has the area changed. Last time I was in Seattle was 93 in early April, a time when not many, if any parks were open other than Cali or Florida. Fun Forest, my first Windstorm coaster and first Huss Top Spin. Sad those are gone, but the new stuff looks pretty cool.
  12. Does anyone know where in the park this is going ? In the old Windstorm location or out by the Ferris Wheel ?
  13. ^ Had a great time. Ran out of time for ZDT's. Next time, as we will definitely be coming back. Great meeting up with you and hopefully we can get to meet Nick too. Let us know when your in our neck of the palm trees.
  14. We went back on Saturday with a stop at the Alamo first. It only took an hour and 15 to get there. Got to the park a bit before the 5pm opening again, but there was a private party going on earlier that day and the park was already packed. Still we got on Bugs again, ( Love this flume) Road Runner, and Batman with very short waits. We did use our single flash pass for a night ride on Iron Rattler. OMG, that thing is insane in the complete darkness. Overall, we were quite impressed with the level of theming of the park AND how freshly washed and freshly painted everything looked. Our only
  15. The Falls. It is a pretty park. Bert playing peek-a-boo Just verifying what Bert says about getting to, and the park. We took a quicky $14. 50 flight on Frontier from Tampa. (CoasterBill would be proud) for a long weekend. Met up with Bert for dinner on Thursday at Baby A's. Dear gawd those margaritas. Everclear? Oy ! Drove to Fiesta from just outside of downtown Austin on a friday during rush hour. But first, hit up Barton Springs in Austin. So nice. Left at 3:20 and still made it to the park before the 5pm opening. It was Bring a Friend Free day but did not get busy until after 7 pm. Fi
  16. Polls and Awards and Best Of Lists. Fun for the info, never took any of them as the absolute, be they Oscars, Emmys or Coasters.
  17. Keep on a riding. My dad who is 85 , and mom, who is 80 got on Cheetah Hunt at BGT. Mom was screaming like a school girl. So much fun. (also rode the wild mouse and were totally bored with it.)
  18. Meh. A walk through of Mary Poppins dress props and moana, a glorified splash pad for the kids. It will look nice , will be okay to see, but does nothing to draw me in.
  19. Traditionally, in the US, the last week of July/first week of August, have always been the high vacation season. It comes as no surprise to me. I, and my family have always avoided the traditional vacay hot spots during those weeks.
  20. I love cotton candy. I am a cotton candy aficionado, an epicurean, a connosseur. But ugh, NO ! That sounds awful.
  21. Just wanted to add, we went on a Sunday in late June and had our longest wait of 20 minutes at dark for Fury. That included down time for a breakdown too. We skipped the Vekoma flyer and Ricochet due to those 2 rides having long waits, but we really didn't mind skipping those 2. Yeah, a mouse and a Vekoma device, been on those at other parks before, would rather ride Fury and Intimidater multiple times over just 1 on either of those 2. Our last 3 rides at closing were for Intimidater, which was basically walk on. I would wait to buy a Fastlane.
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