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  1. ^^ yeah, that whole back section of old town is so dang dead. It needs something more than the current tilt-a-whirl and a kiddie ride. Not that this coaster is a wow, but better than nothing. Hey, it is after all, the location of the removed Windstorm coaster.
  2. Just a quick reminder. If you are planning on going to any of the FunSpot Parks in Florida this year or until June of 2020, this is the weekend to buy your passes. This weekend only, on their anniversary weekend, you can buy a day pass for only 25 bucks ! ( and no hidden fees on the web site to buy) Just bought a bunch of passes for us. Good Deal.
  3. ^ yes, I should have updated my first post on this. It was an electrical problem. Guests experienced it , notified park employees, and must have been serious enough that team members were sent to the hospital to be checked out. According to the park, the problem has been (theoretically) corrected. I want to check the park out this summer, but I'm going to hold off for a few weeks.
  4. ^ I am soo envious of your Blue Streak souvenir. That is so cool and wasn't available a couple of years back when I was there. Loved the report, disapointed tho that there were no pics of their great little tumble bug. It was a highlight for us when we went. To me CLP is a must stop in park if on the way to Waldemeer/ Kennywood. It is an experience one does not forget and have some fun too, for a dirt cheap what's to lose price. ( I say what's to lose figuratively, not literally. )
  5. So this happened today at Volcano Bay. Several Employees were hospitalized after a "technical issue" and the park was closed. Not much other info. Maybe a chlorine trouble? Link, https://www.wfla.com/news/florida/workers-hospitalized-after-technical-issues-at-universals-volcano-bay/2047807088
  6. ^^ I find it would be a bit odd for this to be a dive coaster like Shiekra when Sheikra is just down the road. Unless it would be something way different. Who knows.
  7. My advice for Twister, pick a seat near the front. It is much less jarring than the rear of the train. Loved the front, wasn't as crazy about the later half of the train.
  8. It is best to call your CC company and/or your bank for atm/CC cards to let them know you will be out of the country. My story as to why. I was in Key West, at dinner, and my card was declined. WTF, I live in Florida! Called the bank who said it looked suspicious as I had never used it in Key West. Fine, now you know it was me, but was told , as this was late on a Friday, the card would not be re-activated until Monday morning ! I was not a happy camper to say the least. The next trip was to Puerto Rico, and while it too is in the USA, I was not taking any chances. I called first. My advice,
  9. ^^ Now, now. Riding the BigAppleManhattaCoasterExpressatNewYorkNewYork is a Vegas experience not to be missed. One cannot travel all the way to Vegas and not ride the horrifying experience that is that coaster. Like others have said, the best part of the ride is the lift hill. I knew of it's reputation, but it just beckons, and teases one to the point that you relent and are lured into its magical charms, er harms. Other than that, I agree with you, go to anycity USA and hit the local gastropub for a good time.
  10. ^ Skywheel, as in double ferris wheel ? There are about 4 left, I have heard. One carnival company only sets theirs up upon special request anymore. I rode the one at the Strawberry Festival in Plant City, Fla this past February. Still a lot of fun, especially the "airtime" when you go over the full rotating top. (tummy tickles)
  11. ^ yep, that's Cedar Point. We were told by some CP employees at 9:50 pm, when we finally saw TTD cycling on a lone ride with 2 employees on Gemini. We said aw, too bad they tested TTD so late at night and we can't get on. They looked at us and said, "this is Cedar Point, if it's testing, it will be up soon, get in line". We did and got 2 rides in by 10:15. Thought that was it for the night, bit on a lark, ran back around to the entrance and they were still letting people in, barely, they closed the line just after at 10:20. We were in about a 15 minute line. Waited and were 2 trains away
  12. A bad Juju name, DO NOT EVER name your kid after a certain down under coaster, Orphan Rocker.
  13. Wow, a lot of work has been/is being done. Must be a bunch of dedicated people there. Looking good. It's been about 6 years since we have been there and being a super fan of retro parks, it's time to hit up all those PA parks again. ( plus, the price, gawds that is fantastic)
  14. ^ Call me odd ( ! ) but I have done the swings in Orlando and was fine with it. A bit unnerving, but overall quite pleasant. However, All the Cedar Fair Windseekers I have been on freak me out. I am not sure what it is, maybe on Windseekers I can feel myself sliding in the seat, and at 300 feet, shivers. ( and their early record of breakdowns, that high up, evac equipment nearby, ugh) Where as on the swings with chains my butt stays firmly planted , I dunno.
  15. ^^There's just something about Conneaut and a ride named "HellHole". Gawds I love that park.
  16. ^ Yeah it was really unexpected as the loop recording of tech difficulty was going on after 10 minutes and then suddenly dropping. Kind of a roll back moment. Precious memories.
  17. Oh, and for those wondering, yes, there is a crane moving about on the remnants of Gwazi. There is also several piles of purple RMC track placed around Gwazi. Not enough going on yet to warrant any pics yet. I didn't have a camera, but 1 in our party did, tho they only took pics of animally thngs. Busch birds doing Busch bird stuff. More birds doing more birdy stuff. Sadly no Wallaby pics. (my fave)
  18. So a mini TR from this past Tuesday. We had friends in from out of town and they wanted to do the park. Great timing as right now you can buy tickets, no restrictions, for half price until June 6. ( yes, it is off season here) Got to the park about 20 minutes after opening, went to Cheetah Hunt, posted 20 minute wait. Wow. Um, it was even less, running only one load station, 2 trains. Next went to Cobras Curse expecting a line similar, but were greeted with a posted 5 minute wait time. Um, again way less. Walk on. I had never ridden. My take, fun and weird. I knew the layout and all, but was
  19. Never been to this park, not a high priority, probably never will, but I know it's been said, many times, many ways, I love coming to this thread just for the amusement. Best amusement not in a park?
  20. Impressive. That tunnel looks very professional and fancy for Conneaut. Nice to see things are looking up for the park. I'll have to make a stop there this summer.
  21. Oy, all this talk of beer. Let's not forget, they have wines, plenty of them. We generally, are wine drinkers, so it came as a nice surprise that there is a place in the France section that does wine tastings. And the bonus was, you could buy a bottle ( for as little as $20) have them uncork it and take it with you around the park. We found a nice table outside by the festy house with a view of a bunch of coasters, had lunch and wine. Perfection IMO. There were quite a few people that came up to us to ask where we got the wine.
  22. Ugh, those names. Looks like a nice little waterpark, but ugh, the slide names.
  23. Surprise ! Guess what is open ? 2 days early. (okay, if you are a pass holder) https://www.wfla.com/news/hillsborough-county/tigris-florida-s-tallest-launch-coaster-opening-this-month-at-busch-gardens/1899895275
  24. Watched the video and I must say, I love it. I can see a lot of people walking out of the ride in a daze, not knowing what just happened. It looks too fun. Trippy and so far beyond what a park would normally ever think of doing. Looks like a winner.
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