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  1. Nooooo, OMG they are giving Millennium Force the Volcano treatment !
  2. I just figure it's a fact of life, prices go up every year for everything. From Mickey D's to cars and on and on. The increases at Knoebels seem pretty easy to take, not too steep and still well worth the price.
  3. ^^ Thank you Danrarbc, even though it wasn't such a subtle dog whistle.
  4. ^ Yes CB at first it does seem insane to close a water ride in Floriduh in August, but, when they are doing this makes sense from the parks' POV. Schools are back in session here and the park is totally dead during that time. I mean really dead, as in the parking lot for disabled and premium passers is open to the general public. (or used to be) If you go at that time, it is a very odd experience as you feel like you have the entire park to yourself. It can actually be kind of spooky how dead it can be.
  5. ^ Yep, was going to mention the Y off I Drive but wasn't sure if it would be well received here. Like you said, it's close and a really good facility.
  6. Capsfan, I guess it boils down to priorities. I go to the parks for the rides, and smaller lines always makes it for me. But I guess, if you really have to have all the dippy dot stands open..... I can get dippy dots at my local mall, I can't get good rides at the mall. Sorry to be so snarky, but c'mon now.
  7. Helpful hint. We do this and it works for us. Get the early entry. If you get there early enough you can get on the skyride and Scorpion before the "Shutdown" We didn't do the show/food in the big hall but instead chose to do a few rides with little or no wait. Head to the front of the park when the houses open as these will fill up fast and work towards the back of the park. You will be able to hit all the houses early with very little waits and then have time to ride all night long with very little waits. The ride lines later in the eve are very short as most people are going for the haunts.
  8. ^ The mountain most likely will come down also. It is 40 years old and was looking a bit rough for the past few years.
  9. Ooh, new update. Big headline on local news, got excited, then read the article. Well, at least we know how tall NewGwazi will be. https://www.wfla.com/news/hillsborough-county/updated-busch-gardens-coaster-to-be-steepest-fastest-wooden-hybrid-in-world/1846158059 ( okay, I'll be nice, GnuGwazi has been approved by the FAA for 210 feet.)
  10. Way O/T but concerning turkey legs. Can the industry please find some other food fad? They had their run. But, I rarely see people eating those things anymore, at fairs, carnivals , and even the parks. Gawd those things are an abomination. Went to the State fair and Strawberry Fest here in Fla and while I saw piles upon piles of turkey legs, nary a soul was indulging. (end rant)
  11. ^ All those trees are definitely going to add to the mystery and excitement as to what is around the bend. Like hiking in a deep forest awaiting what's up ahead. The fear, or joy, of not knowing in other words. Can't wait.
  12. ^ hey PK. serious beer drinkers will go to great lengths to save a few bucks ! 5 bucks a refill, yeah, I'm cool with that. Seriously though, after reading the terms, the steins are kept in your own personal cabinet at the Waterway Grill Bar.
  13. Now lets get real here. How about 2 new lands from 2 of the most popular games! Farmville! Rides themed to veggies and fruits. A restaurant and bar themed to serve only the freshest fruits and veggies. 87.376 million monthly users, per wiki.Think of the fresh strawberry margaritas ! Yum. Next up is the new kids area, Candy Crush land ! Kids, ride all your favorite rides like, Skittle challenge, jelly bean bump,restrooms themed to look like tootsie rolls. to name a few. Kids can pig out at the new all u can eat candy buffet ! 293 million monthly users ! (per wiki 2017) WOW think of all
  14. If you are a budget conscious person, ( read, really really super super cheap skate) there is always 2nd Sundays. Wristbands are half price. A whopping 5 bucks ! Even at full price, 10 bucks, it is a must go to place if you're nearby. It will be an unforgettable experience, trust me.
  15. ^ The best accidental theming of any park in the world. The park has excelled, no where else will you find this level of theming. ( BTW, I did enjoy the park, scars and all, and will go back)
  16. Bacon Pretzels by Falcons Fury. Pure heaven. Also, feeding and mingling with the Kangaroos and Wallabies is a whole lotta fun! If the Crown Colony, (or whatever it's called now) has the buffet open, go for it. It is usually only open seasonally , and being spring break, it might be open.
  17. Gwazi was bipolar. It turned to the right and left out of the station.
  18. ^ and ^^ The most fun was going home and stopping at all the produce stands. ( well, besides the Skywheel, which ran a really good terrorizing program) The key to getting the cheap and oh so good fruits and veggies, in season, are to go away from the fair. Strawberries go for 7 bucks near and 4 bucks a mile away for half flats. We stopped at so many produce stands on the way home and now have a fridge overflowing with yummies. I love this time of year in La Florida !
  19. Okay, this has me stoked. Never been to Carowinds, but this, combined with Fury , has convinced me I need to plan a trip there. Never had much desire to make a special trip there before. The park has really upped their game in recent years.
  20. Hey Mr Jedi, don't tell me you missed the best ride at the fest ! The Sky Wheel ! We went on monday, beautiful weather. Got an early ride on the wheel and tried for a evening ride to see all the lights on the midway. The lines were long but we stuck with it. We were the next in line to be seated when the operator emptied all the seats and didn't refill with riders. The guy in the control booth climbed all around the structure where there were motors and sniffed each one, then banged on each one. Yes Sniffed. He came down from the structure and said, "meh, it'll be at least 15 minutes before sh
  21. ^ Don't worry. You are going to have a blast even though the next coaster is not ready. BGT is really a cool place that is all about the experience of the moment. Not of the future, but what is there will wow you, and will keep calling you back like a mythological Siren. It has for me and I live here.
  22. Last time I had any really good food at the point , other than Bernardi's Fries until the late 70's, was years ago at a place called Spiral Burgers. Flame broiled and big and oh so good. They were located between the Space Spiral and Jumbo Jet, and even before Jumbo was there. That was way back when CP still had some independent food stands. Now for some history lesson time. To the person a while back who was surprised the Point had a Flying Coaster, aka Kangaroo, yes, they did. CP also had another fave of mine called Twister. Twister was a tilt a whirl type ride with only one hill up and dow
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