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  1. One thing I think most people forget when talking about a new flume, dark ride or woodie, is capacity issues at the Point. Any ride would have to have a high capacity per hour. A dark ride like Boo Blasters would just not work. Something along the lines of a continuous loading system, ala Disney's Haunted Mansion may work much better. Capacity is a factor, I'm sure, at the Point. It's something that weighs heavy for any new ride there.
  2. ^ Kangaroo, aka Flying Coaster was my favorite ride as a kid at Euclid Beach, Geauga Lake AND Cedar Point ! When I rode it 2 years ago at KW, it brought back all those memories. I was howling with laughter. So Much Fun !
  3. Just an interesting observation. Anyone notice the difference in the direction the ride travels? US Kangaroo, counterclockwise. European, clockwise. I know this may be common knowledge for park fans, but the post pics above from across the pond look a bit odd compared to what I'm used to.
  4. I tend to think of it this way. I don't get the obsession with bingo or casinos. But, If a bingo hall, a casino, and a pinball machine all had a one night tryst, The resulting love child would be..... Fascination! It's a fun little game, with bonus oddball prizes. Anyone remember Cedar Point's cool Fascination area ? From 1955 til sometime in the early 2000's.
  5. Went to opening day of the Florida State Fair last Thursday and found this little gem. Reminded me of Knoebels for some reason. Yeah, can't wait to get back to Knoebels, but this will tide me over during their off season.
  6. ^ I don't get the adult part. It looks like the characters for the kids to me. What am I missing ?
  7. Thanks for the link Samuel. Fun to see the park and people back then. ( lordy, those hair styles !) Huge video cameras, no cell phones, and things getting "slippy" after the rain.
  8. At first glance, it looked a little Mickey D's to me. Upon reading though, and knowing Jose Andres is behind this, it's looking and sounding a whole lot better. The food alone should be worth it.
  9. Nice seeing the park all tucked in for a long winters nap.
  10. Yes! Bat-n-Rouge. Been there, it's hilarious. It's been going on for well over 30 years.
  11. Those pics are great. I can't imagine an undertaking such as this. The whole project, and park for that matter, seems insurmountable. That's dedication.
  12. Nice to see an up close view of the updated construction. We drove by last weekend just to see the progress, and boy is it impressive. Thanks Robb.
  13. Nice shout out to Jungala. I love that whole structure mess to climb on/in around. It's the best place to get up very close to the Vampire Bats. . I don't care if I'm an old geezer ( to the kids anyway) Climbing around Jungala is just a lot of fun, and a workout too. It is so big that it's never really crowded up in there.
  14. This one, the one in the back. Gawds I love this coaster. Followed closely by this one.
  15. ^ I think many people have childhood memories of that toboggan at Conneaut, right there in that exact spot, in that exact position for many many years.
  16. Had fun reading through your TR. Too bad you couldn't make it to the Carousel Museum. I went in the late 90's and it was quite nice. Maybe next time you're in the area? Also worth checking out and riding, if you're in Cleveland, is the Euclid Beach Grand Carousel at the Western Reserve Historical Society. It is PTC # 19 from 1910 and a beauty at that.
  17. We have been putting off our little visit this summer waiting for the Falls to open. Next Friday, here we come ! We haven't been since Mako opened, the real reason for going. The Falls now open is just icing on the cake. Well, that and the fact that it is still in the 90's makes a bit of cooling attractive. (and of course, hitting up Fun Spot Kissimee the night before for a few/many rides on Mine Blower.)
  18. Well that's good news. I have plans to go to Sea World on the 12th. With the heat we have been having here, I'm looking forward to it.
  19. ^ Stay hydrated. The heat here has been brutal this year. Hottest Sept. on record, and forecasters are saying there's more heat to come into October. Avg high for sept has been 94 this year.
  20. I know it's been said, but don't forget to try the mundane looking rides. The park really does a good job of running rides as they were intended. An example, their Wipe-Out. It runs full tilt, at a good clip, both forwards and backwards, and a long cycle. Normally I skip Trabant style rides, but there was no line, hopped on and was quite surprised with this one.
  21. Just an added thought. Why not try either of these 2 parks to break up your drive back north. Lake Winnie in the tenn/ga border, off I 75, or if driving up I-77, stopping in at Camden Park in WV ? Both are just a quick side trip and are cheap to spend a few hours. Not the big mega parks, but a fun stop to stretch your legs and get some amusement park history credits.
  22. Just caught up on this and, oh my. I am so disheartened to hear of this. Brings a tear to my eye. It sounds like you had something really special. Hope you get back those lost pics. Memories are the best tribute to someone and after seeing so many of your reports, there's a lot of good ones.
  23. A disheartening story at BGT last night. A man was struck by a bullet from some idiot with a gun, outside the park, shooting the gun into the air during "celebratory" gun shooting on the 4th. The person struck was kept overnight in the hospital for observation. It's doubtful police will catch the irresponsible gun freak. Story link, http://www.baynews9.com/fl/tampa/news/2018/07/05/police--man-struck-by-celebratory-gunfire-at-busch-gardens
  24. Just to chime in, the Super 8, Danville, yeah, it's the place to stay.
  25. I'm loving the Alien Swirling Saucers. It looks like a modern crossed version of 2 classics, the Cuddle Up and whip rides.
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