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  1. That Polar Coaster just looks sooooo cute and fun. Actually, the whole park does. There looks to be some unique spins on rides.
  2. ^ I always find it odd when people tell the world when they are going to have sex. That said, good luck. Is it appropriate to say "have fun?"
  3. ^ My advice, if you are a first timer and have any fear of the height, take a partner on with you. My first time was at the 250' one at FunSpot. By the time we were half way up, rigor mortis had set in me. I could not move, not even an eyeblink. Thankfully, my partner had control of the cord. It was one terrifying trip. I am glad I did it, now I know, but, would I do it again? Oh Hell NO !
  4. Just saw an article locally that H2O Live at Margaritaville in Orlando is having a one day $28 sale on Sunday July 28 in honor of National Water Park Day. A good deal. I wonder how crowded it might be ? Has anyone heard how the waterpark is doing, how busy etc? Link. https://www.baynews9.com/fl/tampa/attractions/2019/07/19/island-h2o-live--water-park-to-offer--28-admission-on-july-28
  5. At least it is a cute disposable Hallmark movie and not a OMG He done her wrong I'll get revenge Lifetime movie, or something like that.
  6. ^ Take the train. It's easy and relaxing. More leg room than an airplane. The train has wi-fi, outlets at each seat to charge your devices, a super generous carry on bag and luggage policy, plus Cafe car with bar or some have a full formal dining car. Another plus, is you can bring your own food and drinks in a cooler and put them in the overhead above you. You can move about the train at anytime, from car to car and they even let you know when there is a stop coming up for a smoking break where you can get off and walk around outside for a bit. We don't smoke, but enjoyed hopping off and stre
  7. ^ Corkscrew just being screwy. She's an old girl and sometimes gets cranky. And yeah, a dead day at the Point is a rarity in July, but it does happen. Enjoy it, don't try to figure it out.
  8. Wholey Foods (estab 1912) , Strip District, for some of the cheapest and best dang seafood you will eat ! I used to take a cooler with me whenever I went to Pittsburgh, just for the foods in the Strip District to take home. And Yeah, the Duquesne incline at night is beautiful. Also, if you are making a trip to Falling Water, there's whitewater rafting at Ohiopyle that's fantastic and another little place with RolloCoaster called Idlewild nearby.
  9. 100 million doesn't buy much in the way of an amusement park anymore, much less "heavily" themed. But okay, we'll see.
  10. ^^ I also would say the whole site is NSFW, and take the site with a grain of salt. Ie, headline topics such as," Graphic vid, Woman who saw bubbles in urine finds out it's poop" and video of "mum praised for showing candid snaps of post pregnancy loose skin" Not a very good source of info in my book, but , hey, who am I to judge?
  11. For some reason, I am really liking the first photo. The train, the brake run, and the kid awaiting the train to come in.
  12. ^^ "Tuck" Entertainments' Drag Superstars ! At a big fair ! OMG ! Too fun, love it.
  13. Twister was one of my fave rides when I was a kid to ride at Cedar Point. Dang, what a joy it would be to ride again
  14. Bert, I believe it is now a new BBQ place. * Yes it is named Back Beat Que.
  15. ^ Conneaut's Blue Streak is the only one I can think of. Some similarities between the 2 parks.
  16. ^ Speaking of Famous Dave's, we went to Carrowinds, another Cedar Fair park, and upon leaving the parking lot on the access road, what do we see? Famous Daves. Not quite as nice of a setting, but good for a chuckle.
  17. If you are going to stay on the beaches, I would opt for the southern end of Pinellas county, either Treasure Island or St Pete Beach. Both are less crowded than Clearwater. There is less traffic and parking is cheaper and less of a hassle.Trust me, traffic and parking can be a nightmare at times into Clearwater. Some places to stay on TI are the Bilmar and the Thunderbird. On St Pete beach, the Sirata, Tradewinds or the fancy Don Ceasar. There are also lots of cheaper mom and pop places which in September, you should be able to find some good off season room rates. From Treasure Island it
  18. That's a loaded question. What are you looking to do ? Beaches, dining, nightlife ? We live in St Pete and can answer a lot of those questions.
  19. ^ I always thought SFA was a nice local park, and I agree with you on your top 3 coasters in the park. Nice to hear the place seems to be improving. But, enough of that and onto the question of the new hotness there. Did you get to try the new bathrooms ?
  20. Cool TR. The only time I was there was back in 2002 when the Thunderbolt Express was supposed to reopen. I was excited as I remembered riding it at Kings Island back in the 1970's. It was not to be. It was a rusting old hulk, SBNO. So since then, from your trip report, the only changes to the park are, 1 they remover the old demon, and 2 the addition of the SBF Spinner and the Rattler. Otherwise, all looks exactly the same, right down to the missing seat on the back of the Big Dipper. Wow. At least they are consistent. Still, it is worth a detour to stop at Camden. Edit * Dang that is really a
  21. As others have said, this is why I do not do the "OMG, Gotta be the first ones on" . I am more than willing to go to other parks to ride their rides and come back later to the current OMG ride when the crowd dies down. With those goofy wait times, I could have rode how many other rides at another park in the same time period ?
  22. We are going to the park this Sunday. We have early admission for Copperhead at 9;30am. We have been to a lot of parks and have found that going early on Sunday is a great time to go as the crowds are in church. Does this still hold true for Carowinds ? Counting on it, but for the rest of the day, would a fast pass be needed ?
  23. ^^ Hmm, something vaguely familiar sounding about that idea. Wasn't there a park in Ohio that happened to a few years back ?
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