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  1. losing the wheel is worse then losing the cyclone. the wheel in the funhouse was the best ride they had. it was also the only one i have ever been on. i have not seen another park have one. sad to see it gone.
  2. 2nd half is the rough half. i am just messing with you about not saying hi. but now you will have no excuse next time since you know what this manner looks like. larry you still need to call me for some north east coaster fun this summer. i have yet to hit sfne this season.
  3. you didn't notice the tpr members wearing the tpr shirts in the train. thats me and my wife jody, busted taking a break without cameron to visit funtown.
  4. i hope it is running soon. i want it working when the tpr crew invades in aug. i am one of the few looking forward to riding it.
  5. aww why didn't you guys call me and jody we would have joined you. looks like typical sfne line mangment at its finest.
  6. are any of the gen 2 towers still open, or has all the parks that have them closed the rides down? from what i see here is all cedar fair and six flags are shut down. i do not think they will keep them all closed for long. their are tons of them and millions of rides with out an issue.
  7. well Cameron is finally taking his bottle mom and i have returned home and will be doing visits now that he is more or less out of the woods with the critical stuff. now its all development and healing we have to worry about.
  8. well i figure your all long over due for an update. we have changed hospitals for yet the second time. we are currently in the best one in the whole state. he has also just today been moved from nicu to an more private transition room. this is a step in the right direction. thats the good news, i have a little bit of bad though. he had an mri it showed brain injurys stemming from birth. now how severe or minor these are is nearly impossible to tell right now. most of it will be known as he begins to grow and develop. he could fully recover or have some issues dr.'s say its impossible to know it can go either way. i am not sure when he will be able to come home with us but he is at least making slow progress in the right direction. all we can do now is keep praying and being their for the little guy. dave and jody
  9. here are some photos, i am working on getting some more photo's on here for you but here are 3 to help you get an idea. here is a good shot of his face. me and my little guy my little guy cam me and cam mom and cam sleeping cam and mom
  10. Jody and my son Cameron was born 4/3/07 at 12:45 in the am. mommy is doing just fine and has been discharged from the hospital. Cameron is currently in nicu and will be their for at least a while. at birth Cameron was not breathing well and not to responsive. he was entangled with his cord. he is now breathing the room air and has good vital signs. we are praying and hoping their is no damage to him due to the low oxygen level at birth and for the first few minutes while he fought to make his way into the world. so if i am not around a whole lot this would be why. i hope to have some pictures of him soon. he is improving a lot but has a long hard fight ahead of him.
  11. I think some of it have to do with economics of the families after having children, lets face it children will dramatically change the amount of extra money you have and will limit you. some people seam to just choose a different life. i am seeing an increase in the number of families at coaster ride events and females. these are good things. my wife and both intend to be riding as soon as possible.
  12. both mack bobsleds i have ridden rock, pkd's is just longer balckpools is good too.
  13. vote for the best bobsled coaster. and post the list you have ridden. avalanche pkd avalanche blackpool alpine bobsled
  14. nemesis hands down in a category all by it self. missing black mamba though.
  15. sfne has one and i love the thing looking forward to riding this one too. not a credit but a ride that should not be missed i love these and tornadoes so we should be doing great on the Midwest tour. and just in case fun town in Saco Maine now has a pro slide tornado too. looping slide any one got a picture of it?
  16. rayn that video was so funny, you guys are a roit. what kinda fun video could we make on the midwest trip, i am sure their is some park we can poke some fun at or into. we do go by funspot lol
  17. i get the other one, where one person or two will run up into the line then a group of five or six more will try to join them after. many times i will stop them from going by if given the opportunity. i love the ones that say can i go by you to rejoin my group, after watching them do it to about 35 other people, i block the row and tell them to wait like everyone else in line. i have actually got people thrown out of the park for line jumping in that way. what happened was i made a bit of a stink and some of the people be hind them kinda cheered them a bit to get to the back of the line, when they started at me the ride ops saw it, i let them by and the security was waiting in the station. i noticed them going up the exit ramp so i decided i had made enough of an issue now let them be seen line cutting. if i am part of a group and i am ahead i stop and let line pass me to rejoin and i also can see if i got in the middle of your group when we came in and its just me or me and my group splits yours then i will let you go by. I dislike the ones who think that their better then the rest of the people in line and think they can cut them.
  18. so much for the only unique thing on this whole ride, but new trains sound cool.
  19. yup that ride on a cold damp day is nuts, on a hot day is much slower.
  20. dash still in the top 5 and look at all the Midwest coasters up in the top 25 i think holiday world still has best wood coasters bragging rights with 3 in the top 25, New England coasters didn't fair bad at all either.
  21. robb do you have a picture of the Theme Park Review Christmas ornament, is it a donkey, yetti ball, or one of thouse cool tux wearing birds from colder climates?
  22. in you travels to parks around the world, what coaster did you look at and say looks fun but not expect much from and get a whole lot more then you bargained for. you all know the type that ride that looks pretty tame till your in the hot seat. mine is wild mouse at Blackpool pleasure beach this ride is very intense in its small old package, ejector air time with nothing to stop you, this ride is such a blast. the sharp turns lean you out over the edge and the head choppers like the one on the lift hill keep your distrust about how much head room you have way up their. this ride is defiantly a must ride. i also under estimated the dragons fury at chessington, that coaster is much more intense then the spinning coasters of the us, namely Mr six and its similar counterparts.
  23. Elissa did you guys over hear Jody and my plan on the UK trip by chance, the talk of having the perfectly timed child so not to interrupt coaster season. congratulations to the both of you. Jody and i will be right next you with the whole baby coming soon all winter issues, and i bet since you seam close to as far along as Jody is that will will have them not to far apart. best wishes Dave and Jody
  24. i will miss some of the classic rides they had over the years, but i guess a frisbee is worth the loss of paratrooper so who knows whats next.
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