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  1. not a bit partial to the fl b and m coasters are you? OH well they are great rides any way. montu is good i think alpingust and volcano are better. both not in top 15, glad to see nemesis up their though.
  2. real Chinese food is elissa friendly? we will have to add that to the list. some one should make the list of official approved elissa friendly foods! i do wish to know if lobster is on that list elissa?
  3. does any one have a pov of tremors at sliver wood, i know its probably on the DVDs i bought from rob but i am being torchered by my wife who wrapped all but the european ones.
  4. [ WORST SHOWS: Enchanted Tiki Room Under New Management (Currently @ WDW) i agree their so glad to see the real tiki room back at dl. really made my day last trip.
  5. before i would do mfi i would do lake compounce. i think you will enjoy lc and sfne a lot more then sfdl. superman at sfne is the best ride of steal out their. and my #2 steal coaster, sorry launch on xelorator is unbeatable with the airtime on the hill and the nice G's in the turns. and boulder dash is my #1 coaster anywhere. riding this thing at night makes you think about where your going since you can not see. the natural theme of the mountain side blows all the Disney fake mountains away.
  6. i have been to a few parks and seen many of the shows. here are some of my favorites bgw Irish thunder ioa poseidon ush water world sea world Orlando shamu bgw pet show. the others were good too that would be sea world sandiego and Orlando shrek both ush and usf the tiki room dlr/wdw opps almost forgot t2 3d. shows i miss. haunts of the old country, the first 4d movie in the globe theater at bgw. batman in side sfgadv country bear jamboree usf the old stunt show in the lagoon. how about the rest of you??
  7. i think some of the best queue lines are ioa dragons and hulk. dragons is the most deceiving queue i have ever been in. pkd flight of fear. space mountain wdw revenge of the mummy ush for non coasters i like Indiana Jones dlr Dr doom ioa spider-man ioa men in black usf star tours both dlr and MGM mission space Epcot test track Epcot what was questor now corkscrew hill at bgw
  8. i think the cop chase would be a cool idea, but maybe instead of a coaster use something similar to test track where it speeds up slows down and feels more like a car.
  9. sfne and sgadv avoid using a Saturday at either. i would put sfne on over tge. tge my best piece of advise is to ride nightmare if its open right at opening. to hurry up and get to it. biggest reason is with its 3 car operation having 20 or more people in front of you can make for a long wait. comet moves the crowd well. tge is all about the kids though, most of the rides are mild. la ronde is a great park, at first opening i would go right to le monstre and get both sides done. and as its just passed the boomerang you should lose most of the opening crowd. even though its small dragon has a cool theme to it. a definite must ride. this park has two entrance gates, to really be ahead of the line try to go for the smaller entrance that's near the dragon. i would consider a quick stop at lake compounce since your gonna be in the neighborhood, at sfne boulder-dash is probably one of the best coasters in the north east. it is the top on my list. well worth the 1 hr detour from sfne.
  10. depends on the video. some one should do a short segment on all tall coasters like hyper coasters and rocket's and use u2's elevation. or major flips to vertigo. hey wait don't do that that's my UK trip idea lol. so cal i like sublime. i kind of like music that fits the region and the park. i plan to use eagles- life in the fast lane u2-elevation u2- vertigo sublime- summer time disturbed- land of confusion sum41- what were all about (original version) paranoid social club- 2 girls seven-dust- praise and of course one last tribute from the greatest band ever to come out of Maine rustic overtones - c'mon they will not be all in the same film though.
  11. i liked the ride, rode it opening year, i believe may have been 1992 or 1993 and several other years in between. yes the ride was rough and had some bad transitions, but it also had some cool new elements. 2 of witch to my knowledge had never been built. the cut back turn and the first inversion was sort of a dive loop but it was started half way down the first drop, i do miss seeing the ride in the park. i did however find it funny to see this ride have no line but lockness who was like 15 years older have a full one. that was too funny. arrow coasters due have some rough transitions, but some of them remain to be cool rides. oe at worlds of fun was a cool ride. i liked it. rode it in 2001.
  12. i have only ridden a couple, i believe two. sfne and the great nor'easter. the great nor'easter is much more interesting since it does have the slides and log flume and just about everything else intertwined inside it. at night it feels as though you will hit all kinds of beams and things. the other nice thing is the nice ocean view from the nor'easter. i would still rather be riding the great white don't get me wrong but the nor'easter is fun and has a slightly modified layout.
  13. so many good trains out their. i love both of the busch garden's trains, and the disney ones. havent been to dollywood yet so can't judge it. knotts tain by far track wise was kinda boaring but the fact of it being the actual rio grande railroad cars and locomotive is somthing worth a lot. as for layouts bgw has a better over all train, i do remeber pkd had a train too, and it also went off and threw the woods, it ws the only other way to see grizzly besides the tower before the mid 90's expanded to it. side note, though hurler and hypersonic are ok, i miss grizzly the old way burried in the trees.
  14. lol, will anyone be in vegas in january? i will be their for a wed-fri bussness trip,
  15. la ronde had 2 of these when i went. i was on limited time so skipping a boomerang that had a 2 1/2hr line and a zig zag with a 3 1/2 hr line in favor of le monstre, vampire and cobra seamed like an ok idea.
  16. personally i like it now. the otsr's arn't as bad as many coasters and there rough spots are only a few. ride in front. the coaster is sow grown in know well before "fence the ride" is completed.
  17. leave early to get anywhere. i just went their from Maine, found the same problem all the time. and give yourself time too. as for sea world / ush i prefer ush, its always cool to see a movie studio still filming things the tram tour is not to be missed. we saw them filming desperate house wives while we were their. if you have and afternoon to see like the jay Leno show you can find tickets in side the park at the prop store for many different shows filmed in Hollywood.
  18. looks great, if i can ever get my editing done i might have one from dlr to show. i am in process fo converting fireworks show since i have the whole thing.
  19. I was surfing and found this http://www.boardsmag.com/screeningroom/commercials/1277 Don't you all think a ride like this would be cool. imagine a Van Helsing like that, or maybe the next generation of Spiderman or some other super man. If they could get through put to be good maybe it could be made into the next coolest darkride ever. ADMIN EDIT: Spelling & Grammar - Try the Google Toolbarfor a free spell checker!
  20. exclibur at funtown usa. as of lately many seam to have forgoton boulderdash at lake compunce and wildcat is also underrated from their. i think many people knock silver bullet for a lack of speed i give it props for a more intresting layout and a few new elements. also the great white at moreys piers forgoton coasters i don't hear much about any more volcano pkd alpingust bgw bbw bgw mamba at wof comet tge
  21. me will be a single ride with no re ride, just want the 12 doller credit. isn't their a coaster at mgm grand? speed and canyon i will ride. i hope highroller is still their when i get their on the 9th.
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