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  1. Any one have pictures of the Houston one? were their any others or just those and the current two?
  2. so far good work, i see your also inspired by the mountain mine train coasters like Everest. Park looks good so far, very realistic. i hope your going to use some of those nice custom supports.
  3. d.c looks fantastic, the supports may be a tad over the top but cool none the less. i love the theme to the park so far. keep it up.
  4. I know it has been a while with no updates so here we go. the new amazone scection is nearling it opening day. both the village and the industrial center look great. thats right part of this section is a modern area of archilogest diging into the achent aztec lands, the would coaster Tezcatlipoca, was found hidden in the jungles here. entrance way to the amazon amazon overview silverbullet industrial complex, Tezcatlipoca tunnel Tezcatlipoca overview Tezcatlipoca Tezcatlipoca from a distance Tezcatlipoca q-line whats that in background hmm future track?
  5. that's a good name direction i think for the whole section, maybe i will use names like those for the rides around. any more ideas?
  6. OK guys firelight is calling for your help, with a name the woodie competition. will take the first 10 names and put the best 5 to a vote. the person who names it will get something in tribute to them added to the park.
  7. Busch gardens Tampa and williamsburg have animals in the parks and do well, so does Disney, their are many zoo / parks all over the world, rides that are noisy you will notice most of mine are not, b and m coasters can be very nearly silent if they are intended to be. that wood coaster has some distance between it and the animals. the animals would be better of their then trying to live in say whats now down town la. remember it may not be perfect but its better then no place at all. its also why i try to theme the enclosure to the animal, with water holes mud sand what ever that animal likes.
  8. Seeing this season draw to a close may be sad but the park seamed to have a lot of work going on all around it. the island witch looked like a storage depot for the animals now looks like it will be a new themed zone next season, a large wood coaster could be seen from the distance. seeing as we lucked out and got a bit closer look we noticed a whole lot of new things and cool things this island looks like a safari and their is a train station going up here as well as the safari train through all the new animal pens. after we got permission to go behind the scenes we had another great surprise, their hidden away by the air boat ride we hope to see in use next season was the return of our looper "silver-bullet" with new paint, and maintenance building up and looks like a station will fallow. check out the closing day screens. summit at night
  9. Yet another great visit to firelight park today, with a test ride on both hurricane and the surprise unmentioned coaster named Sea Serpent. Park owners of firelight after learning of the closure of astroworld decided to buy Greased Lightning. They then refinish the ride refurbished it gave it the new paint job and up it went in the tropics. This time i think we should let the pictures do most of the talking. Air boat Air boat Hurricane Hurricane Hurricane Hurricane Sea Serpent Sea Serpent Sea Serpent repaired roll
  10. issue has been addressed and coaster has been altered i will be sure to post a new screen with the next update.
  11. New photos just coming in of the now completed egypt, and the nearly ready tropics, complete with a few photos of hurricaine the 11 inversion 200ft tall monster from b and m. Firelight Mangment was even nice enough to let us test some of the new rides and take a few snapshots too. we will be sure to keep you up to date on all new rides. night fall at the fortress gates egypt catapult catapult on ride egypts entrance way hurricaine from the parking lot of the new hotel hippo pen and some hurricaine track riptide view atop the drunken parrot overlooking the rides control tower riptide and hurricaine a ride on riptide, view across the park from the top Drunken parrot and hurricaine Tiki bar and grill
  12. Work continues at firelight park as we wave good bye to silver bullet. The Schwarzkopf looper was the parks first coaster in 1979. it has been an up charge attraction and will be missed. the section of the park where it and a few slides as well as last years new ride "Surfer" a chance wipe out will be re themed to a tropical setting. pieces will be arriving as land is clear for construction of hurricane. As for the fate of the bullet it is unknown at this time if the coaster will be sold or just sold as scrap. much of the tropical world has begun to take shape, we have been told by the park their will be some animals in every section of the park, but their will only be 3 or 4 in this section. the others have been moved to the rear to sections of the park and will will reopen with those sections in the near future. more construction more of the new section silver's removal and the "Surefer" silver coming down good bye silver
  13. i like the park, just would like to help out some with the theming, themeing is what could really make it over the top. the last few rides have been much better.
  14. kinda a mix of Everest and big thunder, 2 lifts and moves along at a good pace. Yukon is themed name and the coaster is called claim jumper.
  15. Updated photos just sent in, the completed sandstorm b and m inverted coaster and most of Egypt. Looks like construction crews are hard at work building the additions to this park. new for the coming season is 2 coasters, pictures of a completed sandstorm are in this update, construction on hurricane is about 80 % complete and should have photos soon. we will keep you posted on all news with this park. safari tour claim jumper pacific northwest sand storm station sandstorm sandstorms second inversion and tunnel tigers den sidewinder cobra roll sidewinder Egypt hotel is ready for business
  16. looks good so far keep up the good work, if you want some themeing help let me know, i can make some buildings for you to add in.
  17. did you make all that theming, most of it isn't in my game? looks like a killer building man.
  18. thats a mine train i will have close ups after the next press release. cant show off to much in pictures
  19. Firelight park and zoo has announced major plans to expand over the next three years. Owners have decided to expand the park more into a theme park with animals. They have stated that animals are not leaving the park, just that they will be one of the attractions and not the only thing to see. People have expected this move for a while when a few rides were added and the current two coasters were built. side winder and claim jumper. Firelight park formerly the islands zoo, was made up of three distinct climate islands. do to expansion the tropical section has been closed and animals are being relocated around the park, this area will have only marine life and thrill rides once it reopens with a head-ling coaster named Hurricane is set to break the inversion record with 11. The second coaster is slated to be added to Egypt. along with an assortment of rides on all three current islands. themes and rides for the two new islands have yet to be announced. view from parking lot sidewinder and elephants claim jumper from the front claim jumper
  20. just got back from Vegas and figured i would put some numbers to the rides. Manhattan Express, a togo coaster at new york new york hotel and casino. cost of 12.50, ride was very rough, not very interesting, seamed to be busy. ride was for the most part uninteresting just siting on the roof and going around. first drop is good. rating 3-10 stars canyon blaster at the adventure dome of circus circus. A 4 looping arrow coaster, cost 6 bucks. this ride was much better then many arrows in smoothness. ride had good theming and was well kept with the new arrow trains. 6-10 stars speed the ride at the Sahara in nascar cafe. cost 10.00 speed is the best coaster i got to ride in Vegas, a very smooth and quick coaster. this ride has double lim launches. first one gets you to about 45mph and the second up to 70mph. the second is unexpected just after the loop sends you speeding like a nascar around the next turn. then do it all in reverse. 9-10 stars then the non coaster rides at the strat. ride to top and both rides 19.95 insanity- this is one of the coolest rides ever, going over the edge of the tower over 1000ft in the air, it spins very fast. putting riders at an angle making you look down at the ground more. like 55 or more degrees. this ride has a huge fear factor due to the height. got of shaking with an adrenaline rush so bad i was unable to pick up my items and return them to my pockets. 10-10 for thrill ride scale. the big shot, now this is the best space shot i have ridden, with the base over 1000 feet in the air you feel like your in space before you go up. this is a major thrill on launch, it goes high enough to scarcely notice the top of strat and notice the whole Vegas strip and the 1200 feet below you. 10-10 for thrill ride scale
  21. nemesis is still way up their i really can't wait to add it to my list
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