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  1. what i was saying was the elments did not look like normal arrow stuff. if you look at viper sfmm, scream machine at sfgadv, shockwave orent express and others they do not in any way resmble df. df elments look more simalar to the ones found on current b and m coasters. as for fast trasitons many b and m coasters have them but they are smooth. look at the drop after the trims on nitro, good air time on a quick drop. same on alingust. medusa has a couple as well. most arrows at the time were loops in line or on a 90-180 turn with more loops. df had as far as i rember no verticle loop. but had what was like a dive loop, cobra roll, a pair of interlocked corkscrews, and the cutback in between. arrows gauge and inside track wheels cause a lot of the roughness you feel. the wider outside wheel design helps b and m in smoothness, as well as the heartline being more to center of body rather then center of train. width of the track plays into forces too, think of a low wide sports car and the suv for example. the wider wheel base helps to reduce the tendacy to lift one side during turns, for obvious reasons a coaster will not flip, but that force is preasnt none the less. the wider car has the effect of reducing it by hving a more centerd mass. also the supports and spine seam to move in arrow more then b and m. i knoticed viper shifts qite a bit in the first loop and turn. not to say arrow was bad at coasters, but they all seam to have some roughness to them, all had inside wheels, and same track gauge and spine, vekuma is plagued by the same roughness (some times worse) on many of their coasters. intimin uses wheels on the outside of the track as do b and m, thier coasters tend to be smoother then thouse above. time will tell better as batman and kumba gain age and close in on some of the older coasters. we shall see if they get rougher like the arrows did. qestion who did the design for df? it doesn't resmble ron toomers work much.
  2. this was origaly supposed to be a b and m ride from what i have herd. but b and m at the time was just starting and could not build both this coaster and build kumba, bgt got kumba and arrow was asked to do df. it is funny to see that this park has not any where in the chain looked to arrow since this coaster. i was able to ride it both ways. the ride wasn't any rougher then gasm at sfgadv. their were some rough transitions on it, the fast changes almost look like b and m but by not haveing the wide gauge track would have been tighter and rougher. the elments look simalr to that of kumba, arrow corks were not interlocked with this exeption. arrow did not build cobra roll/boomerang elements on any other coaster. arrows first loop on this coaster almost resembles a b and m dive loop. just my thoughts that the coaster was designed to be b and m and then modified to be an arrow. wasn't big bad wolf going to be a Schwarzkopf before they went out of busness and then it was an arrow project?? homer thanck you for that link.
  3. does any one have a good pov and off ride of drechen fire at bgw before ists change or after?
  4. funtown usa saco maine, is my closest. sfne and lc are where i spend the most time.
  5. i like nemesis, blizzrock and pyro, powder keg, tremors, shivering timbers, kracken, kumba, montu, aplinguest, volcano, boulderdash, rattler, the beast, xelorator, ghost rider and i can't leave out the most comon name to wood coasters the cyclone. always loved the sound of that name. to bad most of the cyclone coasters are not that great. (namly the horrible missspelled verson at sfmm).
  6. just ordered my first dvd from tpr, sonn hope to get the remaining five dvd's. wishing i could be in season 8, but mostlikly i may join you sometime in season 9. elissa what happened to the goliath on ride photo of me and my wife?? it looked ok in the camera you had.
  7. my must ride for coaster enthisest is more on historical signifcance then anything. here in usa at least. *comet at great escape, due to it being peiced from the most netorus woodie ever built. *matterhorn at dl as it was the first tubular steal coaster ever built. *Revolution as it was the first modern looping coaster in the world. (not adding the corkscrew because it was moved and has been cloned so many times, i think most parks have a center piece and at one time or currently these rides were that.) leap the dips, oldest coaster in usa the beast longest wood coaster everbuilt *lockness monster, first coaster with interlocking loops, centerpiece of busch gardens williams burg at whos opening event caused the founding of ace. and the only standing interlocking looping coaster. *volcano, worlds first inverted launch coaster. *x worlds only 4d coaster coney island cyclone one of the only coasters signifed as a national land mark. wizzer as the last of its kind in usa. magnum as the first hyper coaster ever built *superman the escape first coaster to go over 100mph (ride is not what is was at the time but still cool) *big bad wolf as it was designed by Schwarzkopf with footers poured they went out of busness and arrow came in to finish the job. thats all for now
  8. chris thats ok we got held up with a photo or two and then by a stage coach. i had a blast hanging out with all of you. if any one come to the northeast give me a shout. thats for sfne, lc, canobie lake and funtown usa.
  9. 1. if you had to choose just one as the best what coaster and from what park would it be? 2. and witch coaster have you been unable to ride and want to more then any other? mine is currently 1. Boulder Dash - Lake Compounce 2. Nemesis - Alton Towers
  10. lipstic camera, i still wish to see that set up.
  11. so what do boston and tea have to do with sfeg or for that mater that state? i would like a clue explantion of where they all came from, mainly to see where i went way awal.
  12. hmmm clear tubes, so it has a water park. something to do with boston, tea. and vacation. i have no clue why i would think they have enterd my state but maine is vacation land. guess is they were at canobie lake, and now some where in maine. i don't rember but aquaboggin may have clear tubes. i bleve their may be rabbits in canobie lakes animal section i may be wrong though. i bet i am out to lunch.
  13. my cam is on hi 8 tapes and not digital so, no fire wire. i need to adapt to capture from like a tv input. i saw many adapter that would let me go to usb or firewire. i think thats the best route for now.
  14. ohh that bites. i was really hoping to ride it.
  15. woundering about rides down and weather scremin is back to normal or still down. any one know?
  16. auburn has many nice living areas. full of suburbs. i am moving from here any way. the buiding i beliver your talking about is either the formed fiber plant. or the box factory for international paper.
  17. i will also be their with my wife. coming all the way from maine. will be 2 pm and dvd.
  18. any one have a sugestion of what to use for a setup to start off with. my video card doesn't suport in or out. i imagine i would need a better video card that supports in and out on the video. i want to be able to edit too so robb would you start with adobe or something differn't fo some one new to video editing?
  19. some born raised and still living in maine.
  20. we will land in long beach on the 9th and be in anheim to stay. we want to vist knotts and sfmm, dca, disneyland and ush. the 17th i will try to be their. if you can send me an email and you can contact me directly for more information. we would love to hang out on the 17th and will try to make sure we keep it free. or shoot me an aim witch is always on
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