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  1. this was a great day at the park, light rain only a couple times. everything up and running for rides and best of all not a line in the place. due to all the extra time not waiting in line i did get some good shots with people mind you in my canobie video from this trip. http://www.themeparkreview.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=29671 can't wait till next year. mike that last picture will haunt me, matterhorn will be missed
  2. cool hope to see you thier will be wearing tpr uk tour shirt
  3. sorry to hear of your missing out on the park, i have been their in pouring rain and they were open, must have been an odd day or something was up. the park has some nice stuff dash obviously and to argue with Elissa its dang close to balder on my list. the sky ride has some nice views from atop the hillside. wildcat is a nice classic style ptc. i love old ptc 3 seat trains. its a decent ride similar in speed to thunderbolt with some OK air time. other then that the park really has few unique rides, the do have a rotor, an OK rapids ride. the lakeside trolley is another nice thing the park has. and the new show they brought in cirque en vol is not bad either.
  4. not an event really just tring to meet some people there
  5. canobie lake closes for the season on the 24th of September, any one for a meet up that day? ADMIN EDIT: added it to the calendar
  6. dude thats is just to hillarous, thats worth a double good work, if you could do a park this funny.
  7. to bad powersurge was closed, it is the best flat they have, james would say only decent one lol. i went on sunday and like almost the whole park was closed, good trip report, you only need 187 coasters to catch me. and you passed on 2 with in 15min drive away at funtown.
  8. sweet up date i still love Disneyland resort, the only inferior thing in Disneyland is the castle all the rides are better inside Disneyland then the magic kingdom, Mk just is so cheap-ed out especially space mountain. but thanks to the screaming issues last august i have no credit from it yet. just gonna have to go back some day.
  9. Ummm, I think you'll find that's how far away I live. You only live 761325604386 miles away, duh! Consider yourselves lucky! 20 miles is way too close to Robb and Elissa! and 982137948698 miles away from balder. sorry guys wish i could things are a bit tight in the money for now. between that and the fact that i would have to fly from boston witch is way overpriced again.
  10. this is the coolest park, the people really want you to have a great time. i hope they are around for many years to come and that other parks see what this one does for guests "ahhmm six flags ahhmmm" and see what it takes to be a truly great park. i am so glad i did the trip and the add on, Robb and Elissa planed it all so perfectly the whole trip, all we had to do was show up on time, witch for some was easier then others but was way easier then planing my own trip. one more time i would like to say thank you Robb, Elissa and all of the UK and add on people for making a great trip for us. b.o.t.b.c we miss you all.
  11. speed monster broke during my video taping of the coaster, does that mean i now have the video camera of doom, or did being that close around John rub of on us all. p.s. Jim was also shooting video.
  12. their only after aquaboggin who is under new ownership that has stated he will be inproving the park and adding to it.
  13. sounds like i have spent to much time outside of funtown to know whats going on now.
  14. Casey "red alert" might still work, who knows it might be fan girls and you might want them around!
  15. Ryan is a celebrity you must have lines all around the USA waiting to pound it. this was truly a great trip look out Derek i am headed your way gonna terrorize the pa parks and see how cool knoebels flayers really are. for those of you who missed out on the add on, sorry but balder was amazingly better then any wood coaster i ever rode. hope to see any and all of you again soon. the back of the bus crew should come visit me some time way up here in Maine.
  16. i would have gotten tossed because i would refuse to conform to some one Else's religion upon request, it is simply unreasonable for them (Alton or the muslim group) to expect me to fallow their religious rules and break from my freedoms. its a moral travesty, for any organisation to expect that of any one.
  17. and no picture of the joy land golden ticket Robb so ashamed you missed that opportunity. 3 parks in one day was crazy, and the last supper photo made me sad, this trip was so much fun i hated to see it drawing to an end.
  18. i believe it to be a tristar but i could be wrong, i did spend way to long in the sun bill, but thanks to my trusty sox hat no sunburn on my face. any way black pool was awesome the whole trip and the people on it really were, i mean what other group could have had so much fun at coney beach????? i was scared of jon taking a picture of mega blitz due to the whole how do you get a ride inspection thing.
  19. robb we miss you. i only wish we could have had like a 2 month trip 2 weeks went by so fast, had a great time.
  20. Everest does also look like a great theme, i did leave out the themed line of outer limits. also forgot the coaster with the best use of natural terrain theming, boulder dash.
  21. on my list big bad wolf at bgw rockin roller coaster mgm studios montu bgt california screamin dca Matterhorn dl space mountain dl big thunder wdw dl alpingeist bgw batman sfgadv old grizzly pkd (pre hurler) most picturesque coasters lock ness monster bgw montu bgt bbw bgw Excalibur funtown usa volcano pkd revolution (before tasu) sfmm Matterhorn dl california screamin dca EDIT: Fixed thread title. We like to use capital letters in the important words.
  22. every one knows sfmm scream is one, but how about the great American scream machine at sfgadv, the red stones simple cover the old tar. some of the others actually took out the tar and added grass like superman sfgadv, how about the great escapes steamin demon its off in middle of the front parking lot slightly raised on flat land. colossus and Goliath at sfmm look to be parking lot coasters as well. sfne btdk was also parking, it has grass at least. i think scream should have the Manhattan express theme and paint some road lines and ad some old cars to the theme, maybe a fasade or too. Mod Edit: PLEASE try posting with proper spelling and grammar. This includes capital letters. It's REALLY hard to read posts like this. Proofread, it only takes a minute, and will help all of us who are trying to understand your posts.
  23. CCI did build some good rides, a few left out are Boulder Dash, Excalibur, Great White. It is noticeable though that Boulder Dash has already rebuilt the turn by the sky ride (last season) and Funtown has had Martin & Vleminckx do some work to it. These are new rides so maybe CCI took a shortcut or two in design to save some money. But both rides I never felt to be rough. Now look at a Cobb, mainly SFNE Cyclone, which after getting its PTC trains and all the re-tracking is now the crappiest wood coaster in the Northeast. I love the PTC trains over the Morgan trains, but the change of the first drop removed all the thrill.
  24. superman ride of steel sfne has issues with i believe to be wind shut downs as well. the coaster will stop on the lift hill normally a couple times during the day. some times need to be unloaded. it has done this since opening in 2000, god has it really been around 6 seasons now. best thing i have lerned is to see the lift hill wheels on superman, if they are not turning then its broke down.
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