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  1. Booty and USC = Overrated I think out of the QB's to watch is Matt Ryan, look at how he played at BC with no WR talent any where close to what many other teams had. Watching him was a lot like looking a college Tom Brady. I am not saying he will be a Tom Brady I am simply saying look at his ability to use what he had to win games. Now for my team Big D. I like both picks but think Jones will have the big immediate impact on the field.
  2. Thank you, I will do more work on my next entrys. I am still geting used to adobe premier, I have perchased a wide angle to help with pov's at the very few parks that still allow them. I am also working on a way for me to get pov's that parks will not object too. Basicly I think robbs lipstick camera is about the only way to have a park who normaly says no way to be ok with it. The set up is about 500 that i am thinking of. I do thank you all for the comments, I have now noticed what everyone is saying about the audio, I will try to do better with that in the futrue.
  3. Well I figured i would chime in and explain the joke everyone is having issues getting so far. The they left with out us, was done at Kings Island one day after the rest of the tpr group had departed. We thought it to be funny since 3 of us during the trip missed the bus that we could play on it as we did it again but this time its a good thing. We missed the trip home for an extra day was the whole gag. Angry the day it happened yea who wouldn't be stuck at cedar point and having to spend about $120 in cash to get back to where we need to be. Any one who says they wouldn't be upset at the time would be lier, I was over it when we made the segment. The comic at the end is a jab at all the people who rank MF as the best coaster ever, Superman Ride of Steel at SFNE is a far better coaster. This was a discussion that went on for some time during the trip. Dollywood was in the video because it was part of my midwest trip experience. We hit the park for 4 hours after driving 6 down and drove back to catch up with the tour that same night. I thought it to be appropriate to add what i view as one of the best parks i visited all season. The first segment on the dvd is dollywood, it was not on the tpr portion of the trip, but it was defiantly part of my midwest experience. I really should have taped some of the driving experience on the way back. Isn't that right now Evan, it was a fun trip back to cinci! I am by no means saying my video is the best of perfect, I will say I know I have been beaten in this contest a couple times from my own point of view. So in summery I sent it in for peoples enjoyment, I hope you enjoy the video, if not its ok too. Dave "my video is just O.K." Madore P.S. as for shaky pov's the issue will be better soon, wide angle lens purchased due to many suggestions that it would help. so far have been unable to use for a pov. has given me some cool otherwise not possible shots recently though.
  4. I will be in the park this weekend, If I see anything worth taking pics of I will. I do plan to look over the site real well and will pass on what I see. It would have to be a fast project to be done in the time frame but who knows.
  5. Something just caught my eye, look at the specs of Toboggan carefully, you will see it says capacity 3 adults!!!! We had a hard time getting just 2 in one!
  6. I second that vote. Deja vu at Funtown USA hmm well might work well since it would run about 1/3 the times it runs with the lines it has now. Cost of the ride is the yea right.
  7. I meant to add them Wes, Six flags and CF own them for the most part. Disney is so strong with familys I was thinking to bring in a market sector they lack.
  8. I know these parks have not been mentioned Funtown USA - replace galaxy with a different coaster that fits in a similar foot print. I have seen several of the older loopers available, look into a silver arrow or double loop I belive their are currently 3 for sale. Canobie lake - Take 2008 off to put up a GCI twister in 2009. Lake Compounce - Add the spinning coaster rumored for the last 3 years. SFNE - Do not remove any more flat rides and possibly add a few for 2009. TGE - Add the hang and bang but get the new trains / harness system like Moreys has. Use it to replace the jungle walk / Rabbit hunt or call it Hang Man and replace Nightmare
  9. I thought the entire reason Disney made DCA was to bring the thrill into the DLR. By removing or altering what I though was the one place right in the park is crazy. So far I see no thrill rides just a return to the Disney everyone may ride attractions. I am happy to see Screamin stay but looking at the park as a whole, I would have gone another way. What would be wrong with a coaster like Rockin Roller Coaster at MGM in the building the show was in. Put a major E Ticket ride in 2 a year for say 3 years. I though DCA was an attempt to get the 15-25 crowd back to Disney again. I agree with Robb on the story telling dark ride, save them for Disneyland, where they are far better suited and expected.
  10. Is that where coaster trains separate for some unknown reason? Nice update from some parks I have heard little to nothing about keep it coming!!!
  11. GCI did great work to it last year, can't imagine that it would hurt the ride at all. I heard rumor of a trim break before the first drop can any one confirm or deny this?
  12. I remember this park. I went there when i was younger, I only got the hurricane credit due to my height. I do remember watching a game too.
  13. Given my love of B-dash, this ride looks to be outstanding! From the video it looks to have a lot of my favorite things, speed and airtime. The use of the land is also a great thing, Dash has a cool layout and lots of speed but without the hill side its built on it would be half the ride. Flyer looks like another great ride from gravity group. Looks like they have that signature attraction in the works!
  14. Erik after riding Iron Wolf you talk about a rattle on hulk? Did T2 knock something lose, I mild rattle in hulk is nothing compared to the head banging of T2. Florida people with all the b and m ar so spoiled, i guess i will have to go ride my nearest Arrow Corkscrew, and SLC. Oh wait I can't they are closed. I guess I will have to try my hand at a box coaster. My box coaster will have to run on snow. Nice update though. Looks like at least one company in FL is up to some big changes. Looks like I need to book a flight to FL week after thanksgiving next year!
  15. This park looks good so far. I love the idea and the fact they seam to be heavy into theming it is great. Nice to see a park pay attention to detail!!!
  16. And the winner of park I visited this year gets a coaster is IB! Last year it was Blackpool, Before that it was SFMM, and Knotts. It seams that a park I visit each year will get a new coaster and most times a park not expected to get one. So if you want your park to be assured to get a coaster make sure I go there. Other then that this ride does sound interesting and yet another different name coming from the people at IB. I guess just one more reason to visit this one of a kind park.
  17. Dang their goes the fun in flying to europe for everyone.
  18. Um, no thanks. He might be a Miami Hurricane at heart, but that's where I draw the line. Yes, his regular season stats are hard to argue, blah blah blah, but his name alone brings more attention than any team ever needs. Oh yeah, and A-Rod's $250 Million hasn't even come close to buying what Mike Lowell already has......two rings. And one more thing, does anyone know if Johnny Damon enjoyed the view this time around from his couch? That about sums up my thoughts in a nut shell. Well all but one. Rocket should have got a better cell phone so he could hear his wife say no.
  19. What no drunken tgi fridays pics surprized evan it was best photo opps on whole trip. "Broke thrill dragster" and "Trash can land" at least maverick was better then i expected. M.F. has nothing on Superman baby. Sros sSFNE still #2 steal sorry love the B and M inverts a lil much so Nemesis is my no 1 its close though.
  20. Wait till you see me taking a Sobriety test at cp. Dang fishbowls are fun!!!!!!
  21. Nice ptr will, some great shots. I can't belive you do not have the photo from me flipping shawn. I saw how many pics you took for like pki since i ha the camera for a lil while. I take it usps got it back in one piece!
  22. cause they are down more then they were up. the 2 that were built had extreme ammounts of down time. funny thing is since it arrived it has run better this season now that a lot of the bugs have been worked out we will ship it off. thats the one ride move that to me made no scence unless the thing for 2009 that ace will like is a replacemnt of cyclone
  23. yea so if you do the math 2006 removed log flume, colossus (ferris wheel), chaos, jokers wildcard (wipeout) added catapult and splash water falls -4+2 2007 remove spider, so -1 then add the -5 from this season and in last couple years we lost 10 rides and will have received only 3 not a good thing in my mind to help park capacity or help with lines to lose so many rides so fast.
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