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  1. But Laser is supposed to be going to Germany, to what I like to call a circus cause its moves around! Other then that I went on Laser, yeah its not that great, its goes flying threw them loops, and my head didn't hurt it felt like my head was going back in slow mood then wipped, if you know what I mean.
  2. Yeah thats more so what I was thinking, or vertigo or boomerang. I think, with all them clues, it leads to a Vekoma. Deja Vu is taller then Voyage, but Invertigo (vertigo hmmmm), and boomerang, there smaller.
  3. I like the Euro Fighter idea, tallish, vertical... But as I read more I have a feeling it might be Vekoma, cause the boomerang model has bin here for awhile now, some people actually don't get how it works, I know cause of working on Sidewinder people ask, and from yesterdays post, "Ohhhhhhhh...!" It gave me such a lift to finally "get it." Then with, "Yes. Of course. With you. In the back.", makes me think of backwards. But I love to see a Euro Fighter or even a Intamin.
  4. I noticed the "Danger Do Not Enter" picture of the sign, and they actually just stuck them up like 3 weeks after the SFOG incident, and on just about every ride. I counted theres 9 on the pirate, its so great, but then again guest never read signs, I guess they relieve that the ride is in motion, wow there smart...
  5. That looks awesome already, but I can't wait to see the it be finished, and then run!
  6. I cant push a darn button tho, not until im 16. But its still worth it so much even everyone else is like, I'd kill myself, maybe cause of my sarcasm, haha. Rides is so much fun too, espically when you get the guest that don't know much about amusement parks and don't know rules and complain and britches...see its my sarcasm.
  7. Them quotes get to me, cause i work there. Haha, so touching. I almost feel you gave a little bit more then what soaker deserved, I waited in no line, should of bin like 15 minutes i thought. It was like half an hour, and that water was, well I guess it came from a freezer, and he ride itself, ha, thats funny. I barley got wet too, but there was nobody next to me so i got to drop to water bombs. Storm Runner is awesome, but it sucks im so use to the launch I barley feel a thing. Fahrenheit in the back is awesome, you pick from slow to fast over the top hat its great, just has that little rough spot. Well great report otherwise!
  8. Head Spin cause I never rode it and its bin taken out! To be truthful Rock n' Roller Coaster.
  9. That looks awesome! I also have to say, I don't know how you wouldn't like that.
  10. So lets tinker with are thinkers. Haha, so what do you think there going to do with the old wave pool? Lightning Racer is right there and they might half to do some stuff to get slides threw there. The good thing is that its in the middle of the turn around that goes into the tunnel and the turn around that goes to the should I call flag. They might be able to make a water coaster back there you never know hershey sticks 5 foot wide things in places that are 4 foot and make us wonder how they did it. Well that the best I could say it. With the indoor water park that might go in at the Hotel Hershey, you think since this is Hershey Entertainment they could be trying it at the park first and seeing how it is at the park before they go to the hotel? I just was thinking maybe they might be, but then again I thought I hear more about that with the "amazing amount of people to go to the boardwalk."
  11. Yes yes yes, and them people walking around you got to tell you need a shirt to ride this ride. Midway is in a good area for a boardwalk but boardwalk is growing and growing its like godzilla. Hershey could make a little more money if there was a amusement park and water park with separate prices but still where the boardwalk is raises the question. Where should stick this? hmmm take out a nice ride like rapids. It almost makes me want to cry ha.
  12. New for 2009 a real? Wave pool, with the depth of 4 feet, thats almost bigger then my leg! If you haven't heard about the expansion to the boardwalk www.hersheypark.com/boardwalk/seaquel/index.php Other then that I got to say I took these pictures about 2 weeks ago and I was wondering what about this, you forgot about this... This is at Coastline Plunge (if you didn't know that). Im going to try to go get some more pictures (I didn't get it all). Theres nothing new there could there be phases or something like every 2 years something new. Could this be like a 3rd or something? Would you look at that, its portable, by the way them ropes were not connected in any way, like the one in the cement to the one with the black thinger. Theres a cover, a wooden cover, I don't think its a plank. From the exit of the pool, wait what huh look were im standing... Bigger picture of the footers. Theres more footers! (Notice the support see them little support holder thingers I get to that later.) I smell footers, ha get it!
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