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  1. Streetlight Manifesto last week Tuesday at the House of Blues San Diego. Second time seeing them, got right up front, right in between Tomas and Mike. Had the time of my life. They killed it, seriously Streetlight is the best.
  2. Having only been to one park this month, it would be Apocalypse at SFMM.
  3. I305 easy. It's just the coaster with a bit of everything!
  4. I think if anything happens to Colossus dealing with RMC, it will be topper track. Colossus doesn't seem like the right coaster to have an Iron Horse overhaul. Maybe some of the turns could be banked, but what else could be added? I don't think they will go to the trouble of removing an entire side of the ride, but who knows, maybe we'll see something happen in the next few years.
  5. I am a bit disappointed by SFMM's choice, but I can't judge the ride yet since I haven't been on it. I think that the dive loop into the tunnel looks awesome, and that top hot looks airtime promising. I'm sad to see how short it is, I really think that they had so much potential with that whole Log Jammer area. But all in all, I am looking forward to riding this ride. I really can't stop laughing at the whole YOLO thing though, really guys?
  6. This year so far has been pretty big for me, seeing as I haven't been to a park outside SoCal since 2008. Six Flags Magic Mountain (x2) Sea World San Diego Coney Island NY Six Flags Great Adventure King's Dominion
  7. I have only been on two B&M stand-ups, and one Togo. I'm no fan of stand-ups though. I find them kind of uncomfortable and some what boring. I would take a hyper any day over a stand-up. The Togo at KD is god awful, I really, really hate it. It's super painful and way to discomforting. The two B&Ms (Riddler's and Green Lantern) are decent ride able rides, but nothing great.
  8. Seriously If SFMM only had I305 and El Toro, I would be at the park everyday. None of Magic Mountain's rides compare to the insanity of these two Intamins
  9. When I visited the park last month I hit Kingda Ka first because I was worried about how reliable it would be.Then later in the day I went to Superman and Green Lantern, which had really slow moving lines that took forever. I guess it really depends if you want to wait or not, but KK seems touchy. El Toro is amazing though, the airtime is unmatched by any wooden coaster, it is complete insanity
  10. ^^ Two things I must ask: have you ever been to SFMM? Sure they have some great rides, I don't believe anyone here is doubting that, but the way the park is operated just seems sub-par in mine and others eyes, and not just during the off season. And I have never known a theme park enthusiast who hasn't liked Disney, how could it be a candy coated crap park? Disney is Disney, it's not fake it's sincere. My opinion on the sling-shot, I really don't care whether or not it it is permanent, I probably won't end up riding it. I'm just keeping my fingers crossed that they have something unique planned for the 2013 coaster.
  11. I really hope Magic Mountain isn't getting something like Kingda Ka. After riding KK last month, it was fun but not great. Besides, it is incredibly unreliable, I don't think park management is that dumb to build a strata accelerator. Personally I would hope to see a blitz in Log Jammer's spot, but who knows, I just hope the announcements start soon.
  12. ^ I LOVED the backseat, first drop on El Toro, so freaking good! I wasn't able to ride SkyScreamer, it was a pretty busy day, so I just barely got all of the credits. I guess the one coaster I didn't like was Rolling Thunder, it was one of the worst rides I have ridden. just completely painful and uncomfortable.
  13. I made a trip out to the park for the first time last Wednesday, and thought it was great! This park compared to my home park SFMM, makes SFMM look like more of a dump than it already is. It was so much cleaner then Magic Mountain, IMO the park was beautiful. Kingda Ka I thought doesn't deserve the title Kingda Krap. I found it was short, but very fun. I did have two rides on it, both of which were front row, so I didn't experience that much rattle. Even though I only got one ride on Nitro, I thought it was crazy good! The speed and the air was great. Then El Toro. I did not know airtime like that existed, since I have only been on SoCal rides. It was insane, the airtime hurt my hips, and I loved every second of it. I305 in my opinion beats it out, just barely. I can see why it is ranked as the #1 wood in the world
  14. I made my first visit to the park on Monday, and I really enjoyed it. I found the park really clean and well kept, and it felt like a nice, family friendly park. I thought the rides were great, except for the woodies, they were pretty rough. But Intimidator 305. Just pure amazement. I love this coaster, it's hard to put into words how good this ride is. You KD locals are so lucky you have this unbelievable coaster. I was able to get all of the credits except for Taxi Jam and one side of Rebel Yell. Also, Drop Tower was operating, and it was great fun
  15. I am not sure if this has been asked yet, but was that special announcement on June 27 announced? Or I'd I'd it just that Lex will open late?
  16. I was there today for the first time, and I really enjoyed it. I actually really like Cyclone, it's GCI re-track was really smooth and fun. Soarin Eagle was extremely painful, it took away from the fun. Tickler I thought was boring, but I really liked Steeplechase. It was SO much better than Pony Express. I wasn't there for that long, and was able to get all the credits and eat lunch at Nathan's. Overall it was a really cool day!
  17. I'm not sure if this has been mentioned yet, but has anyone ridden Matterhorn since the new trains were added? I am really interested to see what they have done to the ride during its rehab.
  18. My first ever trip to Six Flags Great Adventure next Wednesday June 27. And then after that July 2 for my first trip to King's Dominion
  19. This ride makes me so happy that I live a mere hour away from Disneyland. So stoked to see this whole project in its completed form. It has been a long few years, but finally DCA is complete
  20. Nice report! It was very cool to meet you guys, and ride a "seriously" fun ride!
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