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  1. I'm a skinnier guy myself and I didn't have a problem getting near 10 rides on Skyrush in a day. Compared to I305 it's still a crazy intense coaster but it's not necessarily as "draining" as I305 is, at least to me. The only real issue I had with leg pain was on the final brake run waiting for the train in the station to dispatch, and even then it was really a non-issue. Oh dude if you can handle one ride on T3 Skyrush will be a cake walk. Waiting on the brake run of T3 is probably the most painful moment of any coaster I've ridden, feeling the circulation get cut from your legs is near agonizing lol. F*** T3.
  2. Submitted my rankings, here is my combined top 10: 1) Lightning Rod - RMC - Dollywood 2) Intimidator 305 - Intamin - Kings Dominion 3) Skyrush - Intamin - Hersheypark 4) Maverick - Intamin - Cedar Point 5) Outlaw Run - RMC - Silver Dollar City 6) Phoenix - PTC - Knoebels 7) Fury 325 - B&M - Carowinds 8) El Toro - Intamin - Six Flags Great Adventure 9) New Texas Giant - RMC - Six Flags Over Texas 10) Voyage - Gravity Group - Holiday World
  3. ^ Dude, Jesus Piece was SO good. Lucky for you it sounds like you’re in the area where you could catch them at This Is Hardcore fest this summer; that lineup looks killer.
  4. Caught the tour of Knocked Loose, Terror, Jesus Piece, and Year of the Knife in Phoenix last week. Every one of these bands absolutely ripped. It's awesome how much energy Terror still plays with and how easily they can get every person in a packed venue moving, they are true legends. K//L is probably my favorite band at the moment and they were stupid good live. If you're into heavy music and haven't checked these guys out yet do yourself the favor, they're gonna be the biggest band in the world.
  5. Based off of what I’ve heard from past Coastermania events, it might be in your best interest to plan a trip on a different weekend and just get FL+. I know they’ve limited tickets for this year’s event, but it appears the day of Coastermania is usually insanely busy at the park, so if you don’t have a ticket to the event it’s probably best just to plan for a different day. Someone else may have better insight, but if it was me planning a trip, that’s how I’d do it.
  6. These are the brakes at the end of the Railblazer animated POV, so it is safe to assume that these would look like the trims if they were added, correct? Through all the construction photos of both of these coasters and both animations (granted I know animations must be taken with a grain of salt but I'm sticking to my guns here) there are no points with added brakes or brake slots, also shown below. Also in both the Wonder Woman and Railblazer animations both seem to maintain a speed that is relatively close to what we saw in the testing video. I'm sure it won't run quite as fast at what the IRL video looked like, but I'm willing to bet it will be damn close. Good news is we don't have much longer to find out for sure!
  7. To me, I just don’t see why or how either of these Raptors will have trims added, why is everyone jumping to conclusions based off of ONE testing video? I can see softer wheels being switched out, but I feel like if trims were going to be added, they’d already be in place, given the meticulous engineering that goes into these coasters. Don’t you guys think RMC knows the specific forces at each specific part of the layout? Besides how would trims be implemented on such a thin track, wouldn’t it seem like it would lead to a major delay to the ride opening in order to design trims for the Raptor track (and trains) and decide where exactly to place them in the layout? I fully understand that I could be wrong about this, but it just doesn’t make sense to me.
  8. Electric Eel started testing last night and through this morning, a few of my old coworkers at the park posted some videos to Snapchat. Word is the park is shooting for a May opening.
  9. Can't Get Away - Turnstile This band just put out a fantastic new album today, Time and Space. It's a really interesting blend of hardcore with some quirkier elements that aren't usually found in this scene, it's definitely worth a listen!
  10. Great report so far, I always enjoy reading reports from people that aren't local, it gives interesting perspectives on these California parks!
  11. and addressing the idea that has permeated this thread and other forums that Twisted Cyclone is somehow a lesser coaster due to its size and length. My post here was speculating on the forces of Twisted Cyclone based off the B&Ms and RMCs that I have actually ridden, not some BS that I'm pulling out of my butt. Sure I have no idea what Twisted Cyclone will actually ride like, no one does, but I can get a pretty good idea based on how the other 9 RMCs that I've been on ride.
  12. Hopefully they don't go the B@M rout and start making force less coasters. LOL! I hope they know better than to stoop that low. I think they do care about their reputation haha. We thought the same about B@M. WE were wrong. Oopseeeee! Just curious, how many of these "forceless" B&Ms have you actually ridden? Seriously, I love B&M coasters, sure many of them aren't the bat shit crazy rides enthusiasts want them to be but 99% of B&Ms (f*** you Vortex at Carowinds) are just plain fun. Im willing to bet many of the B&Ms built in the mid 2000s will be more more forceful than Twisted Cyclone, I can't imagine this RMC having greater forces than say Behemoth, Banshee, or Fury. Hell, I found those three coasters to be miles better than Wicked Cyclone or even Storm Chaser.
  13. I booked my flights this afternoon to join my friends on a trip to Europe in June, 2018 is shaping up to be one of the best coaster years yet! Here's where I'll be going for sure this year: Knott's Berry Farm SeaWorld San Diego California's Great America Europa Park Phantasialand Holiday Park Tripsdrill Walibi Holland Liseberg Kolmarden Grona Lund And other parks I will hopefully hit this year: Cedar Point Kings Island Waldameer Kennywood DLR
  14. Antarctica: Empire of the Penguin? Having been on both rides Sub Quest is the more out of place of the two. The ride itself has nothing to look at other than the screens the "game" is played on and the room where the sub encounters a giant squid (which currently isn't a feature on the ride, this scene involved spraying water at guests onboard the ride but the water would leak into the game monitors on the subs and cause a whole row's screen to black out). It's just a pathetic ride, and given the reactions of leadership at the park I don't see this ride lasting very long, as other users have mentioned above. I have to say though there were moments I really enjoyed working at this ride that had so many issues, as I often had time to talk with the engineers and mechanics from Chance as well as programmers from Irvine Ondrey (who were onsite often throughout the summer). It was awesome hearing these guys' stories from working in the industry from the construction of Lightning Run at KK to frustrations of programming Lightning Rod and the insane night rides the Irvine guys had on it during testing. Those dudes made some of the late nights cycling Sub Quest so much fun.
  15. Can confirm, I was a ride op for Sub Quest all last summer and no one should be interested in that thing, even three year olds would find themselves bored. I've never encountered a "dark ride" that had so many issues either, I can't tell you how many times we had to evac riders off that thing. Definitely not the type of attraction you would expect from a park like SeaWorld.
  16. I don't get where you're getting a passive aggressive vibe from the first comment, I read it as something as simple as, "Well that settles it, I was going to wait and see myself to see how close it is to a coaster but now we know." Projection maybe?
  17. X2 does suck (my screen name I made when I was 12 would say otherwise lol), but seriously beyond the first drop the seats rock too much and tend to beat the hell out of your legs. I used to not be able to sleep from excitement the night before a SFMM trip, nowadays all I care about riding is Twisted Colossus, Batman, and Drop of Doom. How times have changed...
  18. ^Oh man that reminds me of my ride on Goliath in the hail at WCB 2009. Painful but awesome haha.
  19. Ask Maverick. Twisted Colossus also had a few design changes during its construction.
  20. Am I the only one that finds the personification of coasters kinda creepy? Calling Steel Vengeance 'SteVen' is just strange to me...to each their own I suppose...
  21. Personally I'm not a fan of Impulse coasters, they're more of a one and done for the credit type of ride. Nothing has really stood out to me about the three that I have been on, V2 at SFDK is rough and rather forceless as is Vertical Velocity at SFGAm. The best of the three is Wicked Twister, but the short ride duration and the swift punch to the dick you get from the pointed crotch on the seats is enough for me not to consider riding again. I understand the appeal of these coasters to other enthusiasts and the GP, but they're just not for me.
  22. ^ I was referring to yourself actually, hence why I only quoted your post.
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