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  1. Okay, so to recap: --Standing pirate ship --Standing Falling Star --Dodgems with fog effect --A witch hitting children with a broom (yeah, try attempting that in the U.S.!) --Three story cheesy dark rides --All of this still going strong at 2:30 a.m., even in the rain? Sounds surreal. Sounds terrifying. Sounds absolutely, insanely awesome. Wish I was in Spain to experience this! Thanks for sharing!
  2. Very nicely done! The lighting and clouds were working very well with you for some of those pictures of Iron Wolf and Raging Bull. I'm hoping to make it up there this summer, so any trip reports I see just make me that much more excited for it! I also liked your pictures from my home park, SFStL.
  3. ^^^ What in the world were you doing on the beach in a hurricane?!? That coasters can now reach speeds like that (especially to warrant protective goggles) is incredible! I don't know if/when I'll ever make it to Dubai, but my goodness, does this ride look amazing. Can't wait to hear more about it.
  4. Agreed. Or I guess I should say, it's the best TR of "Mantaland" I've ever seen! Your TRs and especially your captions just seem to get better and better every time. I like your extensive coverage of the Manta queue--it seems to be an experience within itself, which I love. Looking forward to the next installment!
  5. Just the other day I was lamenting how much I miss playing Super Nintendo. I know what I'll be doing the rest of the night! This game > being productive. Awesome find!
  6. I LOVE it. Someday I will ride one of these (preferably this one). I also love how it's topped off--that's a pretty unique place for a clock!
  7. To echo Elissa, thanks for showing your report of a place off the beaten path of parks! I agree with you about the entrance/exit area; it looks really well done. It looks like they have a nice collection of rides, too. A beautiful park in a beautiful country for sure! Thanks for sharing this!
  8. I always enjoy your photo TRs, Hanno--especially when they're of places I've never heard of, like this one. Question about the height restriction on Speed Snake--I can't read German, so I'm trying to figure this out based on the color coding, pictures and what few words I think I can decipher on the height check sign--but it looks like the green portion is the height at which you can ride alone and the yellow is the portion where you must be accompanied by someone taller. I'd always assumed that any coaster with OTSRs had only one height requirement since each seat is equipped with its own restraint. If you reach the yellow zone, how would it matter if someone taller were seated next to you in an entirely separate restraint? Is it just that the park would want a taller and presumably more mature rider with a smaller, and presumably younger rider? (Or is my lack of knowledge of the German language making me miss the point completely? ) Thanks for sharing, Hanno!
  9. I agree with everyone else; you are really quite good at photography. Your pictures are all so clear and very well framed--and the track close-ups appealed to my nerdiness, so extra kudos! I also love the close-up shots of people's faces; you never know what priceless expressions you'll capture. Thanks for sharing these! They're really convincing me that I should make that drive out to Kansas City this summer.
  10. SFOG is probably the Six Flags park I most want to visit--good variety of coasters and from pictures at least, it always looks nicely kept. You have some pretty good photos in here; track close-up shots are always my favorites. Thanks for sharing!
  11. This is really exciting to have found this--this track layout looks like it's going to be massive! As much as I love B&Ms, I would really like to see this become an Intamin along the lines of Furius Baco because that concept has always looked intense and fun. Of course, I wouldn't be disappointed with a B&M launched coaster, especially if it's a prototype (and knowing how Busch rolls and with the rumors of their exclusivity contract with B&M, I'm not getting my hopes up too high for an Intamin ride), but I agree with Elissa in that some variety is needed.
  12. I started laughing when I saw the raft fly over the first hill after the lift and land with a resounding "PWACK!" This ride looks like it's going to be a heck of a lot of fun--can't wait to try it out this June at Holiwood Nights!
  13. ^ I think I remember reading somewhere that Magic Springs needed some part for it, but as to how they couldn't obtain it, I don't know. I seem to recall it involved something about an ownership change and financial troubles. According to a 3/10/10 entry on Screamscape, the park had to fully rebuild the loading station to ensure safe operation, but I can't find what that specifically entailed. The 2009 season sounded like it was a total bomb with many major attractions down for repairs. At least at this point, the park claims that only X Coaster and the Magic Swings are down (Matt's report sure reveals otherwise, though!), so compared to last year, things should be looking up. The dearth of guests in this trip report, though, suggests Magic Springs is really going to have to get their act in order and and better promote this place. Thanks for sharing this, Matt!
  14. ^^ ...opening Netflix now to add some movies to my queue list...
  15. Is this for real? By the time I got to the part where students weren't allowed to even open windows, I was laughing, expecting that this was surely a joke. But if it's true--that people as backward, hypocritical, discriminatory, sexist and terrified of reality as those who created these rules actually exist is frightening. That students would willingly follow such rules is even scarier. Those who attend this college do so by choice, and I fully support having the ability to choose one's college--it's just that once you get to this place, it seems freedom of choice in most other life matters evaporates. These rules, if real, are a slap in the face not only to the basic freedoms of the Constitution, but to simple human dignity. That being said, I'd be curious to hear testimonies from students living this lifestyle to see if it's really as archaic as it seems. I'm going to open a window now because I can.
  16. Well, the BIrt Crew is one thing, but I get even more jealous when we're talking about the BRit Crew! Once again, you guys have introduced me to a park I'd never heard of--thanks for sharing that and, of course, for the Brit Crew antics that go along with it--they're always "aMOOsing"! I must say, though, it looked awfully cold for that dive show--am I seeing correctly that it looks like they're at least wearing some sort of wet suit in the pictures?
  17. ^^ You and me both, Steve and ^ agreed. The thought of a woodie utilizing the same terrain as BBW makes me gleeful. Then again, the long-rumored B&M flyer would make me pretty happy, too, but as much as I love B&Ms, I'd rather see something wooden for variety's sake. Anyway, I liked your report--you have some nice shots in there, especially the one of Griffon with Alpengeist in the background and the "wheel porn." BBW was a great ride; I wish I could have given it one more spin before it went. Thanks for sharing!
  18. I went to SFStL this weekend and took some photos of Shazam!. (Best name ever for a Scrambler, I say.) Hopefully you can use these and if you'd want a shot from a different angle, let me know and I can get it the next time I go. Shazam ride sign
  19. Right now, I am absolutely hating the fact that I am about 850 miles away from this ride. Almost everything about it looks incredible (even the lift--I had no idea it would be that fast). Regardless of people complaining about its restraints or whatever else they wanted to doubt about it/find wrong with it before it had a chance to prove itself, I've been excited about this Intimidator since day one--and seeing the footage (I was getting chills, too!) and photos from today just made me that much more thrilled. I can't wait to hear what others think about it and to experience it myself someday (hopefully sooner rather than later!). Thanks to everyone who's shared photos and videos! ~Megan
  20. Exactly what I was going to say. That was amazing. ~Megan
  21. This is one of those places that's easy to forget, but the coaster looks like a fun ride. I actually really like the white and sky blue paint scheme on it--makes it a pretty ride, as well. Thanks for sharing this! ~Megan
  22. This TR pretty much made my morning. Can't wait to see what shenanigans you have in store for Knott's! ~Megan
  23. I'm also on the "trains look ugly" side of the fence. I get the idea behind the theming, but the shape of the B&M train isn't really conducive to pulling off the sticker effect. Unlike an actual racing car where large sponsor stickers cover most of its body, the coaster train lacks the sides necessary to try the same look. The result is that the stickers are all unrealistically tiny so they may all be crammed onto the zero car. It just looks messy and kind of reminds me of a kindergarten art collage. At best, the sticker theme is an "E for effort" endeavor; this is one of those situations where simple would have worked much better. Whatever, though. For me, it's the quality of the ride that counts most in the end. ~Megan
  24. A fantastic and, as always, amusing report from you, Chuck! Most of all, I loved your captions about "positive reinforcement" and the pictures of the border collies. I agree with you that Busch seems to be in good hands--it's touches like these that really lend to the uniqueness of the Busch chain, and I'm glad to see Blackstone making the effort to retain the world class theme park experience for which the parks are known. ~Megan
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