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  1. Your report is really enjoyable to look at--I really like the panorama picture of Wildfire because SDC's setting with all those trees provides a fantastic backdrop. I'm moving to St. Louis in a month and I'm really excited to have a whole new set of parks to conquer, so this report has provided a nice means of procrastination on the papers I'm supposed to be writing for finals (thanks!). Looking forward to the Adventureland portion!
  2. ^^ Having a toy poodle all while growing up, I can just imagine what that looks like!
  3. I wish I could think that eight inches was a lot of snow. You don't know how lucky you are! The dogs in those pictures are beautiful--I'm assuming they're yours? If there is one positive aspect of snow, it's watching dogs romp through it with wagging tails and snow on their noses--talk about adorable!
  4. That "reach envelope" is pretty neat! I love finding out little things like that about the design of roller coasters. I'm aware that saying that makes me sound like a total nerd...but whatever. Seriously, this was a really cool batch of pictures. I don't know when I'd ever actually get down to Florida to ride it, but if I ever do, I'll be glad to know that pretzel loop looks extra "pretzeley"!
  5. I hate it when some people think walking around on cold days without a coat makes them cool. It was in the 40s today but really windy with some nice 30--40 mph gusts, and bundled up in my winter coat on my way to class this morning, there's this guy in front of me wearing shorts and a thin, white, practically see-through cotton T-shirt. The worst part is that he was strutting--yes, strutting! But his right arm was rigid and pulled in close to his body because he was obviously cold, so it was kind of a gimpy strut. Fool. My mom always says people like that are just so cool that they're cold.
  6. I absolutely LOVE Hell's Kitchen. It's aggravating and entertaining all at once! I used to think reality TV was so lame...well, in a way, so is this show. But man, is it addictive! Although I do agree about how Gordon Ramsey curses way too much. That must be some kind of dinner--it looks like the kitchen is pretty well open to the rest of the restaurant--so I have to wonder, do the diners hear all this cursing too?
  7. Those pictures are gorgeous. It's been ten years since I've been there and it's always fun to see pictures, especially ones like yours that you may not get to see a lot--there's something about train and track close-ups that's just really, really cool. Something about them just really brings out how immense and majestic some roller coasters are, whether through their physical appearance or through the appearance on the faces of some riders! Very nice job!
  8. Those are some beautiful pictures. They remind me of warm summer nights--which is definitely better than the cold and icy crap that's outside my window right now. Thanks for posting!
  9. Wooden Out and Back: Phoenix (I think it's considered a double out and back...yes? no? maybe so?) (Knoebel's) Wooden Twister: Twister (Knoebel's) Wooden Racing: Lightning Racer (Hersheypark) Mine Train: Golden Nugget Mine Ride (no longer Wildwood; go Knoebel's!) Stand-up: Mantis (Cedar Point) Floorless: Medusa (SF Great Adventure) Megalooper: Kumba (BGA) Suspended: Big Bad Wolf (BGE) Inverted: Alpengeist (BGE) Hyper: Steel Force (Dorney Park) Launched: Storm Runner (Hersheypark)
  10. Well, "Raccoon on Katun" was good, but the new version with the EVIL raccoon is absolutely fantastic. Everything about it just works--the position of the raccoon, the knife, the proportion of the raccoon to the ride, everything! I couldn't stop laughing! That and the raptors on Raptor. Love their expressions! Wild animals + roller coasters = hilarity. Great job so far, everyone! ~Megan
  11. In that picture of the girl playing the piano--it looks like the piano's attached to a bicycle-like contraption. If so--does she ride the bike AND play the piano at the same time? Great TR; I know next to nothing about HKDL and it's really neat to see it, especially from a perspective different than typical "brochure-perfect" shots. Looking forward to Japan pics!
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