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  1. I agree with you wholeheartedly about the awesomeness of EK. Definitely one of the better wooden coasters I've been on--the pacing is terrific, the airtime is decent and who doesn't love a Millennium Flyer? I'm so glad it's practically in my back yard. The blue skies made for some beautiful, clear pictures, too! I'm sorry you found River King painful. I have the advantage of being short, so there's plenty of room between my knees and the lap bar, which provides a pretty decent pop of air in the tunnel following the third lift. And I agree with you about the Boss--looks awesome, rides terribly. It feels like your brain has rattled around in your skull a little while riding. Glad you got to experience some good rides this weekend, and thanks for sharing your report. I like how you focus on what you like and that you realize that a good photo TR need not cover every credit. You provide excellent shots and commentary on the rides that matter to you, and that keeps things varied and interesting. Oh, and Lady Gaga's song is called "Alejandro," not "Aliando." Stupid? Absolutely. Catchy? Yes, unfortunately.
  2. It wouldn't have mattered; we went down to Beech Bend the following day and didn't head home until Monday. But those three things in one day? Do you ever sleep? Looking forward to hearing your thoughts on my home park. You were standing right behind us in line for dinner Saturday night. I should have said hi!
  3. These are some great pictures, and you managed to capture me in two of those Wildebeest shots. It was great meeting you during dinner Saturday night! What a fantastic weekend overall; reliving it in pictures is making me feel a little better that an hour from now I'll be back at work and back to reality.
  4. HN attendance list- 1. Nick (angryemobeaver {actually DropZone99 on every other site}) 2. Adam (spaceace12) 3. Nathan (kumba830) 4. Joel(10ryansmith) 5. Justin (RedB) 6. Brandon (saginawhxc) 7. Stefan (VGplay) 8. Dimitri (VoltageCaek) 9. Alex (WildStangAlex) 10. Joe (JEAPUgrad on TPR, Great_Ump on URC) 11. Josh (CoasterBoyJosh) 12. Griffin (GriffyTiffy) 13. Andrew (AndCamSS) 14. Kyle (britishdebutante) 15. AHecht (ahecht) 16. Megan (Pirouettes907) I'm staying at one of the Choice hotels in one of the nearby towns, although I don't remember which one exactly at the moment. And Timberliners or not, I am psyched for this weekend. Can't wait to hopefully meet some fellow TPRers!
  5. I agree! These pictures are great, especially the close-ups of riders' faces (and of those, I love the facial expressions you captured on the swings). This TR has whetted my appetite for visiting Holiday World in a few weeks. As for HW's Plan B with the Voyage trains--that is really awesome and thoughtful of them to modify a Raven train for what will hopefully only be a few weeks' use. Once again, this park has shown they are willing to go the extra mile. What a thoughtful, dedicated staff!
  6. ^ I do believe that picture is actually Belmont Park's Giant Dipper
  7. ^ And don't forget the sky ride over Ocean Park in Hong Kong! That really is pretty spectacular. One of the most interesting things I've read about some of these Vietnamese parks--at least about Suoi Tien and Dam Sen--is the opportunity to go crocodile bobbing. Apparently guests board a boat, stand behind a protective barrier and they are given sticks with raw meat tied to them. They dangle the sticks over the water and the crocs gobble up the meat. Did you see any of this when you visited the parks? As for that picture of the "history of man" dark ride at Suoi Tien--can you imagine trying to have something like that in a U.S. park? Creationists and evolutionists would be at each others' throats! Do you remember how this particular history of man was portrayed? Obviously every culture interprets it differently, and as a former anthropology student, I love hearing about that stuff, so I'm curious how Suoi Tien shows it if you remember. As I said before, thanks for sharing these experiences. I love learning about new parks in countries that are "off the beaten path" of parkgoers!
  8. I have to wonder if there is some weight to the speculation that it might be Cedar Fair who is thinking of offering the free sodas, since they're a Pepsi chain. The other free soda parks out there (Holiday World and Lake Compounce are the only two coming to mind right now) are Pepsi parks as well. I have heard that restaurants and other places that sell Coke products must pay an ongoing additional fee for some reason I can't remember--legal rights to sell it or something? I honestly don't know. I am a Coca Cola girl through and through, but yucky Pepsi or not, I would be all for paying a higher gate price to avoid shelling out $4.50 if thirst gets the best of me at a Cedar Fair park. I was actually surprised to see that the bottle of water was "only" $3.00.
  9. A very nicely done, very detailed trip report! I would have loved to see a Mantis rollback...oh, who am I kidding, I would have loved to have been on a Mantis rollback. And $4.50 for a soda? Jeeze! I know it's to be expected at a theme park, but even so, just wow. According to Screamscape, though, one of the major park chains is rumored to be considering offering free soda and/or parking to guests in exchange for a higher admission rate, and there's speculation it might be Cedar Fair since a Screamscape reader was reportedly asked questions during CP's opening weekend about such options. It will be interesting to see what becomes of this rumor. I also love the idea of a Star Flyer coming to Cedar Point. Imagine the view! Thanks for sharing this!
  10. So does Retro Rockit really sing the Ke$ha song with those lyrics? Valleyfair always seems like one of those parks that gets overlooked from time to time, yet it seems to have a decent collection of coasters. Your TR makes it look like they really put a lot of work into sprucing things up for the season--everything looks so bright and colorful. I especially liked those before and after shots you included at the beginning. It's always nice to see a park work on sprucing up the little things like that; it goes a long way to making a difference in the overall feel of the place. I definitely want to make it up to Minnesota some day (this actually would have been my home park had my dad chosen to transfer to Minneapolis when I was three, but the story goes that when my parents' realtor couldn't open the door of a house because it was frozen shut, my mom promptly put her foot down and squashed that idea fast!)
  11. ^ I agree. It's great to see parks in countries that aren't normally covered. Thanks for sharing!
  12. This wonderful thing, Mr. Freeze at SFStL yesterday afternoon. I have to admit that vertical spikes are some of the only things out there that still make me a little uneasy on coasters, but I'll take it as a good thing; means the ride is still thrilling to me!
  13. Talon, devoid of forces until the last helix? Jeeze, I see spots entering the vertical loop! Lines are usually not a problem at Dorney. The year Steel Force opened, it had hour-long waits, but since then, I've never seen that second set of switchbacks used. I also remember one night, maybe 2004 (may have been a weekend, though, but I don't remember), Talon's line was about 30-40 mins. Really the only long wait I've encountered there recently was for the Wild Mouse, which seems to consistently run at around 30 mins. What a shame, since it's absolutely not worth it! Anyway, you have some pretty incredible angles on some of these shots, especially those with Talon and Hydra. The coloring came out really well for your photos. Were people staring at you doing back tucks as you tried to time that shot with Talon during its descent?
  14. Whoever (whomever? whatever) came up with the idea for the Tony Hawk water challenge deserves a prize. The same goes for elephant tug of war. I appreciate that you're taking the time to upload these updates as you go for the lame-os like me who weren't able to attend Glad you're all having fun and hope to be a part of it some year!
  15. The Lincoln Park Zoo reminds me a lot of the zoo here in St. Louis--both are free, both have a carousel and both, of course, have endless entertainment when it comes to watching animal antics. The prairie dogs are my personal favorite here in STL. Also, I LOVE that last picture! Thanks for sharing!
  16. This is definitely a great start--for cell phone pictures, these are actually pretty good. It's also awesome that you got to meet Will Koch and Richard Hunter. I'm also glad to hear that the airtime on Wildebeest really is what it appeared to be when those first videos of it testing came out. You have just made me that much more excited for Holiwood Nights! Looking forward to the rest of this report!
  17. ^^^ Very well said, Adam. SFA Regular, it seems to me that you're looking at an issue that affects the Six Flags company as a whole from a very biased, rather naive viewpoint based on the fact that SFA is your home park. This thread has mostly degenerated into almost every other post being authored by your beating a dead horse with unfounded speculations (based largely on your obvious lack of a proper business education; take your recent "rich people" idea at KI vs. KD, or your ludicrous theory that investors in this capitalist society of ours would automatically stop investing in a company whose CEO runs it as nothing more than a business, just to name some examples) with a hint of whining (we get that you want major attractions installed at SFA, but just because it's your home park doesn't mean it deserves as much attention as some of the other parks in the chain). I will placate you by saying your home park does indeed have potential (although Shapiro's claim about it being the best park in the chain by the end of 2010 seems a tad...how shall I put this nicely...far fetched). It certainly has the space to expand in the future. And yes, I would agree with you that as coaster enthusiasts, going ten years without a new coaster installation stinks--but you need to look at the reality of the situation and understand why that has happened instead of automatically assuming that SFA somehow "deserves" major installations as often as its sister parks (besides, I believe there was a rumor posted to Screamscape about a Tony Hawk's Big Spin being installed there next year or something, so there you go). The capitalist business world has never and never will operate on this principle. Furthermore, expressing an opinion based on careful consideration and an understanding of the issue is one thing. I like to hear others' opinions and to try and learn something, especially when reading an important topic like this one. But stubbornly putting forth nonsensical speculation repeatedly gets us nowhere. In the end, Weber is running the company. You are not.
  18. Well, you know, on The Colbert Report the other night, Stephen reported that Keanu Reeves would make a convincing upright block in such a film--"It's the part he was born to play!"
  19. I have noticed this problem, too, especially with flat rides. Last summer at SFStL, once loading, unloading and restraint checking are accounted for, it took--sadly, no exaggerations here--a fully twenty minutes a cycle for Xcalibur. Only half the cars were filled when there were more than enough people to fill the whole ride and only two ride ops were manning it. However, I don't know enough about Six Flags management policies throughout the years to pinpoint this unacceptably long cycle time on a particular management team or if it's more a matter of the recent economic climate necessitating hiring fewer people. Anyway, the news about Shapiro was certainly a surprise to me, and I agree with the others on this board who have mentioned the beneficial things he has done for the Six Flags chain. He deserves respect and credit, as the parks are definitely in a better spot than they were a few years ago. I always liked how candid he was and how he actually emerged from the behind-the-scenes corporate world to discuss the parks and answer questions from his guests. Given Weber's experience, I'm excited to see how he will continue building on the foundations that Shapiro created.
  20. Last August I went up to Chicago to ride the Kiddieland Little Dipper while I could. Along the way I nabbed the Safari Land Tiger Terror credit and the Python Pit at Go Bananas! Harwood Heights (and the latter turned out to be my 100th credit; what a landmark ride to take that milestone, you know!). Off and on throughout the day there had been thunderstorms, but it had stopped raining by the time I made it to Haunted Trails to ride the Miner Mike coaster. We got there, bought our tickets and went outside only to be informed that the rain had caused some difficulties with the coaster's brakes. The ride op (who was very nice, BTW, and seemed totally unfazed that two twenty-somethings were waiting to ride perhaps one of the lamest excuses for a coaster ever) was cycling the train in the hopes that things would dry out, but to no avail. We had a five hour drive ahead of us and I had to be up early the next day for my first day of work, so we couldn't wait it out. I still have that ride ticket, though, and it doesn't expire...
  21. It is really good to finally hear a positive review for Predator. While I've never been on it, its layout always made it one of the prettier looking woodies out there--and now, hopefully, an improved riding experience can go along with its appearances. Thanks for sharing this. I think I'll just shut up now after thinking it was chilly here this weekend for being in the sixties with a strong breeze.
  22. ^ Yes! I think the most annoying one I've seen for my name is Meggin. Really? How am I supposed to pronounce that? "Meg-guh-gin?" This makes me wonder if we'll start to see some alternate spellings for some of these popular names--imagine Isabella being Izzabellah or Isibelaa or something. Ugh. Do people do stuff like that to be trendy? Or is it that they can't spell and can't be bothered to learn the appropriate spelling of a name? I'll never understand it!
  23. What kind of a first name is Cullen anyway? I don't know much about the Twilight series, but Elissa has a point that these names are becoming increasingly popular as the movies are released. It makes this trend that much more pathetic. Right now, I have to say I am really glad I'm just plain old Megan. And Megan spelled the simple way--without any superfluous Es, As, Gs, unnecessary Hs and whatever other letters with which people have senselessly butchered this name.
  24. What an incredible collection of old kiddie rides at Keansburg. Thanks for sharing this; I love looking at the various parks dotting the Jersey shore. They're in a league of their own with their eccentricities, sometimes unusual ride offerings, views from the piers (loved the view of NYC from Keansburg) and now, apparently, malicious Dippin Dots workers!
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