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  1. I really like the colors in the last picture. As always, you have fantastic photos, Hanno!
  2. I would say Mean Streak for sure, since I've ridden it and the entire time, it just felt like I was getting punched in the back repeatedly. Its size certainly enables plenty of creativity in playing with the track layout. Based on what I have read, others' testimonies and pictures, it sounds like Rattler and SOB would be the top two candidates for the RM treatment: Rattler to restore its first drop to what looked like and sounded like an absolutely incredible experience; SOB to perhaps restore the loop and essentially, do something constructive with what has otherwise seemed a poor investment to at least make it something worth riding. Granted, I haven't ridden either of them, but the general consensus seems to indicate these two coasters might benefit greatly from this treatment. As for the "wooden coaster purists" out there, I say I would rather have incredible wood-turned-steel coasters instead of piles of rough, unrideable crap just for the sake of keeping a coaster's original wood classification "pure." I cannot wait to see how Texas Giant turns out!
  3. I can agree with that. Granted, I only watched a part of one episode until I couldn't take it anymore. It seemed to be the host making an obnoxiously loud fuss about what a big deal it was to be riding, with no real content.
  4. How very, very neat that these rides still exist. At first glance I thought this TR was going to be of a museum or something, so I was blown away to see these rides still operate (and some with no restraints!). Quite the "Never in America" attraction, for sure! Thanks so much for sharing this!
  5. I absolutely hate the name, too. It just sounds so generic and uninspired, not to mention Elissa's point that "Hunt" adds a negative connotation to it all. And even if it is the cheetah doing the hunting, it just sounds like they came up with it at the last minute. There's no mystique about it and it just doesn't sound as polished as their other coasters' names. But I have to say, the ride itself looks terrific, three launches is my cup of tea, and I love how close to the ground it all is. The trenches look like they will create some pretty incredible visuals. Definitely looking forward to experiencing this someday.
  6. Wow, definitely one of the best BGT trip reports I've seen! The last time I went there was in 1997 when I was 10, and Montu and Kumba were at the top of my list at that point (hmmm...wonder if I caught Montu with that early wheel assembly? It was early 1997. Do you happen to know when exactly they switched over to the softer wheels?), and I have reason to believe they might still be when I finally get down there again. Thanks so much for sharing the Montu backstage tour; I love stuff like that. I'm also a huge animal fan and especially loved the meerkat and tiger photos. That's awesome they let you get so close to them to feed them. One of the highlights of my visit when I was ten was a show featuring some very cute otters...oh, and my brother offering to throw me in the alligator pit. Great, now you've made me so excited to visit this place again, but I just have to go and live 1,000 miles away Thanks for sharing, Steve!
  7. You know what's funny? That comment from "Steve" calling Robb names and attacking his personal life is STILL posted to the .org website. You would think the moderators would have removed such pointless, immature slander by now on a website trying to collect donations. REAL classy.
  8. I don't know what's funnier, the Save the Big Dipper site(s) or this thread.
  9. Wow! I loved what you did with your pictures. Very, very cool looking. Definitely a different way to view a park, that's for sure!
  10. I am all for preservation, but not via the methods, or lack thereof, of this project. It's one thing to undertake this project, but thanks to the extremely unprofessional manner in which they have presented their news, they now have to establish credibility for it, too. Both websites so far are sloppy and I think it's prudent to point out they contain grammatical errors and some syntax issues: If you can't take the time to proofread your website, you are proving to me that you are not detail-oriented and conscientious enough to create a thorough business plan. I believe Robb mentioned at one point that these people had ample time to plan their website during the negotiation process. They obviously chose not to take action, which proves they lack the ability to plan ahead. They have damaged their credibility thanks to their sophomoric "business" methods, which are grounded more in romanticism than reality. (As for www.savethebigdipper.com--now THAT'S a website! )
  11. ^ It is strange looking, yes. I'm not a fan of how Dutch Wonderland turned the once-white Sky Princess (oops, I forgot it's taken on the uncreative, boring, uninspired, generic name of "Kingdom Coaster") into a garish blue and purple mess. I love these TRs. It's one thing to cover a park. It's another to take on a huge subject like all the world's B&Ms or all of North America's wooden coasters and cover them all because you've actually been on all of them. I hope I can say the same some day, too. Thanks for sharing!
  12. I agree with all the above. The anthropology student in me was thrilled silly to look at your pictures and to read your captions and stories. You are so lucky to have taken that trip to immerse yourself in an entirely different culture and to come away with such amazing life experiences. It's obvious you have a deep respect for the people whose lives and rituals you were able to witness. I really liked that temple on which you wrote your final paper--the intricate detail on it is stunning. I also loved seeing the monkey temple. Thank you so much for sharing this.
  13. Screamscape rumors indicate that this will only be a temporary attraction, which would be awfully disappointing if so. It would be even more disappointing if they remove Riverview Racer to make way for just a year-long attraction. Oh well, that's just all speculation at this point. Temporary or not, I'm so excited that a Star Flyer will finally be within reach, at least for one season!
  14. Looks like you had an awesome day at SFGAm. I went there earlier this year and agree with you about Ragin' Cajun and the Dark Knight. Usually I look at spinning mice as just another mediocre credit, but I was amazed by how much this one spun, not to mention it even offered a few pops of air. The Dark Knight was a pleasant surprise, as well--not only was the theming well done, but the ride was solid, too. Wish I'd seen the Marriott's diorama when I was there--where is it located in the park? Your reports are always entertaining and I'm looking forward to the rest!
  15. I am so happy to see the Blue Streak running again. I was hoping to make it up there this weekend but unfortunately I couldn't, so I'm glad to see it back in operation through pictures at least. Thanks for sharing!
  16. It's great to see this updated! Loved your commentary on Coney Beach. I couldn't help but cringe at the roadside seafood place--jellied eels?!? Looking forward to more!
  17. The Flitzer at Jenkinson's Boardwalk: I remain convinced it is impossible to get a bad ride on one of these!
  18. I am loving how detailed your trip reports are! I went to Beech Bend for the first time last June and it was completely dead, so it's great to see they can pull in a crowd. I found Kentucky Rumbler pretty "meh"--there was one turn in the middle of the ride that seemed to kill the pacing and the train felt like it crawled through the rest of the course, not to mention airtime was practically nonexistent. Hopefully I just caught it on a bad day! I'm curious about this Discovery Special you mentioned; what's the origin of the name "Kentucky Rumbler"? I wholeheartedly agree about their drop tower, though--it is, by far, one of the best I've been on. It definitely lives up to its name. Looking forward to future installments!
  19. Hi Larry, Here are some photos I took of Funtown Splashtown's Classic Carousel:
  20. Hi Big Mike, Hopefully it's not too late to respond, but I recommend mentioning a place like Dutch Wonderland in your article if it fits. The Kingdom Coaster (what a ridiculously uncreative name; Sky Princess was way better!) was my favorite when I was a kid because it seemed so awesome to ride a wooden coaster, as most kiddies are steel, plus it was the only park where I could feel "just like the grown-ups" and ride everything. Other than that, I agree with others that mine trains are a great way to go. The Trailblazer at Hersheypark was the first coaster I actually liked (my very first being the Hersheypark Comet earlier that day, which scared the daylights out of me). I was also a huge fan of the Flitzer and Jet Star at Morey's Piers. Portable models like those weren't big enough for me to feel too intimidated, but they weren't small enough that I overlooked my bravery (or so it seemed back then!) in trying them. Good luck writing--I hope we can read the finished product!
  21. ^^^^ "You're such a sad, pathetic whore." It's sure not hypocritical at all for me to post that my last credit was this monster at Haunted Trails near Chicago, Illinois: Miner Mike. Yup, this is pretty much the layout. And you know what's really sad and pathetic? I tried to get this one last year and was denied by Mother Nature, so I came all the way back (in my defense, this trip included SFGAm too!) and went an hour or so out of my way, battling Chicago traffic, just to add it to my list. What a sweet, dirty redemption it was. Sad, pathetic credit whores unite!
  22. I'm a little late to the welcome back party, but to echo everyone else--it's good to have you back here! TPR just wasn't the same without the Big Mike Roadshow. Looking forward to your updates!
  23. Yay! A Jason trip report! And a trip report from the UK, at that! As usual, you've done an excellent job of making the reader (i.e., this lame-o who wasn't cool enough to go on the trip) feel like they're actually there. Looking forward to future installments!
  24. ^ My thoughts exactly! It takes some guts to trek 14 hours in a foreign country (by yourself, too) and not feel discouraged by random dirt roads that seemingly lead to nowhere and the challenge of locating the correct bus station, not to mention that you do all this for a Wacky Worm and spinning mouse. A true credit whore trailblazer, you are! Or...something like that But really, once again, thank you for taking the time to post your travels. It just makes my day to see new places like this and to see a different culture's take on the amusement park. Stay safe and have fun!
  25. This trip report is awesome! I've never seen a glimpse of these parks (heck, I've never even heard of them) in India and it's great to experience them, if only vicariously, through this report. You're so lucky; it looks like you're having a great time and learning so much. Thank you for taking the time to share not only the park pictures, but also the culture shots with us all. India is on my "someday" list, and it was a nice surprise to log on and see this. Looking forward to the rest!
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