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  1. Am I the only one that sees the front end of a Lamborghini Aventador/Huracan in that train design?
  2. I still stay at Knott's hotel whenever I'm down in California. If nothing else, it's dependable, and the season pass rates aren't all that bad. And anything's better than having to continuously re-park a car.
  3. Hey all, sorry to interrupt all the fun off-season ramblings, just had a quick question that I can't find info on elsewhere. Last October, while I was in Canada, I picked up a Season Pass (it was $5 more and, since I was buying with American currency, basically silly not to) for the 2016 year. Now, I might be going back to CW this year, but my home park is Knott's, so it makes more sense to have a pass that covers both. Is there any way I can upgrade my SP to a Platinum? Further, is there a way I can do that without being there (Canada)? Thanks!
  4. Hey all! Been a long time since I've been around here, but I've got a quick question that you guys can probably answer better than anyone. My girlfriend and I are planning to head down to Knott's sometime in the next month or so. We're really trying to catch the park on one of its truly "dead" days, where everything is more-or-less station waits. I know I managed to be at the park on a day like that way back in November a few years ago, so I'm hoping we can catch the park like that again. So my question is: is there still a day of the week during late February/March when that might b
  5. Extremely impressed! I drove by that coaster (and rode it) more times than I can count when I lived in Vegas, and that looks almost spot-on. Very, very well done, and keep up the good work!
  6. So..what the heck? So when either KD or CW announce their mouse is leaving...it sounds like we may have a new destination for it. If this is real, it sounds a lot like a corporate decision rather than a park decision. CW's mouse has been consistently slammed every time I've visited the park. I highly doubt it'd be leaving, but stranger things have happened. It'd be a pity if that ended up being their 2013 addition, hardly a comeback to anything else being built in the area lately.
  7. Three weeks until Forza Horizon. Three. Weeks. I'm gonna be mighty busy during that time, and I've waited nearly triple that up until this point, but still...it's gonna be absolute murder waiting for it. (You all may now return to stating your legitimate, actual, real world problems at this time.)
  8. "Never go for perfectionism. It's an impossible goal. Try excellence-ism, that's infinitely more do-able and works just as well." My manager came up with that the other day, struck a chord with me.
  9. Don Henley-Dirty Laundry Fitting, considering what occurred today.
  10. So many people seem to have their priorities entirely backwards. Myself included.
  11. I've funded two things on Kickstarter. One was a charity set up by bronies that I wanted to support (over 10k raised if I recall correctly, I was extremely proud that we did that well), the other was a documentary film I liked the premise of. Have my name in the credits of that second one! I love the concept behind Kickstarter, and if I had more disposable income, there are more than a few projects I'd love to throw some cash towards.
  12. I'm not even a fan of hers, but damn...that's pretty chill of her to do. Congrats!
  13. ^You know "vertical" is spelled wrong in your sig, right? Also, tacos. On the moon. Best idea ever or best idea ever?
  14. Closest one could ever really get is if you played RCT1 on a tablet/touchscreen PC. Saw this on Reddit yesterday, glad to see it made it here. Very, very well done.
  15. It'd definitely be the first Disney film in a while that I'd actually be excited to see. Really hope that idea gets somewhere. Also, great TR Adam! I've never been much of a huge Star Wars fan, but I've always found its enormous fanbase fascinating.
  16. ^But when this can't even measure up to what could technically be done by the very first RCT that was meant to run on computers with less processing power than a 3DS...there's a very serious problem beyond "is it a game or a design tool?".
  17. Great TR! I went to CP for the first time last summer, and I absolutely loved Disaster Transport! I don't know what it was about the ride, but it was just...very different in a cool way. As said above, it really was a truly one-of-a-kind ride, never to be done again (for good reasons, it must be said, but still.) I'm sad to see it go, although its replacement looks awe-inspiring on every level!
  18. I know it's quite a bit early for this to come up, but I'm trying to get a trip together for a Saturday in December for me and a friend, and I have a couple of questions I'm hoping you guys could help me out with: 1) Are the Q-Bots still available around that time of year (on the off-chance it's crowded)? 2) What temperature does each coaster close at? Like, how low can it get before each of them shuts down? 3) Any "Only-during-the-Christmas-Season" things that shouldn't be missed?
  19. ... I never thought this day would come. Nooo! We've lost another one to the struggle!
  20. Good to see the site has good taste in proper spelling of abbreviated words. They have similar ideas in regards to smileys (as I'm sure anyone unfortunate enough to type "X-D" has quickly found out).
  21. That same thought just occurred to me the other day. RMC isn't exactly a huge company, so if this ends up being their other 2013 project, we'll know why they started Outlaw Run so bizarrely early this season.
  22. Isn't there also an option labeled "Enable Mountain Tool"? Or is that only in 1.21?
  23. Found a new wordfilter! (New to me anyway!) Honestly, I'm surprised that "l-u-l-z" was enough of a problem to be filtered here...wouldn't have expected that at all. (And no, I wasn't trying to use it conversationally, only in reference to something which uses it regularly...see above post, actually.)
  24. This. I'm very impressed, and I think this will be an excellent addition for Cedar Point. This appears to finally provide a perfect balance between inversion-centric and airtime/speed-centric coasters at CP, which, all things considered, is awesome news.
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