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  1. I remember your old parks T, and this is quite an impressive leap forward. The park is pretty aesthetically pleasing, you've remembered to make some ground alterations to keep things interesting, the stations (while a bit basic) do what they need to do and look good enough, and...well...all the park really needs right now is more rides!
  2. Edit: Actually, it's Braeburn (FiM) now.
  3. Got my first job today...normally that'd be happy news, but I'm really nervous about starting. I'm the kind of person that is absolutely terrified of failure and I really, really don't want to screw up...just thinking about it is making me feel ill.
  4. /) Our numbers are growing...soon...we'll be unstoppable in our quest to...er...be random people who are nice and like ponies and stuff. Not a great evil plan really, but so be it.
  5. Into the Light-Q.U.B.E. Soundtrack 40 songs for a dollar? Of course it's worth it!
  6. Steam Sale Personal Kill Count: 2 -Audiosurf -MW3 (Was bought by a friend, returned the favor with Galactic Civs 2 and Crusader Kings) (Will update as events warrant!)
  7. Even though they no longer hold the rights to Thomas the Tank Engine? As for a ride removal/move...La Vibora, Pandemonium, and FlashBack are the only coasters that could feasibly be (re)moved. But what park (save SFA) needs any of those?
  8. ^For people born in the 90's and afterward, maybe. Otherwise, no.
  9. Wasn't really different than any show on coasters from the past...just average "fluff" programming that was entertaining enough. Wish they had more Robb commentary though.
  10. That looks pretty awesome! Very jealous of everyone that gets to ride it soon!
  11. Uber-Stengel as opposed to a zero-g roll? *imstillokaywiththis.jpg*
  12. http://editorial.autos.msn.com/blogs/autosblogpost.aspx?post=4c974e71-5aa8-4c9f-a915-a5591b4539dc Absolutely want. And, just my opinion here, it manages to look so much more composed than the convertible variant of the 458.
  13. You've always seemed to have a knack for those. Hell, even back on the old Atari forums.
  14. Your user picture kinda gives that away. Also, Scootachicken is best chicken. Congratulations you have made me a new signature Glad to be of service.
  15. Whoa, I wasn't expecting it to be nearly that long! And that launch looks absolutely awesome! Very, very cool!
  16. Well, since CGA is finally getting some attention, I guess CF needs a new major park to shaft in the "Major Additions" department.
  17. This (well, this and Powderkeg) are the only things that would ever make me want to venture into Missouri. Can't wait for some pictures of the new roll!
  18. Your user picture kinda gives that away. Also, Scootachicken is best chicken.
  19. I'll never get over how awe-inspiringly epic that show is. It puts the "Starlight" events at every other Cedar Fair park to shame.
  20. Apologies for double posting, but... Anyone have a decent place to download Heverton's Giant Inverted Boomerang Custom Track? (Or, if you have it, could you send it my way?) The only download site I can find seems really sketchy, and keeps setting off multiple warnings from my antivirus. Thanks for any help you can offer guys!
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