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  1. If you're doing that SoCal, I'd love to help out. I fancy myself as pretty good at RCT3, and would love to help anyone who's trying to break in to RCT3's more..."difficult" style. Also, I'll echo the other statements in this thread about your park Goldiehound. What's been shown so far is mildly more interesting than your previous parks, but there's still not much to it, and your updates, though frequent, seem to preogress at a snail's pace. Try to update us only when something interesting or exciting is created for (or happens to) the park.
  2. Dollywood keeps cropping up in my dreams...I have no idea why, haven't thought about the park/been to the park in quite a while, and it's not like it's somewhere I go often. But it seems like every time there's a park in a dream...it's Dollywood.
  3. Every Heartbeat-Will Holland feat. Jeza Ah reddit, so many random comments have lead me to good songs.
  4. Sent a random picture from an arts festival to a local newspaper that does a "random picture of the week" section. Said section gets +1,000 submissions every week. Mine got picked. Found it absentmindedly sifting through the paper today. Yay.
  5. That sounds like it was tailor made for this thread. Hell, I think Robb's done that exact joke in more than a few of his "rants".
  6. I lost a cousin to that a few years ago. I guess that's what he deserved for attempting to play it safe. *ba-dum-tish* Another quality Yahoo! article as usual.
  7. She's doing okay now, asleep at the moment. We really couldn't have afforded to take her to the hospital-the cost of it would have made us immediately homeless. I'm doing my best to keep my head up, but it was easily the most traumatizing thing I've ever experienced. I lead an exceedingly easy and low-key life, so this came as an unparalleled system shock. I'm still reeling, and coupled with the fact that I can't do anything to help right now, it's...just...not good.
  8. My mom had a seizure tonight. She's okay, but I honestly thought I was gonna lose her for a few seconds. Now I just have to sit here while she's asleep and hope she makes it through the night okay. It is going to be absolute torture.
  9. Art of the Dress (Club Remix)-Archie V. Ponies and Progressive House. Yay.
  10. Only occasionally. I don't remember much else about it really...been out of the whole religion system for so long that my memory has gone kinda fuzzy on it, and all that sticks out was that introduced me to a genre I'll probably never "get".
  11. That looks like it would be awesomely fun! It's the signature dark ride DCA both needed and deserved all this time, and is a great compliment to DCA's other E-Tickets! Now I really hope I can make it out there one more time before WDW becomes my closest Disney park.
  12. I just want to point out that there is almost zero difference between Christian rock and regular rock. If I posted 3 rock songs, two being Christian, one being non Christian, you probably couldn't even tell the difference. The only real difference is that Christian rock bands never curse. I bet you've never even sat down and listened to a Christian band because you feel like their all "preachy". To tell you the truth, pretty much Skillet is the only one that does that. Actually, I spent all last summer listening to an entire spectrum of Christian rock (thanks to my very heavily religious
  13. Thank you, Mr. Ouimet. Pave over the features! How about adding more garbage cans? He has a point though, the area toward the new building seems a little cramped. Perhaps moving everything back another tile for a bit more space? And you can't say that Ouimet is paving over everything, he just started this year. Let him settle in before bashing him, jez. Agreed, that was somewhat uncalled for RD. I personally agree with Yamez and RCT2 Day, it is rather cramped and removing that fountain might help.
  14. Cya later high school, HELLOOOOOO COLLEGE!!!
  15. Anyone else think this thing is gonna deliver one of the most insane ride experiences ever? I mean, the Skyloop coasters Maurer makes are pretty similar, but not many of them even come close to being as intense looking as this thing is shaping up to be.
  16. I don't get why people have such a fanatical hatred for Dubstep. Granted, some of the stuff on the amateur end of the scale sounds like a trash compactor crushing a live vulture, but when done right it's actually pretty good and inoffensive, and can even have a bit of emotion to it when done just right. Then again, I reserve the right to hate most Christian Rock with a passion, so I guess I'm not one to talk here.
  17. On a progressive house kick right now. Really digging the work of Archie V. and Avicii, but looking for more stuff in the genre. Anyone got some good suggestions?
  18. ^^&^ Welcome to TPR! The chat's pretty simple to work out, and everyone in there is super friendly. Seems like you already got it to work though. As for the rest of the forums, just hit reply whenever you want to add to a conversation, hit submit, and you're done. Pretty simple
  19. Absolutely this. The first time I saw it, I really was just on the fence about it...it showed promise, but was never that interesting to me. But after watching it again a few months later, I totally got what it's trying to do, and to me, it became infinitely better. Give it a few weeks, then go back and give it another try. Since you know the basics this time around, you can focus more on the detailed bits of comedy, and believe me, the movie is crammed full of them.
  20. For me, the only games that really stood out to me at E3 were Watch Dogs, The Last of Us, and (very especially) Forza Horizon. The rest seemed rather meh.
  21. ^^^ & ^^ Guys, we all love pony, but lets not try to overrun this thread, yeah? It's things like that that people dislike bronies for doing. Anyway, watching E3 right now, so for only Forza: Horizon has impressed, but Need For Speed should be on soon. Now *this* is a great way to spend an afternoon, even if most of the games suck.
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