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  1. Let's get this back on track, yeah? In terms of coasters from the last few years, perhaps the fastest degradation in quality I can think of is Apocalypse at Magic Mountain. Despite being built just seven years ago, SFMM has managed to run Apocalypse into Psyclone territory at a genuinely alarming rate. It's such a shame, especially considering it's a phenomenal layout. It wasn't built terrible, but it arrived at terrible in a big hurry. If we're counting revamps though, a big shoutout is owed to Hades 360. Mt. Olympus is a dumpster fire.
  2. I would think the main problem would be storage. Where would the average person keep an item like that? As stated previously, living room. Definitely living room. "What? It's seating for four!"
  3. A quick google search will tell you all you need to know. FWIW, I'm now considering that as a Halloween costume idea. Effing great.
  4. I'd post pictures, but, honestly, the Vegas coasters are some of the most photographed in the world. 1. Desperado: That yellow and tan looks phenomenal set against the desert sunset. It may be a brutal ride, but it looks great! 2. El Loco: Since it's still brand new, the Yellow/Black looks really sharp, especially against the majority pink/brown of the Dome. 3. Manhattan Express/Big Apple Coaster: Yes, it's terrible, but the red still pops nicely against the backdrop at least! 4. Canyon Blaster: The infamous pink monster. It's ghastly, but it's still instantly recognizable. 5. Miner
  5. The trick with CW's is, they have a unique Mondial Splashover as opposed to a Huss Topspin. I've not heard whether that's better or worse, but based on the absolutely abysmal track record those Huss Topspins seem to have, I can only imagine it's a little better. As for KD, well, shoot, theirs is probably the nicest in the U.S. and the closest American equivalent to that ridiculous one at Phantasialand. I damn well hope it stays!
  6. Well, it's official, they're completely nuts. Seriously though, that looks absolutely awesome. It's like the Tivoli Daemon of inverts.
  7. 14 in the US, 16 in the world. These polls are doing nothing for my credit depression.
  8. short answer? nope. but getting a car is worth it anyways, as if you rent in Dallas/Ft Worth and drive, you can make stops in Austin (Capitol !, Zilker Park, Live Music) and New Braunsfel's (Schlitterbahn) on the way to San Antonio (if you go I35), and then after visiting SFFT, the Alamo, Seaworld, and the Riverwalk, go back via I10, which will let you hit ZDT (in Seguin) for the shuttle coaster, go thru Houston to the Kemah Boardwalk, and down to Galveston to the pleasure pier.. . before heading back up I45 to Dallas to return the car. it's a big Triangle, and will let you hit pretty
  9. I can't even. Okay, on a more serious front, if one were interested in visiting SFOT and SFFT as a non-Texan flying in, is there a reasonable way to travel between the two cities sans car? I've been wanting to visit both parks for quite a while now but don't really want to drive all the way to Texas if possible.
  10. Does anyone have any updates yet on garbage bin #4341? I'm looking to visit later this year and need to know if the side panel of the bin has been repainted yet. I know they update these things on an minimum hourly basis, despite the fact that the park's closed right now and will be for some time. Maybe they already added the new lid!
  11. It's likely the longest shitpost thread in existence, or at least the longest running at nearly twelve years old.
  12. Well this is certainly surprising! I always figured AD would someday get a "mid-size" coaster, but not after El Loco took up what was left of the park's vertical space.
  13. I live in Vegas, my home park is in Vegas, so...Vegas? Okay, seriously though, if you're planning some time here and want to do something fun that isn't on the Boulevard, the Pinball Hall of Fame is one of the best arcades anywhere. Tons of old school and modern pinball machines and arcade games, it's cheap (and a non-profit!), and is open till midnight on the weekends!
  14. 1. What is the name of your home park? Sigh...Adventuredome. 2. Do you own a coaster related T-shirt? Several! My most recent came courtesy of my girlfriend. It's one of those collective "Here's all our rides" shirts from Knott's. 3. Do you enjoy Vekoma SLCs? Sure, they can be alright as long as you just laugh through the pain. 4. Name the first 3 coasters that come to mind. Tatsu, Xcelerator, Zaturn 5. One park you would definitely never go back to is... I can't say there are any I hated enough to avoid forever. Wet 'N' Wild might be awkward since I used to work the
  15. Cargo shorts used to be my go-to for park visits. These days, though, I keep my phone/pass/essential stuff in a tiny nylon pouch. It's a super-tiny bag I bought for an ancient Flip camera and, during a Darien Lake trip, I noticed it would be perfect for travelling light. Has one super-secure clip and just hangs with a tie-off to keep things in it, it's nice and secure but is barely noticeable, and since it's clipped on it goes with my on rides no problem. I love it! Plus, and this is the main takeaway, it lets me wear jeans and/or non-cargo shorts, and that's...just awesome, really.
  16. Definitely MGM Grand Adventures in its (admittedly brief) heyday. I visited many times once the park moved into a more generic style, but I was a bit small even then. It seems nearly impossible to believe that, at one point, their dark rides were cutting edge and world class, and I'd kill to see that. Actually, on that front, I'd love to see opening-day Grand Slam Canyon and some of the older rides on the strip that are now gone (such as Luxor's boat ride). It's crazy how much this town used to seem like a real theme park.
  17. Oh, I definitely agree about the ride too! It's not super-Raptor-level-crazy, but it's enjoyable in an almost relaxing way. Usually my first and last ride of the day and after 100+ laps I still really enjoy it!
  18. Speaking from a generation that only got to experience a pre-Silver Bullet Knott's once or twice, I really have no issue with it being there. If anything, it's so quiet that I don't even notice it's there half the time. Even when I do, well...the whole park kinda has that cramped feeling really. Coast Rider is like 100 yards from a fire department. You can see someone's front yard from the queue for Bigfoot Rapids. A carpet store is visible from inside Camp Snoopy. None of the park really has a closed off, intimate feeling, and that's okay. To me, it's actually what makes Knott's so special.
  19. Hey, I was also there yesterday! Park was dead as all get out. Even Ghost's wait dwindled to practically nothing by mid-day. I'm surprised there's pretty much no advertisement around the park for Sol. The Windseeker plot was exactly the same, albeit with no flowerbed.
  20. I couldn't think of a better ride to fill that space! I've had the pleasure of riding both Shockwave at CW and Samurai at Lagoon and they're easily my favorite flat-rides anywhere! This is a *huge* get for Knott's!
  21. I think, deep down, most of us know how true this is. I definitely believe it! Does it make for exciting off-season discussion? Not really. Is it what pays the most dividends when we actually go back to the parks? YES.
  22. I agree with prior posters, in that some of those of us disappointed are not necessarily bummed about having nothing new to ride, but rather no new construction projects to follow. Personal and anecdotal evidence here, but I live in Vegas. Our only new coaster since the mid 90's was a few years ago. While it's nice to have around, I can freely admit to not having been on it for over a year. But you can bet that I followed those construction updates like my life depended on it while it was being built. It's the excitement, the anticipation, and (for those of us who grew up playing RCT) the
  23. Just chiming in on the Ghostrider rennovation. Took a last minute trip to the park on Monday, sat through an agonizing hour-and-a-half wait, but thankfully it was well worth it. GCI worked an absolute miracle on this ride, it's ridiculously smooth, like better than I remember Thunderhead being in its opening year. I'm very much looking forward to coming back on a quiet week to try for a front-row ride!
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