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  1. hey hey maybe cp should rehab old rides like mean streak. Magnum couldnt help either. Plus gadv just got a new coaster the dark knight its a coaster right. Oh nitro and raging bull just like diamondback just with 4across not 2
  2. I think some of you guys are comparing old gadv to cp. The new gadv staff is not as bad u guys make it to be. And im sorry but i dont see the hype for mf or magnum. Yes i would ride them but i would take nitro anyday over them IMO. Oh and sfne is only 4hours away also.
  3. All n all its up to u what u prefer. I work at cp i love cp but i prefer gadv. I believe nitro is better than mf medusa(bizzaro better than mantis) Eltoro crushes anything at cp the only thing that comes close is maverick.
  4. Im going to hershey on opening weekend cant its been a couple yrs. How is the crowd usually on sunday for opening weekend i expect sat to be busy thats why im using the get in free thing after 730 thxs
  5. May most of the time is fine. Some days you will have alot of buses but there usually gone by 6. Just dont come on a fri in late may usually before memorial that tends to be senior skip day for deerborn mich
  6. it was cold and windy in the morning and stalled for 5mins
  7. Man i feel you. I work at cp and we started getting the winds around 4 430 the coasters went down at 5. It was miserable day and it really picked up about 7 and it was jst miserable
  8. nice pics. But how come not alot people like the 3-point challenge games. It has a good atmosphere and they make alot money for the park
  9. im a team leader in games at cp. Last i was told at like 5 we 52000 people there. Some kind of convention or something i forgot what my director told me
  10. wildcat at cp is closed cause one of the cars rolledback on the lift and crash into another car.
  11. question. Is it me or does farenheit's que line congested. It just looks from your pics thats it very compact not alot of room
  12. awesome photos. Tigers are my favorite animal so i love this trip report.
  13. i second that cedar point rain policy. It was ridiculous today.
  14. nice pics i wish i can get gadv this year it will be the first time in 5yrs i might not be able to go. Glow in the dark parade looks awesome
  15. Anyway i dont know why your so upset. Hershey is awesome and some of the most friendliest staf around. And u got ran over that must suck. I notice your going to cp have you seen the running of the bulls ive seen people get petty messed up there to. Oh yeah maverick valleyed the other day to i guess cp is to blame to
  16. nice photos. I was there today to see if i sum rides in and it started to barely drizzle and just like everything shut down. Cp is getting terrible with there rain policy
  17. cp on tuesday didnt have the best day for operations. Maverick was down till 430 dragster didnt open ip till 630 and they were only running the 1st 3rows. Plus magnum and mean streak had half there rows block off.
  18. i have worked at cp for 6yrs and visited sfgadv plenty of times. Cp is worth it to go visit. U should be able to do everything in 2days. Now if ur looking for just coasters i prefer sfgadv first they have el toro i just think they have better overall collection. But neway 1st post reading for awhile
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