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  1. Also if it does rain like it did the whole night on opening night the crowds for horror night's still do not die down. So if that factors into some thinking it will be less busy it won't. Although giggles and gore didn't open up for most of the night on Friday.
  2. Son of Beast. Those two huge helixes were a pain in the rib to take.
  3. ^^ You must of cause they were only running one side yesterday around 5. Oh I don't know if anybody has done the stand-by queue when it rains but it doesn't have the best drainage system.
  4. I got there at 5am this morning. The only thing that was bad was the line for escape from gringotts was confusing and just went everywhere and each direction. Stand-by was posted at 150 when my party enter the bank. Ended up waiting two hours in stand-by and that was with the breakdowns. Overall as a Potter fan its one of the best things I've experienced.
  5. I was watching the red carpet event on the internet and I just wanted to freak out. I can't wait to step foot in Diagon Alley. The annual pass will be getting a work out. Oh the butterbeer ice cream it looks amazing. Is it?
  6. I live in central Florida and have been to SoCal but I would still choose to live here in Central Florida. The only thing SoCal has better is Disneyland IMO.
  7. I wasn't at studios but I was at Disneyland and wow was it extremely busy. At 12am space mountain with the ghost galaxy theme was still at a 2hr wait.
  8. Disney Vacation club members are the next test and I believe they start next week.
  9. Goliath was opened in February probably so it could hold the record for the tallest and fastest drop before Millennium force opened later in May.
  10. ^^^Wreck It Ralph was from Disney not pixar. Pixar had Brave last year.
  11. Ok there are two rooms. My mistake I only had the chance to ride it once and I got rushed through
  12. ^^^Yes they are gone. The new queue is confusing but I think where they used to be is now where you design your car but instead of three rooms it's just one big room.
  13. Funny thing is last night when I rode the post show wasn't working cause it was installing updates.
  14. Awesome pictures I was there on thursday and had an amazing time. I got to see Ian Mcdiarmid's presentation.
  15. There are still free lockers outside of every major ride that are free. Only the water rides are the ones that charge. By the way nice photos
  16. I heard Disneyland didn't have the Guest Assistance Cards like Disney World does.
  17. What's with all the soft opening questions. I thought only the year around parks soft open rides but I might be wrong. Anyway can't wait to go home to virginia beach second week of june so I can ride verbolten.
  18. Remember it's not going to the magic kingdom. Plus the magic kingdom did have jack sparrow maps advertising pirates 4 for a couple months.
  19. Brazilian groups annoying as they can be come on time in fact they actually wait by the fastpass sign for there time. I'm trying to understand why you think it's ok to come back hours after your fastpass has expired. The design is to grab a fastpass for one attraction and go ride others or grab something to eat then come back and ride that ride. One can easily grab a fastpass for space mountain and go ride buzz, peoplemover, and probably catch a monsters show or carousel of progess show and still get to space mountain in that hour time frame.
  20. As a cast member in tomorrowland, I look forward to this change. I expect the backlash but really it's not that big of a deal. The only backlash I really expect is from the people who get there at opening and just grab a fastpass every 40mins till we actually get crowded around 11 and then try to return in the afternoon when the lines are at it's longest backing it up even more. Yeah that's fair.
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