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  1. Nice photos. I've been to the team member preview and opening night and i agree winters nights is definitely my favorite house so far. Been through it three times and it gets me every time.
  2. I've only been to Cedar point for its halloweekends but it is pretty good. The houses usually open around 6 with the scarezones at 8. Also all rides are open but be careful its extremely crowded there on saturdays.
  3. Well given the parade usually starts at 9 and the magic the memories and you on the castle starts at 945 your looking at about 35-40 minutes from main street to frontierland. I know that doesn't help much but its a start.
  4. As a cast member honestly i would stay away from emh nights. The only park it really doesn't seemed to make the park that much more crowded is the magic kingdom.
  5. In regards to disney. I don't know if the park days are set but i would wait until you see what park is offering extra magic hours those days. If that means a lot to you.
  6. Nice photos. Oh i was late to work at the magic kingdom because of that fire.
  7. I agree lotso is evil and cold-hearted and its weird he's promoted like the nicest thing in the world.
  8. ^^^ I thought it was B&M was still small and didn't wanna build two coasters in one yr so busch went with arrow for williamsburg. Im probably wrong but i though i read that somewhere.
  9. Star tours at hollywood studios closes on sept 8th. The one in disneyland closes in august i think.
  10. It hard to say if your gonna fit or not i'm sorry. The best thing i can tell you is try to go to row 3. That seems to fit alot of people.
  11. I hope you make it in. I wont be working at hulk that day to help you out. Oh and as to why they are bigger seats. Look at the seatbelts they go slightly to the left and right instead of dead center like the other seats.
  12. There are test seats outside of the incredible hulk and one of them is a modified seat. Oh its not fair but some workers can get bigger people into the seats better then the others.
  13. As a person who was a team leader in games at cedar point i miss fascination. But the games aren't rigged it just takes skill. The only games that are really rigged are the stacker and lighthouse games.
  14. At hulk it is our job to fill in empty seats for the front row if there is a party of two or three. Well scream out is there a party of two to fill in the empty seats or take singles.
  15. Alot of people are actually really chill about waiting in line. I had to do crowd control today and had no problems with guest being cranky, line jumping or anything. Its pretty fun to talk to people about potter and stuff.
  16. Well hulk was at a 90 when i came in at 2 because we were only running two trains but once we got the third train it went to about a half hour. Everything else was about a half hour to and hour. Forbidden journey only top out at two hours and was consistently around 45mins.
  17. The line was insane. I came to work at 2 and the line was still into seuss landing.
  18. They do sell lemonade which is really good in the three broomsticks if you dont want butterbeer or pumpkin juice.
  19. Nice photos and you got to see my favorite driver win the 600 .
  20. ^^^Not from what ive seen but the queue is insanely long with alot of switchbacks. I think its longer then the former dueling dragons.
  21. Yes there was team memeber previews but i didn't get to ride. Waited 2hrs but the ride never went back up.
  22. Nice photos. I love looking at other b&m control panels compared to hulk where i work. I was so confused when i saw the yellow console on apollos chariot. Also was wondering how can loch ness monster send a train without it clearing a block section. Does the lift hill slow it down?
  23. One of my favorite shows and that i actually recorded onto a vhs tape was behind the scenes of islands of adventure.
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