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  1. Umm we were really not supposed to do live audits messes the flow up on normal operations. But the headguards are supposed to watch the lifeguards and review them. Oh and its supposed to be a tube length away from the rope in the wavepool
  2. As a person who has been a lifeguard and headguard at this place. Yes when u go there and some attractions are down mostly because of lack of lifeguards. Second i feel bad for the family and the lifeguards that had to go through this.
  3. I personally prefer alpengeist over them all. I plan to ride montu later this year when i go and get in free for working at universal. But ive ridden afterburn great ride but alpengeist the theming the back seat awesome
  4. You said u cant take them to orlando for vacation. Umm deal going on down here right now you can buy a seaworld ticket and bam you can get into bgt for free. Plus were not disney but 2parks 2day for 100 at universal idont think its bad.
  5. Now i might be wrong but i dont think a wooden coaster can go in the back pf the park. Woodies are loud and they already have a wall up so they dont get complaints about dragons. So it have to be a quiet coaster
  6. Actually i think your right i should know this i work over there
  7. People saying is a one trick pony idk bout that. B&M can be innovative but its also up to the park to say they want something unique. Hulk is a launch coaster from b&m. People saying they have a few models they have more than just a few.
  8. it was testing heavily today. Multiple trains on the track shouldnt be to much longer i hope
  9. miss it a little just moved from sandusky to orlando. To working at cedar point to working a islands of adventure. Nice photos
  10. nice ptr. ^^ You should be able to handle the supermans easily. Ive never ridden tatsu but manta is a little more intense than s:uf
  11. Nice photos and sorry for mis understanding bizarro. I would rather ride eltor 4times in a row than wait for an hr in bizarro's line also
  12. its his trip report. I personally like nitro and its my number 3 behind eltoro and dragster of all the rides ive ridden. But you dont like bizzarro wow. But anyway nice trips having fun reading them
  13. Nice tr that sucks farenheit closed in sprinkle. Cause when i was there opening weekend in ran in the rain with one train all day
  14. I never been to sfog want to here soon but they cant be as bad as sfa in maryland. Idk if your looking for fast ride ops some crews are fast some are not. I went to sp on fri and wow most of there crews were slow. Magnum coming out of the tunnel for 15mins straight stop quick on those brakes cause there was trains stack you could here the brakes squeaking from the station
  15. Idk if it was just to tady but mean streak in the back row was absoulutely horrible. It was the red train and everybody in the train was complaining afterwards. Ive never reall had a big problem with mean streak till today
  16. the rapids waterfalls didnt go to the side of you. They went right over top of you so you knew everybody was gonna get soaked not just a couple seats.
  17. yeah sorry i mistyped that food quote. Yes its at bge it right over the bridge in to italy. Its right by the big stadium the show is pretty good also if u wanna soak it all in at bge
  18. Have fun carowinds i havent gone in a couple years. At bge make sure if u wanna sit down and eat there is a excellent italian place right when you cross the bridge into italy. Oh for a hotel i wouldnt stay in williamsburg maybe get a pkace around hampton roads
  19. scooter make sure stormrunner is open before you head back there. When i was there on opening weekend i was told till maybe mid june or july
  20. Hey i just got back from hershey. Use the preview plan its really worth it. Oh and yes the kettle corn is awesome to
  21. i say the comet cause it was my first coaster. Doesnt get no better than that or the superdooperlooper
  22. Nice photos but im confused are u mad the rapids got you soaked. Call me crazy but dont they have signs saying warning you will soaked
  23. I did say w.e decision u make will be a good one. I just dont understand how a person can they say they have seen kk theming a 100times thats what i dont understand compare to ttd which just has flags a couple signs about drag racing. But w.e place he goes is worth it
  24. how can u honestly say ttd has better themeing than kk. I just dont understand that. But w.e decision u make it will be a good one. I would just go to sfgadv plus u wanna see animals theres a drive thru zoo there.
  25. that is a downer i havent been back to hershey in yrs after 17yrs in a row and the coaster im most looking forward to is closed 2days before i go.
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