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  1. ^^^ No its still Dueling Dragons right now.
  2. Commons is the dorm rooms after breakers express. Then you have the bayside apartments after the light on the causeway. Oh i was a seven year employee at cp try to get along with your roommates the best you can and have fun.
  3. If i were you i would go on the weeks after labor day before hhn starts at the end of september.
  4. Fantasmic has only been playing on sundays and thursdays for like the last three weeks. The times are usually 630 and 8.
  5. The ball of bones i believe is from pirates of the caribbean dead mans chest.
  6. I'm still working at the great movie ride at disney hollywood studios and also incredible hulk at Islands of Adventure.
  7. Disney does have the extra magic hours that comes along with staying at the resorts.
  8. Hey acqz as person who worked over at rockkit for one day cause they needed help it doesnt run when the temp is under 60degrees. Thats why it doesnt open until usually 11 or later in the day. It was down for last week for routine maintenance i know they put another net up and also had water dummies on the trains.
  9. I think the track should of been black with silver supports or the other way around. Just like dales actual car
  10. Sorry about my last post i wasnt thinking. Yes the banner is fully up now and looks pretty good. ADMIN EDIT: One more example since it doesn't seem like you completely understand.
  11. Yes, I know. I work at Islands of Adventure and have friends over there. The company [Maurer Sohne] is supposed to be in town working on it. ADMIN EDIT: I have gone ahead and fixed your post for proper speller and capitalization, as defined by the site's rules.
  12. It does get cold in the winter down here and plus in the summer we do get that occasional everyday storm. And plus arent they focusing more on the outdoor portion
  13. Lately the waits been only half hr to 45mins. Sometimes whens it is cold in the morning it doesnt open till it warms up a little
  14. Idk i would think that a log flume doesnt go up hill without a belt where a water coaster can with just a push of the water jets no belts.
  15. i wish i could try out hollywoods version. I wish orlando still had girls in cages or dancing.
  16. finally got to see the new scare zone on my break today. Not bad seeing all the old icons jack was sweet though but he doesnt come down and take pics just stays on the stairs.
  17. It seems people either really like spawning or hate it. My updated rankings are 1. Dracula 2. Silver Screams 3. Frankenstein(not because i work there guy at the end is awesome) 4. Saw 5. Wolfman 6. Chucky 7. Leave it to cleaver 8. Spawning
  18. it sucks you had a bad time and left at 9. Some of the houses are decent but halloweekends is ok some areas could use help i know i did work there for 7yrs. But next time try a fri night then go sat if your dad will let you.
  19. im glad u had a good time when u went in frankenstein did you get the guy at the end that snarl if so its really weird.
  20. im not sure but i know 3houses atleast open at 6 Saw wolfman and dracula. I know my house frankenstein leave it to cleaver and spawning open at 630 ill try and check for u later this week. But i would guess saw would have a 30-45 wait.
  21. If you get there right at 6 go to saw first. Saw always has the longest wait because they cant push capacity due to the size.
  22. i was at front of the house when you guys came through frankenstein and dracula did you like frankenstein
  23. I hope i get to see you guys say hi i work at frankenstein usually out front
  24. Yes no problem. Ive been all the houses except saw and spawning and my top 5 are 1.Dracula 2.Silver Screams 3.Frankenstein(not just because i work there) 4.Wolfman 5.Chucky 6.Leave it to Cleaver
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