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  1. idk anymore just buy express passes just in case. i work at hhn and went thurs on my day off and most of the houses late at over an hr with saw topping out at 90mins. Where tonight frankenstein and dracula we had walk-ons by 1230. They do offer late passes like if we close at 2 after 11 express pass.
  2. I think i saw you in frankenstein's line up at the front of the house i was working. Nice pics though
  3. I hope this turns out good and hopefully will. I dont go to see the clydesdales but they will be missed more so at bge not anywhere else.
  4. good cause has a person who has worked at cp for 8yrs sats can get over 40000 on halloweekends it can be miserable. The houses usually open up at 6 i think on sats not sure though. Oh dont compare it to hhn that will be a letdown. But have fun
  5. yes frankenstein's line is right under rockit's line we cant even setup until rockit is fully done for the day and there also trying to get the walkway working.
  6. rockkit may open up for hhn. There working on the moving walkway and a couply other stuff
  7. dude 75mins for saw is not that bad. First saw doesnt have the best capacity and chucky at a 50 is not bad. Im at frankenstein its hard to find the entrance and we got up till an hr on fri
  8. yeah they may have christian stuff on but wow. It was miserable working those 2days at hulk. But anyway nice pics
  9. anybody remember the video they used to play in the que line about the story of the wolf. I thought it was so awesome and wish they kept playing it but im glad i got my 2rides in june. rip
  10. yes for halloweekends waited 2 hours and got a rollback on ttd in the front seat. Awesome
  11. I would go like everybody else said what else you gonna do. Its a great park and one of the posters said half hr for nitro last yr. To me thats not bad at all when it prolly getsup to hr or more during fright fest.
  12. in va beach ocean breeze is a nice water park plus go karts are over there.
  13. ok about the empty seats thing. As guy who works at ioa we get yelled at if we dont have a certain number trains go an hr. Usually those empty seats get empty because guests are sometimes dumb and bring a bag in the line when there told not to or to slow to get the gates. Theres no point for us holding up a train to fill a row. Hope that kinda explains it. Sorry off topic
  14. i think intimadator will be a good ride. I hope to get back to kd next year. Oh as i person who live in va beach his whole life we are considered part of the south. It does say the south starts here if you enter va from md on the eastern shore side.
  15. My gf works at mib she said they still had it out yesterday when she rode. Im not saying your wrong i just hear from the rockit guys its still out there.
  16. Whoever said they left the line at 7 today fed up with the rain delays you wouldnt of gotten on. I know we kicked people out at hulk at 6:15 cause we knew the rain was gonna be awhile. I left at 7:15 and it was still pouring. Oh and the wait is consistently 2hrs everyday from the rockit crew there not officially open yet. It still has a technical rehearsal sign out front.
  17. i have ridden it twice and once in the front and one in the back and both times i never heard anybody elses music
  18. that guy is good. He did the godfather painting when i was there earlier this year.
  19. be careful trying to get the hidden songs. I tried earlier today on my 3rd ride to get the hidden songs and it froze up on me and just pick a song for me. It happpen to a couple of my friends also.
  20. are they still running 4trains. Cuz right befofemy last ride the added a 4th train.
  21. Ok just got done riding team member preview. Its pretty sweet i got alot of airtime much more than i expected going into the break runs. Might open at 6 to the public but they dont know yet. My audio work luckily
  22. yes as you guys know the banner is up. No testing while walk to and from work . All i saw was them continuing to work on the break runs
  23. yeah they do test with the music on. I can hear it when i walk through production studions on my way to ioa for work
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