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  1. Lost The OC CSI: Miami mostly... the others if i catch them Supernatural Pimp My Ride TRL Over Haulin Nip/Tuck Jim Crammer... haha hes the man! I think thats it....
  2. Great photos and TR! I am hoping to go to this park over the summer!
  3. If i lived a little closer i would come! I live 4 hours away from NYC! Heck i would be there like everyday if i lived closer! lol!
  4. Yeah i was figuring there would not be a lot of people down there, but then i remembered it was Thanksgiving break.
  5. ^ That also happened down at Cape Cod a few years back. My uncle has a Cape house there and we go down every 4th of July. We were sitting on the beach watching the fireworks and i looked down at the barge that was firing the fireworks between Falmouth and Marthas Vineyard and it was on fire! Can't imagine what all the people on the boat were doing. A few days later i heard that most of the people jumped off and swam to neighboring boats watching them display.
  6. I like both a lot but i chose Mario... you just cant beat him!
  7. ^That and Chef Boyardee Ravioli i guess haha!
  8. I started back in 2000 when i first rode Superman Ride of Steel at SFNE. As soon as i got off i just wanted to go on again and again and again. Every since then i've loved them!
  9. My sister loves Sangria! and i tasted it... it's not bad at all!
  10. Yeah my favorite is also Smirnoff... if i go out to stuff my sister will usually get me a Kamikazee (sp?) Its pretty good. Some places make it too strong tho!
  11. Yeah we have Limwire here all year round too. My favorite would have to be Mountain Dew Code Red. With Cherry pepsi and lime pepsi close behind. We own a pizza store and we get pepsi products so thats what i mostly drink lol!
  12. ^ Yeah that almost happened to me too in Times Square. Good thing my sister pulled me back or else that stupid Taxi cab driver would of hit me! Also go on those double decker tour buses. Me and my family went on them... they were pretty fun and if you sit on top you head almost hits the street lights its really funny!
  13. Yeah i was only going to you that line incase I wanted to get a quick ride in. There is about 5 of us going all together so they will all most likely want to ride together.
  14. SSX on Tour... pretty good game so far! I like how you can ski now too... something different from the board all the time.
  15. Ok good to know they have single rider lines. I hope i can get my uncle to leave on time so we can get there by opening... hes really lazy sometimes haha! And i'll be sure to check out that steakhouse too. Thank you Erik!
  16. When i go to the movies my snack always changes. I usually get a large Mountain Dew Code Red, Medium popcorn with butter (usually get shared or not finished) and Buncha-Crunch! Popcorn and Buncha-Crunch is the best mix ever! I thought i was the only one to eat it like that and then i looked on the back of the box and it tell you too! HAHA!
  17. I am going to be down in Florida November 23rd to the 27th and i'm going to be going to BGT 2 of the days. And i just had a few questions. 1) Will Fastlane be needed for Thanksgiving crowds? 2) Will we be able to hit all the rides in two days without the fastlane? 3) Where is a good place to eat there? LOL!
  18. Yeah the ghetto rats thing is true... we got like 1o kids that just came up in clothes and we only gave them one piece of small candy. And they were like only one??? And i was like get a costume and then maybe i'll give you some more!
  19. We got about 40 to 50 kids this year... we did a good job decorating my friends house though! When i get the pics i will post them!
  20. You have got some good talent! That looks amazing!
  21. As soon as i saw Liquid Generation in that link i knew it would be somehting like that. I love that website! haha!
  22. I also saw Saw II today. Great movie! I agree with Damien666, go rent the frst one before you see this one... if you don't you will get confused on some parts. And at the ending my mouth was just open and still staring at the screen. I also saw Constatine when i got back from the movies. this also was a good movie. Great Cinematography!
  23. its cool but i still dont get how it does it!
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