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  1. Nice pics as well. i want to make it down to GADV this summer. A 3 hour ride shouldnt be too bad. once my sister made it to Philly in 4 hours... i dunno how she managed to do that! lol!
  2. Superman was running great IMO. And the mist was on full blast in the second tunnel. At some points i couldnt see walking up the stairs.
  3. Some pictures! SUPERMAN! wOOt! close up of Nightwing! Scream! Superman about to go into the second tunnel! Catapult! those restraints hurt my shoulders! lol! Catapult again Catapult changing directions Random shot of my sister, cousin and my friend on Splash waterfalls lol! Cool shot of Superman going into the second tunnel! Awesome shot of Superman from the top of Scream! nice look from the top of Scream! Batman goin through the dive loop!
  4. Went to Six Flags today with my sister, two cousins, and my friend Mike. Got to the park at about 11:45 parking lot about half full. Got my friend Mike in for $15 and my cousin had to play another $20 cause she lost her season pass. First ride was Thunderbolt. We waited i think it was 2 trains and then got on. Good ride as always. Nice ride to start off the day. Next was Superman, the line started uner the bid Superman symbol and quickly moved with 2 train operation. Later on in the day the line started right infront of the stairs. Total number of rides - 4 Next we went to ride Catapult since i have not been on it yet. It was a really fun ride! Opening day i only got to ride it half way up so i was glad to actually ride it this time! After this we hit up Cyclone. both trims on today... the second one was on hard and we barely mad it over the last hills into the brake run. Then we went to eat at that place right infront of where the candy of fudge shop is... i can never remember the name lol! Some pizza and cheese fries. Then we went and rode Twister since i have not been on it in a while. It actually slipped this time i believe 5 times or maybe 6 so i ride it again and then i was really dizzy and decided to stop. Next was Splash Waterfalls... fun ride, that dirty water in the middle of the boats is kinda disgusting but overall a good ride cause my cousin hates apinning rides so she screamed the whole time lol! Decided to skip Mind Eraser and we to Batman. Line started on the stairs. Two rides total today. All in all it was a good day! i hate that you still get a tan/sun burn through the clouds! I forgot my sun tan lotion so i got a little burnt on my face lol!
  5. I missed the game today cause i had plans to go to SFNE. When i was there i kept on seeing this guy with a France jersey on... so around like 6 i asked him if he knew who won the game but he didn't... he said it was killing him not to know. So then i called my dad and he told me. Im glad that France won... Portugal is a good team but i cant stand Ronaldo... i wanted to see him cry like a little baby so bad!
  6. Soccer is everyting in Europe. Its just like baseball or football here. My whole family coming from Greece means that the World Cup is always on. My grandfather was pissed that Greece didnt make it so he wont watch lol! Anyways... Good game today between Germany and Argentina. I like games that end up in penalty shots.
  7. Click 10/10 One of his best movies. it was funny and there was a very good moral that the movie gave out. I dont want to say what it is to those who have not seen it yet. But when i got home i ave my Mom and dad a huge hug! lol!
  8. I just saw Hawthorne height and yellowcard today (6/29) Hawthorne is a good band and played good... yellowcard is just awesome every time i see them so all in all it was an awesome show!
  9. I like Napoleoon but thats just because its stupid funny. Anyways... went to the drive in for my friend's birthday. First movie showing was Over the Hedge... I liked it a lot! I thought it was funny the whole way through. Second movie was X-Men 3... good mix dont ya think? haha! Good movie. the first one was the best, but I liked this one more than the second. Good action, i liked to see all the new characters in this one and more of what some of the people can do.
  10. The only thing with me is that my parents are wierd sometimes so they would take this trip as me going over seas with people they have never seen before. Chances are slim but i will try.
  11. USA's lost today was sad. I hope they do good against Italy. Italy did very good today so i hope thats a good game!
  12. I voted for Brazil cause they are such a great team! I would love to see the USA win it since my other home country Greece did not qualify!
  13. Its the same thing at nightclubs here in Boston. It's always 18+ for Ladies 21+ for guys. My sister has snuck me in a few times though cause I look older due to some facial hair lol!
  14. That big Chicken is awesome! I wish we had one of those up here! lol!
  15. Lake Fabio it is! And that would suck being stuck on a lift hill in a major storm!
  16. Glad you all liked the pictures! Kumba9: Thank you for that information! I did not know that the trains were that complex lol! And before getting on Apollo's Chariot i remembered the whole Fabio inscident and i was like that would suck if that happened to me! The park was crowded but the lines moved very quick!
  17. I went down to Virginia this weekend with my friend and his dad. We hit a Poniac GTO car show for 2 days and went to Busch Gardens for one day. The line to pay was huge but we went to those quick tickets thing and got right in. The ticket checking gate was going by very quick too. The first ride we hit was Loch Ness Monster. It was a walk on because there was no one waiting for the second to last row on the train coming in. This was awesome as we were hoping there was not a long line inside. Everyone was either waiting for the front or the back. The ride was pretty fun. I guess it was running smother than usual, one of the kids behind me was talking to his friends and i overheard him say that. Next ride was DarKastle. I really liked the ride, but my friend said that Spiderman was better at IOA. The inside of the building was very well themed and cold. This was nice because it was really hot that day. After this we rode Alpengeist. This ride was awesome! The ride was very force-filled, especially around the cobra roll. We ended up riding this ride twice that say. The first time in the last row and the second in the first. As i was sitting down for the front row one of the ride ops was like HEY Theme Park Review! I had my TPR shit on. he was like that would be awesome if you could get them here today! It was funny. Next was Big Bad Wolf. Sat second to last row. the ride was very fun, the turn after the second drop was faster than i expected. Does anyone know why they always check under those tarp things every time the ride comes in? Next ride we hit was Apollo's Chariot. We waited for the front row for our first ride. While in line we ran into some other TPR's. Hello to you guys if your reading this! lol! This ride was very fun too! A lot of airtime and speed going into i believe the like 540 degree helix. By this time we were really hungry and went to eat at the Ristorante della Piazza. The chicken parm was really good and the garlic breadsticks. After this we went and rode Escape From Pompeii to cool down. We sat in the front row. When we got to the top of the lift hill and went down that little dip into the water. Water came up and over the top and soaked our feet. there was literally like 5 inches of water at my feet the whole ride. Anyways, the ride was fun cause me and my friend like fire so any ride with that is good to us. I belive every coaster had 3 train operation. I did not see a third train on Loch Ness Monster but we were there for a whole 5 minutes so i could of easily missed it. The longest we waited was about 45 minutes so not a bad day at all! The park was very clean, there was always people walking around cleaning tables and taking the trash out. I will definately visit this park again. Hopefully with a new ride in 2007! *Sorry! Pictures in wrong order!* Here are some pictures I took... First coaster of the day Lach Ness Monster! And everyone goes weeeeeeeee! Cobra roll DarKastle fun ride love that turn Big Bad Wolf I like the pose of the three kids in the front row! Apollo's first drop up and over climbing the lift hill you get nice whiplash going into that brake run! Alpengeist going through the zero-g roll. Apollo's Chariot flying over the trees from the parking lot. And i took this cool sunset on the way back to the car.
  18. Coldplay April 4th at the Mohegan Sun Arena. They always put on a really good show!
  19. Yes he was there on Opening Day. I have the same shirt bit i wont wear it to the park anymore lol!
  20. I hope he is there next time i go. you can get some pretty good conversations with him lol!
  21. Nice TR. Very nice pictures. I never bother riding twister unless it is full. Isn't the program made for when it is full? EDIT: here is a picture of "the superman" guy that my cousin took.
  22. Haha look at me hiding behind you! I didn't even know you took that pic. Skyscraper you should of stoped and said Hi. Even though you dont speak english well i ould of mostly likely got what you were saying lol!
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