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  1. Haha i love the paint line on Cyclone. And is that the original sign from Cyclone that they had with the old entrance? Or is that a new one?
  2. It wasn't all that bad, as long as I got my ride on superman, I was set for the day. And with me meeting up with the other TPR member, that happend by coinsidence. James and I were on SWF and I saw someone that looked to have a TPR shirt on by the water guns. When we got down to the bottom I pointed to him and said ,"TPR!" Then we ran into each other later that day at Catapult. Yup that was me! We were watching Splash Waterfalls and me friend was like why is that guy in the raft pointing at us? And was like i dunno but he looks oddly familiar! Then when you were at the bottom i saw your shirt and i was like yeah TPR! My day didn't go too bad... other than the rides being down a lot. I will post some pictures when my camera desides to work on my computer lol! And i am going to SFNE again tomorrow. My little cousin just hit the 54' mark and she wants to go on Superman and Batman and she knows i'm the only one who will bring her. And Robb I will post the pictures that I have and take some more so you can have a lot in the SFNE gallery.
  3. I just took some pictures at SFNE on Opening day... i will post them when i'm back at my house computer.
  4. I'm a righty. But when i play soccer i kick with my left foot... hmmmm wierd!
  5. Lets see.... 92.3 - Mix of everything. Rap, rock, country haha! JAMN' 94.5 - Rap, Hip-hop 95.5 WBRU - Alternative - its run by a college in Rhode Island so they know what the kids like. And they have cheap date for concerts which are only like $7! 97.7 - also rap 106.3 - rap/hip-hop 94.1 HJY - Rock 107.9 - Also a mix of everything
  6. Wow that is amazing! I never got to do scratchboard in art! it looks hard/fun!
  7. Me and my friend were thinking of doing this as well. We wanted to start this September, but we found it late and missed the interviews. We are definitely are going to do it next year! I am going to college for Business Management. My family owns a pizza shop here that is very successful but I want to get into something different. I want to do this internship to get a better understanding of hotels, attractions, etc.
  8. That song is about his girlfriend dying in a car accident.
  9. I could make it to Jersey to meet up. Its only about a 5 or 6 hours drive from my house lol! i've done it way too many time going to Philly.
  10. The closest roller coaster to me is Superman: Ride of Steel at Six Flags New England. And it is 2 hours away.... no fun to drive with traffic and construction on bridges lol!
  11. Great pictures! I so wish I could of went too! I had mid-terms in school and I couldn't miss those! Hopefully next meet I will be able to attend! maybe it should be at SFNE??? lol!
  12. Yeah that kinda scared me at first bu then i thought it was kinda cool! haha! And have fun at the concert! Robbie Williams is awesome!
  13. They are amazing in concert! There are coming back here soon and i'm trying to get some tickets to it, but all of my friends either have something to do that day or are on vacation.
  14. Yeah, I was about to say... Fall Out Boy is not Emo at all. And I have never had any problem understainding them.
  15. I was scared of roller coaster when I went to Disney World when I was five. I went on one with my dad... but my head was down the whole time because I was too scared to look lol! Then I finally went on a bigger coaster at the age of 14 or 15. It was Mine Eraser at SFNE. I had the hugest headache after it but i still love them!
  16. Here is my dog trying to get some food off the table, as always lol!
  17. Panic! At The Disco - I Write Sins Not Tragedies
  18. Nice TR. Very nice pictures. I especially like the shots of SheiKra's drop. Glad to see you had fun. I am hoping to get back there asap. As it comes to Kumba or Montu. I think I like them both equally. Or maybe Kumba a little bit more.
  19. I should of guessed! Got to this topic too late! oh well! I would of guessed like $385.24
  20. I would move to Greece. The main reason because half of my family still lives there. If I had no family there I would want to move to Australia. I've always wanted to go there and say "G'day mate!" haha!
  21. I also saw the movie today. I liked all the FD about the same. I liked this one the most, and then the first one and then the second one. And yes... the way the people die in this one were better and totally unrealistic. Like how Frankie dies at the drive through.
  22. Yea we got about 18 inches here. I don't mind the snow. No Classes today and i got to go screw around with my car in the neighborhood. Slid into a snow bank once and I thought I was stuck but I got out. I wish I took some pictures... the roads are pretty much clear now.
  23. My favorites (no order) Fall Out Boy - From Under The Cork Tree Motion City Soundtrack - Commit This To Memory Story Of The Year - In The Wake Of Determination System Of A Down - Mezmerize/Hypnotize Green Day - Bullet In A Bible Coheed And Cambria - Good Apollo, I'm Burning Star IV Weezer - Make Believe
  24. Thats a good looking dog! Looks like he's in a good home! Chew toys and a bed already! I wish I could play with him!
  25. I loved The Wedding Crashers! I just bought The Transporter 2.. swesome movie! Jason Statham is an awesome actor and a pretty good driver!
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